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Emergency Maintenance on 4/10 @ 03:30 EDT!

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    ok how about giving us back our easter eggs now? every1 lost their eggs!!!


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      Originally posted by Krunix420 View Post
      i agree 100% shadow
      But it's all we'll get
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        UHM r2 ya did it again Ya did not Rollback to 4/8 ya rollback further than that my RED easter egg rewards are GONE!!!! COME ON like really!!!!!!! GPOW gone and other rewards this is ridiculous can ya get something done right!!!! and this cheap compensation ya got going on is not going to work!!!!!! always finding a way to screw ya players OVER!!!!! maybe I don't need to cash anymore and Go ALT crazy like some ppl in this game!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Life too short to live with regrets


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          Come Onnnn R2 - My daily login has been reset to day 1 too, why do you's do this to me #11
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            yay back and alive, & so are my friends!
            thank you..

            srry to ask this but any idea on my missing marriage protection icon went?
            ticket # 306928 follow up pls
            Last edited by Caia_R21125326; 04-10-2015, 06:55 AM.
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            Looking for>
            -Genie Crystals in Consumers Points
            -More Inventory (Bag) Space & Pages
            -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


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              Damn well ridiculous. Your so-called compensation will do nothing but make everyone struggle to earn back everything you mods and devs cost all of us. Not to mention you've screwed everyone who worked for the Easter events. This is nothing but an attempt to cover your[selves]. You've not actually compensated anyone for any of the trouble this has caused them.
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                I just want to know what kind of drunk bar does R2 hire their programmers from...seriously,you gain tons of money from the dozens of cash games you have,is it SO hard to hire decent programmers that don't screw up every single thing they do?!


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                  Cash 3281651578423 billion dollars for decent compensation!
                  Watch me get some bound mut as compensation cuz they can't change emails on accounts without messing up :P


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                    i loose my pink egg on the rollback,is there a way to get it back?


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                      Are you serious??? All the work and progress we made ysday is gone cause you're are incompetent?! Why we have to get facked cause of your own mess?!
                      Daily login resetted: that's 10SS and 1k eso lost and why cause you facked up! Ysday i made my boots +14 and now they are back to +9 why i have to get through all the trouble to make em again? Just give me a reason?!
                      ysday i made an 512SS node on soul! now on my bag are less SS than i had ysday i opened my char!

                      And last but not least your roll back is 2days and not 1 just b4 maint! I opened my char succesfully and the stuff that i got now on my bag are the stuff from 2 days ago!
                      I want my stuff back and the work i've done! You make a mess take responsibility for it!
                      Last edited by Reverie; 04-10-2015, 11:28 AM. Reason: Removed censor.


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                        the maintenance's effect

                        dear GM, I'm someone from rinulka Peninsula, today, u guys do a great job in fixing the bugs about guild, and spouse in my server and another server, it just after the maintenance we lost several items (due to the game being rolled back) just like easter egg and all items that we got from yesterday till today, not to mention some of my friends who level became 0.
                        I hope for your kind heart to cooperate with us, maybe at least you could do again easter event since we kind of lost the reward for choco,, thanks for read my comments


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                          So it was 2 days roll back and a waste of all my effort because you guys are incompetent. I made my Zodiac sword and it came out as OS quality. Now it's gone. Even if I make it again, it might not be of OS quality!
                          Last edited by BlueHora; 04-11-2015, 12:17 AM.


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                            Why didn't you rollback 3years ago to start from scratch! R2 logic: Make a mistake(25%players messed up) -> Fix mistake(100%players messed up)
                            Compensation: take 2x exp cause that's the medicine for everything!

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Rollback.JPG
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Size:	27.7 KB
ID:	1710853


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                              Originally posted by R2CS_Crystal View Post
                              We are aware that much character information has been missing following the maintenance on April 9th. In order to resolve this issue, we have decided to roll-back the affected servers to April 8th 03:30 EDT.

                              Maintenance Time: 4/10 03:30 EDT/00:30 PDT/07:30 GMT/15:30 GMT+8

                              Affected Servers (servers that are going offline for maintenance): S12, S14, S18, S21, S22, S23, S27, S33, S36, S40, S42, S45, S50, S54

                              Recharged amounts and friend lists won't be rolled-back.

                              After the maintenance, the following events will be available on the affected servers:
                              • 2x crop growth speed
                              • 2x drop rate
                              • 2x quest exp
                              • 2x pet exp

                              Event Duration: 4/10 after maintenance - 4/12 23:59 Server Time

                              We at R2 are very sorry for this mishap and are working diligently with the developers.
                              nice ty for Screwing everyone and where the hell is our compensation not to mention the 2 days of lost work 57 hours of lost time for er1 and worse for some who's toons where Deleted thx for the fallow through(NOT).....
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                                Great u fixed bugg but let us get a few more easter egg days so we can reclame the lost we been try to get a hole week