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[Announcement] Crystal Ladder & Wishing Well Changes

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  • [Announcement] Crystal Ladder & Wishing Well Changes

    Edit: Crystal Ladder has forever been changed, again . After reporting the bug where players under the ladder protection buff were receiving damage, the developers decided to change it so that the mobs don't do self-destruct aoe damage anymore after being killed.

    In addition, we have also added two new options to the wishing well:
    • 100 Charm Points for 10 Crystal
    • 100 Charm Points for 10 Prestige

    As always, if you feel you're experiencing any BUGS or have any suggestions, please provide us with your comments and concerns on the forums (For BUGs, you can also issue a ticket in-game). We will continue to do our best to relay your suggestions and concerns to the developers. Thank you for your support and understanding.

    R2Games Quality Assurance Team

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    Originally posted by R2CS_Rob View Post
    In addition, we have also added two new options to the wishing well:
    100 Charm Points for 10 Crystal
    100 Charm Points for 10 Prestige
    nice work.

    i would like to suggest for elixers to be synth'ed to Super Elixers ( Elixer x11 to Super Elixers).
    have additional synth for Legendary Gems please

    Natural Ruby = Immaculate Ruby (PATK) + Superior Pink Diamond Gems(Bound), Brilliance Shards, and Purified Crystals
    Natural Topaz =Immaculate Topaz (MATK) + Superior Kyanite Gems(Bound), Void Shards, and Purified Crystals
    Natural Amber =Immaculate Amber (PDEF) + Superior Citrine Gems(Bound), Ice Shards, and Purifed Crystals
    Natural Sapphire =Immaculate Sapphire (MDEF) + Superior Citrine Gems(Bound), Ice Shards, and Purifed Crystals
    Natural Jade =Immaculate Jade (HP) + Superior Peridot Gems(Bound), Heart Shards, and Purified Crystals
    Natural Emerald = Immaculate Emerald (Healing) + Superior Peridot Gems(Bound), Light Shards, and Purified Crystals
    Last edited by Caia_R21125326; 10-30-2014, 05:11 AM. Reason: made it clearer
    Crystal Saga

    Ign: (S22)Caia
    Server:(S22)Tyria Village
    Spouse: (S23)Socrates
    Guild:(Lv.10) DivineAngels - GM (AngelOfDeath)

    Looking for>
    -Genie Crystals in Consumers Points
    -More Inventory (Bag) Space & Pages
    -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


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      designed to be that way? so you meant 27 to flat out end a character who can solo every other floor to 81? think you should recheck your own work a bit


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        Na youre just weak


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          Lvl 27 does not kill you if you do it right! Ask around, plenty of people can still solo ladder to the top.

          *Edited to say - not me


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            can you fix ladder 27


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              if u wanted cl 2 b that shouldn't it b that way when it first came out?

              In Game Name: PriestKayla
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              Rank: Emperor


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                Originally posted by priestkayla View Post
                if u wanted cl 2 b that shouldn't it b that way when it first came out?
                I think ladder was bugged when it came out, but they didnt know about until they brought out the new ladder levels D:

                But on that note if it is like the Original Version now and like it should be, then we should have 90 levels to ladder and NOT 85. That would make it in line with the Original version.

                I kinda kind it funny too, how levels passed 70 is easier to kill then level 27 and 46 LOL got to make to giggle when you think of it.


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                  This totally contradicted to what Moderator Reverie said on forum last week. She said
                  Originally posted by Reverie View Post
                  Our team tested 25 and 65 and there does not appear to be any issues with those two floors. Floors 27 and 46 are confirmed as bugged.
                  She also said on the same thread
                  Originally posted by Reverie View Post
                  Simply because other versions of Crystal Saga feature this concept or that certainly does not mean our version will. With that said, it's not outrageous that these newfound floors are more or less jaw-dropping with its sudden discovery.
                  Is this evidence of poor communication within your team? Do we disregard what Moderator Reverie tell us going forward? Or is this just your way of showing us you can't be bothered with this game no more?


