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[Announcement] New VIP System – What would you like to see?

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  • [Announcement] New VIP System – What would you like to see?

    We will be altering the Crystal Saga VIP system in the near future. Before changing this VIP system, we would like to open the floor to our players. For the following week, we are looking for your suggestions on what you would like for this new VIP system to offer. What are you hoping for? What sort of benefits or privileges would you like to see? We would also like to hear your thoughts on the current VIP system. What do you enjoy and dislike about the current system?

    We will select a number of your ideas and suggestions and will be implementing them into a new VIP system for Crystal Saga. Suggestions from players that are implemented will receive a free month of the new VIP system. Awards will be sent to players once the new VIP system is rolled out. Reply to this thread to express your thoughts and opinions on the current and new VIP system. This activity will end on the 25th of June.

    Please remember to list your character and server name in your post!

  • #2
    I enjoy alot about the current system, but vip holders should gain either 4x 2x exp tokens and 4x 2x drop tokens along with the 4 hours afk time...also i would love to earn 50 badges a day.
    so basicly keep current system, add 4x 2x exp tokens- 4x 2x drop tokens- and 50 bronze honor badge

    Char: AngerFist
    Server: shrine of kithar (18)


    • #3
      increase exp to 2x

      increase drop rate

      ability to hire mercenary to do dungeon (healer n tank type will do)

      Exended Realm


      • #4
        I'd love to see a 10% reduction in the cost of upgrading everything, wings, mounts, pets etc.

        Or VIP players gain 10% more stars during upgrading.

        Character: Addz
        Server: The Necropolis (S32)


        • #5
          Personally i would like to see VIP members earn more coupons for each hour they are logged in. So 3-4 per hour rather than 2

          Character Toyoshiro

          Server Tinosia Delta
          Server: Tinosia Delta (S42)
          Character: Toyoshiro
          Wife: Razaphale
          Guild: Euphoria GM
          Class: Knight
          Plain: Edilon


          • #6
            Im solo in the game,dont do bg, dun, del or the others. just events and quests. something for those of us like me. not picky just extra attempts at things i dont do are useless.


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              I like the current vip system, additional dungeons and afk time, the crystal too, i dont like that the extra delivery uses crystal though..
              Would love it more f you can increase the character exp and pet exp modifier of vip members, make around 2x or 3x exp.. And also instead of green dragons coin, it would be good if it is Red/Black dragon coins.. I would also like for the vip members to have extra attempt of daily events such at blessed bath , training grounds and seed of life, etc..

              IGN: Magi
              Server: Whisperwind Beach


              • #8
                i like the old VIP SYSTEM i like all of the benefits or privileges ...but i suggest to add
                #1 add 1 or 2 more run for bath
                #2 add 1 or 2 more run for training (cause that 2 event is the only event that has no extra run for VIP's)
                #3 make the 2 extra green dragon coin (cause green dragon coin is now available in the NEW DAY IN VIDALIA)to 1 red dragon or 1black dragon coin it depends in ur decision.
                #4 Dont change the others thats awesome GO r2games!

                Server:Killer's Den


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                  LOL GM FORGOT SOMETHING
                  GO R2 GAMES

                  Server:Killer's Den


                  • #10
                    im playing the current vip system and is ok if u want to make it better maybe like says them add a 2 or 3x exp also maybe a quest daily to gain 100 honor easely it shoud be usefull cuz the current game system needs honor to improve the characters and i doont know if maybe we can get an npc like black market when we can buy some usually crystal items by gold. Other point 3 dragon coins is ok but maybe add a 1 red dragon coin daily and 1 black each week.
                    Upgrade system i was spending crystal on wing and mount tokens is a headache or maybe i just have bad luck but i coudnt upgrade the turtle and spend almost all my crystals well i think u can up to 30 or 40% tokens system . And finally thx for ask players how to improve the game it says so much about u

                    IGN: ROMANO
                    SERVER: NEBULAN RIDGE
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                    • #11
                      `I'm enjoying the current VIP system...
                      * 1.5 exp / 1.5 pet exp
                      * +2 Green Dragon Coin
                      * +3 AFK time
                      * +3 dungeon runs
                      i Love it...

                      however, I would like to add these also:
                      * Torches (x1 or x2 a day would be great!)
                      * x2 EXP or x4 EXP instead of 1.5 (this would be awesome for faster levelling!)
                      * Red and Black Dragon Coins (x1 a day would be fine)
                      * +5 coupons (it really helps me to save a lot!)
                      * additional soul shards exchange (I really need it)
                      * and discounts would be great too... `
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                      (S24) Machie
                      Class: Hybrid Knight
                      Guild: (S24) GeneiRyodan
                      (Guild Master)
                      Server: Tundara
                      (S24)BladeEye's Wife

                      `the two most important days in your Life
                      are the day you are BORN, and the day you find out WHY... - Mark Twain`


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                        `ooppss... double posting...
                        net probs....
                        please delete this one...
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                        (S24) Machie
                        Class: Hybrid Knight
                        Guild: (S24) GeneiRyodan
                        (Guild Master)
                        Server: Tundara
                        (S24)BladeEye's Wife

                        `the two most important days in your Life
                        are the day you are BORN, and the day you find out WHY... - Mark Twain`


                        • #13
                          `I'm would buy the VIP system...if
                          * 2.0 exp / 2.0 pet exp
                          * +3 Green Dragon Coin +1 Red Coin
                          * +5 AFK time
                          * 50 honor badge + 1 silver badge
                          * 1 skill reset

                          ign : scarz
                          world : nebulan ridge


                          • #14
                            Well the current VIP system is good but it could be better suggestions:
                            #1 exp modifier make it x2 instead of x1.5, since at Higher lvls it really necesary to have more exp for Grinding sesions.
                            #2 instead of giving 4 green dragon crystals, gives 2 greens and 2 reds since, DIVs(day in vidalia) now have a chance for Green coins.
                            #3 Special VIP afk mode, for example while in AFK mode if a torch spawns the character stops moving around so it can actually receive the torch's blessing and if possible stops consuming afk time while doing so also 1 additional hour.
                            #4 make the extra attempt for delivery cost silvers and not crystals like it currently does.
                            #5 additional bath and training attempts would be nice.
                            #6 4 cupons per hour instead of 2.
                            #7 Better enchanting chances for VIP
                            Character: (S19)SaintHugo
                            Server: Whisperwind Beach

                            I have been a VIP user for a month, so its a real suggestion
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                            Crystal Saga
                            IGN: SaintHugo
                            Server: Whisperwind Beach
                            Guild: Sanctum
                            Rank: Guild Master
                            LVL 120 SCION
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                            • #15
                              what's stopping me from getting VIP is the title attached to the name. like you are shouting to the world that you are on VIP system. maybe, it's good to have a choice to display or not. =)