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[Patch Notes] 01/14 Server Update

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    hwhy no samurai/daimyo/shogun costumes to go along with the new pets?


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      Originally posted by LadyJo View Post
      I agree with you on the whole hide icon thing but the problem for them is where exactly are they going to put it? Like.. the can't put it on the right of the screen because then it'll block the quest menu and system. The can't put it on the left of the screen because itll block the world chat..
      I make a quick picture of what I think is a good way to let you show/hide icons that won't get in the way:Click image for larger version

Name:	IconsSolution.jpg
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Size:	94.5 KB
ID:	1706803

      Hopefully this gives an idea of what meant with my suggestion.


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        Most of the icons are NON-COMBAT and have no need to be on the main interface at all. Get rid of them from the main window. Activate them from somewhere else - I don't care where else.
        Do you really think I want to pull up CHI or Herdaldry in the middle of ANY combat fight ... tell you what - if I do, I'm more than willing to make the extra click to open a separate window myself first. You've killed me enough already. FIX IT ... don't just shuffle them around.


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          I'd hope we would be able to change ALL gems from unbound to bound. A lot are sitting on shining + gem want would like to be able to bind them so we can do the new gems. I sitting on Prefect-Immaculate unbound gems, would rather not have to re-farm a bunch of gems, that I've already earned. Let us have to ability to bind gems. The currently system does not work for those that have been playing for years to get pooped on by this.


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            Hope at Valentines Day start new server???East PVE is better,because i see East have 3-50% more players then West.