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[Patch Notes] 03/05 Server Update

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    Originally posted by Myztikal View Post
    Ok so i purchased xtal then i spent it, Why can i not receive rewards from the quartermaster? That option just doesn't exist for me..
    Pay to consume was not a full week event. It was only active between the 5th and 8th. If you spent the crystal after that date then there is no reward.
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      Originally posted by R2Tartarus View Post
      The ticket system is the way to go if you wish to contact the R2 support.
      Thats just the way it is.

      And i think those people who were able to exploit it were lucky i suppose.
      but as Reverie stated, you are best to complain at the staff that answers the tickets. Ranting here won't get you much further.
      Just reading this forum post from a Game Master and cannot believe the comment that those who were able to exploit a bug were lucky. This certainly sounds like "hey we made a bug but we aren't going to do anything about the consequences". May I suggest you alter your TOS because as far as I am concerned exploiting a bug isn't a lucky action it is a bannable action.

      I hope you remember this comment the next time someone in the future is LUCKY as it seems as though you are happy to let players(cheaters) exploit bugs

      Maybe you should make Tartarus's comment a sticky so all the cheaters know they are safe from a ban or maybe he can fully explain why they are lucky!


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        well as far as i know no one 'cheated' players had no choice as they had to upgrade their stuff
        and they was no go around for them too
        well idm the glitch personally imbue stats r not that great where players bcme op or something
        its a lesson to u all .... when a new system is released there is every chance that it maybe bugged or it may hav a glitch
        and its up to them to revert the changes on players or let them keep it so unless a glitch can which was not the current case refrain from exploiting it
        Last edited by diablu; 03-12-2015, 02:55 AM. Reason: ps: read it throughly before commenting on it :)


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          Thx diablo.
          When writing my comment I had no idea what the glitch/exploit was. My comment was more to do with the GMs "lucky" comment in relation to an exploit.
          This sounds as though it was a glitch that should easily have been picked up in testing the system before being introduced, just as was the case with the introduction of the heavily flawed Beastmaster .