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    tyvm r2 for fixing lost characters , lost guilds and marrages .... just happy i got my character back u have a great day all


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      Im thankful my Characters are back and running again in game, but we hope R2 extend 1 more day for Easter egg, if possible, coz most of us didnt got the prizes til last second of event or atleast to exchange our chocolate for Easter eggs.
      Last edited by Caia_R21125326; 04-10-2015, 01:41 PM. Reason: i knew it... if no one will voice out but i got ideas..i gotta step forward heads up.. so here goes nothing
      Crystal Saga

      Ign: (S22)Caia
      Server:(S22)Tyria Village
      Spouse: (S23)Socrates
      Guild:(Lv.10) DivineAngels - GM (AngelOfDeath)

      Looking for>
      -Genie Crystals in Consumers Points
      -More Inventory (Bag) Space & Pages
      -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


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        Originally posted by ShadowChaser27 View Post
        This "reward" is insulting, if you don't know what you're doing running this game give it to a company who does. -_-

        We will never get decent service while there are people like this willing to put up with being treated like poo....
        .... treated like poo.... i never been treated like poo.... and ur post is insulting


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          WHo the hell will want 2x exp as compensation when we lost items like ss and easter eggs and OS equips and enchanted equips? (Not to mention that enchantment system in here is a pain in the [rear]!!) We can farm 2x exp easily in Treasure Trove, I almost have 2 stacks of 2x exp now!!

          You DELETED some players and then you simply rolled back and made the WHOLE SERVER lost items they worked hard for! And then 2x exp as compensation!! What the hell are you thinking about????
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            getting fixed? we ll see but when next month?:P

            Player lvl 0 .............. 60 hrs+ #22............... and alot of ppl got the chocolates and the red Easter eggs gone.... good ppl is more happy now :P
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              Can we can an extra day for the easter egg event please?
              since the server was rolled back but the event wasnt.. people who worked hard for eggs are really angry since they put time into getting the chocolates..
              One extra day wudnt hurt..


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                Originally posted by ShadowGammaDraco
                glad things getting fixed! would be nice to get a better comp. I'm ironically missing a character now as well >_<, pretty sure I had it for a while not just recently level'd alt. checking for my other chars now
                that is because u actually cared abt the players is why QQ!!!!! Thank you again for everything you tried to do for us!!! I am serious abt that ty again Shadow but R2 is too much they truly dont [care] abt their players!!!!

                "We at R2 are very sorry for this mishap and are working diligently with the developers."

                Really no ya not because if ya truly cared and are sorry as a company ya would have given better compensation to its players instead of the simple stuff ya did, You guys MESS up and expect the players to be OK with this why don't ya actually think abt the players that play this game INSTEAD of how much money ya can get from the players with lil work!!!!! Pls this is an insult to all the players that were affected by ya MISTAKE!!! you guys instead of compensating the players all ya did was treat the players like the mean nothing I SPENT too much money on this game and on my char to have some corny answer and compensation from R2!!! I know that you guys as a company can careless abt the players and have been saying this for a log time and this just SHOWED that I am RIGHT!!! SO ty R2 for showing me that the players don't mean anything to you GUYS!!!!!! Casher or not!!!!!!
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                Life too short to live with regrets


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                  It looks like after the 'fix' ALOT of the toons on my friends list went down to lvl 0....
                  I feel like we got some characters back but lost even more..


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                    akkako u dotn count plz go away#14 no1 liek u :P
                    Lycanmarsh (s14)
                    Eidolon 149 ....... gmi hate me.....
                    Wings Divine.. (are horrible)
                    Mount: the pink ( orrible too)
                    low tenets

                    souls alot of...... but pixie eating all my ss#09

                    Looking for------->
                    Pucs , want the last pixie#14
                    and new mounts#24 plz :cool:


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                      Spell my name right once and i might #05


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                        just go away#24 bad akakko
                        Lycanmarsh (s14)
                        Eidolon 149 ....... gmi hate me.....
                        Wings Divine.. (are horrible)
                        Mount: the pink ( orrible too)
                        low tenets

                        souls alot of...... but pixie eating all my ss#09

                        Looking for------->
                        Pucs , want the last pixie#14
                        and new mounts#24 plz :cool:


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                          lol everyone spent a week farming events like crazy to get eggs then massive setback with maint issue then two day roll back causes loss in eggs and many stuck with chocolates now wheres the employee gonna message everyone at saying April fools


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                            R2 i lost 2 platinum when there is server problem. Can you help me get my 2 platinum back?


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                              Originally posted by StormYoda View Post
                              Rinulka Peninsula, (S40)StormChef, my character is there, BUT my spouse is missing, who is (S42)silverfist, he doesn't show under my spouse on my friends list, missing the closeness, etc. Also missing my guild (S36)styxraiders on my toon.
                              I'm seriously mad at you r2...I've had a daily signin streak of almost 3 years! (964 days I believe I was at yesterday...I login this morning to do my daily signin, guess what you guys did to me?? Sitting at no days streak now, no bonuses for daily OWE ME BIG TIME for this! Yes, the streak was a vanity number, but now you're also costing me items I get daily, SS, coins, etc. I was compensation for this loss. You guys just officially lost any chance of my coming back to this game and having any desire to play again. This was the final straw for me.


                              BTW, you also did the same thing to my alt main (S40)StormyPope, who I had at a daily streak of over 118 days, so I will also not play that toon again. just perma made me hate your game


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                                Originally posted by Caia_R21125326 View Post
                                no matter.. restoring our character is the best compensation to me, better than not having it ever again..

                                though it is not wrong to ask for more than they could give us.. remember that having given us what we lost is better enough..

                                or you all could read the cruel ToS

                                which i think most of us, rather..all of us.. skip to read. and i think it implies they can delete us anytime coz it theirs and u dont get anything back..

                                so u see having us get back our char is the best.. its their property and we all signed yes to the ToS. its crazy, i know, but oh well.. lets just hope all is restored and we're all back and rolling in game.. and wish that this nightmare will never ever happened again in future..

                                well for those who doesnt lose a thing and wanna be compensated.. well that's a different story..
                                just think about us that lose everything.. our characters, spouses & guild.. and our friends..
                                think about how we feel about it.. a day worth of play data.. thats nothing compare to what was lost.
                                and R2 is generous enough to give something most of the old servers dont need but hey they did try to please us.
                                You know that those clauses are made so players can't sue the company right?! You know that all games got similar clauses! The point is that the players ask for ingame compensation and not "money" (the purpose of those clauses)! Also none company till now deletes players data or do things that affects the players in that sort of way, for the simple reason that they gonna lose the trust of the players and hence they gonna lose the players and the money they spend!
                                That's why what R2 did this was so bad that players started quitting cause none wanna play a game were he gonna lose his character or even his progress in game! None got 2-3 days to throw out of the window! And this time R2 facked really bad! That's why if you saw the chat ingame everyone is looking already another game to play!