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                    When the new floors first made spotlight, the testing team did test and confirm that something was aloof. It was forwarded to the developers [several times] and unfortunately, the devs are adamant about keeping Crystal Ladder in its current state rather than reverting it back to the way it was before. According to what the devs informed the rest of us, this post is accurate:
                    Originally posted by Dolejsi View Post
                    I think ladder was bugged when it came out, but they didnt know about until they brought out the new ladder levels D:
                    As easy as Ladder previously was, said floors are now said to have been bugged -- no one noticed it simply because we thought it was the norm; logically, a "ladder" should escalate in difficulty, correct? So the idea of having bunk floors never hit us. When the new floors were implemented, mobs similar to pre-existing mobs skill-wise supposedly rectified the bug no one was aware of. The bunk floors were a surprise to all of us, even the devs, but unfortunately, it's going to remain this way from hereon. ~.~


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                      Thank you for your support and understanding.
                      No and totally no.
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                      Plane: Eidolon
                      Level: 125+
                      Guild: TheDarkness (Leader)
                      Honor Rank: Emperor
                      Mount: Super Jiyaori
                      Wings: Ultimate Demon Lord +5
                      Weapon: Perfect Fragarach Orb II +8 (Fused with lvl 121 orb)
                      Husband: (S50)Buldozeris00
                      Pet: Guardian Angel +13, Emperor Demon +13, Super Angel +13, Ultrasaurus Rex +13, Dragon Boxer +13, Fire Lord + Morphed Phoenix

                      “It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful.” ― Anton Szandor LaVey


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                        so is it now the case that the mobs on 27, 46, and 78 can be killed via a ranged attack (say mage, ranger and priest normal skills at range), and when the mobs then die, the mob bomb will not harm said player (assuming a test of a solo ladder jump for instance)? ... or does said mob do an aoe bomb attack upon death that is unavoidable? Also note, these mob bombs hit you even if you are "invisible" to the floor still, aka .. your toon is under the Holy Blessing/60 sec dmg immunity effect upon jumping to a new floor). The mobs on 75 also hit like this if you're anywhere on the floor map, even under this blessing, if your team member takes out mobs in the wrong order in a wave.

                        **Please let us know if us ranged attackers have a way to avoid this mob bomb damage via a ranged kill. Assuming the player removes their AFK and carefully kills each mob at range of say more than radius 250 (well within ranged attack radius on majority of skills).**

                        Thanks, Stormy


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                          i don't think it's ranged

                          i managed to kill lvl27 and 46 mobs with frost (when i forgot to off it xD) and not get bombed (i'm a rogue)

                          killing carefully 1 by 1 is the best choice :P


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                            This isn't the first time something's like this has happened, when something that the dev's intended to be one way wasn't how it was working in CS. I'll bring up this little thread from back in 2012.


                            Once upon a time, the devs intended for dying in seng to cause a loss of honor, and getting kills resulted in gaining honor. It didn't work like that, and long story short, now we only gain honor from getting kills.

                            So now that the dev's intended CL to have floors with mobs that explode when killed, and nothing's going to be done despite people complaining left and right about it? Crystal Saga is NOT a team oriented game. Who takes a team into dungeons? Can't take a team into tower. After a certain point even void is soloable. Only thing that really requires a party is bath, and even then, a nimbus fixes that. People have worked hard to get to the point where they can solo crystal ladder, and after 3 years of it being one way, it's garbage to up and say "well this is how the dev's originally intended it to be so we're not doing anything other than making 46 a wee bit easier to survive the explosions." Trying to make a game where almost everything is soloable more team oriented at this point isn't a change in a good direction. True, it's not impossible to get past the new mobs on the floors in question. Then again, losing honor in seng didn't make seng impossible to win either. That still got changed when that was accidentally put in. It was reasonable to expect something like this to be fixed when past precedence of handling a "bug" like this happening made people happy, not cause them to keep on complaining.
                            Last edited by Zheph; 10-30-2014, 11:47 AM.


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                              so now the couple of floors that are "bugged" are supposed to be that way to inspire teamwork? i call [what] in short if your not a ranged class you just got jipped cause all this teamwork means is "tough luck you should been ranged find some mage,priest,ranger to kill two floors for you" << not team work just class racism against us hard playin knights and rouges
                              Last edited by Reverie; 10-30-2014, 12:44 PM. Reason: Removed censor.