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[Patch Notes] 03/05 Server Update

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    Sorry about that. There will be a round of beastmaster fixes in the next update.


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      well i cant collect the reward for levelers perks. it say " you've already done that" even thought i haven't collect it yet.


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        same here.. when i click on leveler perks it says "You've already done that".
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          i have the same problem with leveler perks


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            same here aswell


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              I will forward the Leveler Perks issue to the team.


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                Did you all do this event before, as in a couple weeks/months ago?


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                  There. Last jan 29.
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                    Originally posted by R2CS_Rob View Post
                    Did you all do this event before, as in a couple weeks/months ago?
                    if u mean this:

                    Leveler Perks
                    Bounty Hunter
                    Roses Are Red
                    Treasure Trove
                    Strikin' it Rich

                    .. then yes all seems very very same
                    [Patch Notes] 01/29 Server Update
                    Quartermaster Token Exchange
                    Leveler Perks
                    Bounty Hunter
                    Roses are Red
                    Treasure Trove
                    Strikin' It Rich
                    [Patch Notes] 11/20 Server Update
                    New Content
                    New Class: Beastmaster
                    Leveler Perks
                    Bounty Hunter
                    Roses Are Red
                    Treasure Trove
                    Strikin' It Rich
                    It Pays to Consume
                    ..well we like this cards cards exchange anyways, but the original of it is better..

                    Originally posted by R2_Stormaggedon View Post
                    Duration: 5/15 – 5/21 11:59 PM (Server Time)
                    Level Requirement: 30+

                    Description: During this event, visit the Quartermaster to receive a special Card Pack. Packs contain cards that you’re free to swap with other players. Collect as many cards as you can and return to the Quartermaster to exchange them for a Mystery Pack, which when opened will reveal a special item. Mystery Packs can also be purchased in the Shop for 98 Crystal.

                    Note: Players may receive ONE Card Pack per day, VIP players TWO Card Packs.


                    Mystery Pack - Contains ONE of the following:
                    • Pixie Upgrade Stone x2
                    • Greater Mount Upgrade Token x2
                    • Ethereal Wings x2
                    • Red Dragon Coin x3

                    Lucky players may get a surprise!

                    hmm leveler packs seems to have not reset =/
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                    Looking for>
                    -Genie Crystals in Consumers Points
                    -More Inventory (Bag) Space & Pages
                    -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


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                      I clicked leveler perks and it said i have already did that ,and i had not. I looked through my inventory just to be sure it didnt happen real fast,But divine feathers were not in my inventory. Im not upset about this but thought you should know! Oh it was level 60 perk that was defective for my character.
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                        yeah cant collect the leveler perks either D:
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                          [what] happened to the Hydra mount? That one was godlike, this "dragon" on the otherhand looks absolute trash.
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                            You claim you've fixed the imbue bug, but all i see is the people who exploited it to still have all their equips done! So the only thing you did was to make the other ones who didn't pay up to make the same progress! What's the fairness on that??? That's how R2 works and thinks of their paying customers? You should take back the imbues on those who exploited the bug or let all with all their equips imbued!


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                              Awesome updates


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                                Bring back leveler perks from 111 to 120 instead i miss tht >< the sperion gems reward things..
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