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    corruption is not a dungeon O.o so i dont see why extra runs would be given too vip players, as the extra run is for dungeons.

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      yea, scion+ dungeons like nargon and spernal do not get extra runs, however monster jungle does.


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        Oh i dont mind u giving alot more stuff to vip and making us cashers pay more xD i mean just set the vip price higher or have different tiers of vip giving better things each one ill pay like 30 bucks a month to get some amazing daily pack or like constant double dungeons including corruption ide so pay for it idc if its over priced im sure all these people who dont cash would cash too and get over it lmfao if they havn't quit yet then they wont quit but they shoudnt stop the servers from being funded by cashers lmfao like i said the corruption idea to me sounds great ^_^
        also no need for anyone to respond to me my opinion is mine and i post here xD its my own freedom im honestly not coming back here to check if someone responded to waste ur own time xD


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          I like the idea of blitz auto dungeon mode for vip players, For veteran / old players, dungeons are so tiring and boring, it's becoming like a job, except you didn't get paid and just wasting your time. Maybe less reward for auto dungeon so it would be more fair to the non vip.

          In a few months, this game will be 4 years old, and I played quite early, at least 3 1/2 years soon enough, no way in hell I want to keep doing daily dungeons for the rest of my life or until this game closes down... The only choice I have is to cash, and if I can't I just need to quit ? Because obviously back then when I was doing psychodelica, etc, I'm not getting patron tributes, red adamantite, Dragon essence, blabla.


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            i thought for a second there R2 were getting smart with the first 2 corruption changes then boom the 3 one just showed that will prob never happen but people can hope i guess lol


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              It'll be wonderful with having corrupt all day and no keys (I know a few peeps who can only go maybe once or twice a week due to schedule limitations.)
              However, as a few others have stated; going down to 3 runs a day and having to do something extra to get to 5 runs(if we even get that is the question. Can be like ebs or nargon with only 3 runs.) is bleh. Also factor that vip is speculation. There can easily be a store item(probably 1-3 dollars per) to increase the number of runs one can do.

              With that aside, two of the main reasons, in my opinion, for lowering the amount of runs can do a day is not a good choice:
              1)People that normally can do it each day or most of the day(assuming keys are being nice) will now have to pay(if it is a range) to do the same amount of runs that they are normally use to. Not sure of a good analogy for this; however, having to acquire an item that's not relatively easily obtainable to do compared to what one can do now will be a burden in the long run.
              2) With 5 runs a day, one can theoretically obtain 3 essence every 4 days. However, if it's lowered to 3 runs a day, one can make 1 essence every 3 days(more or less.) Thus, it would take an incredibly long time for the same result. This does not factor how well lionheart stone drop; albeit that it becomes less of a problem once you get to yellow+ essence.

              Either way, glad to see that there's a change; a big change at that. A 2 hour event(2 one hour interval) requiring keys to access within the allotted time to an all day event without having to farm keys is definitely a welcomed change. Thanks again =].


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                Off Topic:
                I know i will say this off topic a little, but getting VIP just for dungeons and x1 or x2 extra things during events isn't enough. VIP needs a spice of its own other than dungeons and x1 or x2 events exchanges. Not too many things to break other players with none VIP's but with a little more spice. If you ask the players directly in the game, which many had purchased VIP before or the ones that never purchase it. Ninety percent of the time, they will say something along the lines of "I don't think eight bucks is worth enough just for extra three dungeons attempts" or "eights bucks just for dungeons? naaaaahhh, its just dungeons not something really appealing"

                I think VIP may have more interest in players if:

                1. The player can have an actual "desire color name or set color (pink and/or blue)" not just "VIP" next to it's name.
                2. Make Nargon and Spernal have an actual VIP runs. It just ridiculous the amount of gems to make ONE level 10 gem at from Spernal along at a random drop rate of any gem level and color/pattern. For Nargon? you decide.
                3. I haven't thought of any as of this moment.

                Now, staying in topic.

                1. DO NOT lower the amount of corruption runs. Notice your none VIP population is like 90% of the game now a days. There are more side effects than gaining effects if there is any gain at all.
                2. About Extra runs for VIP? I agree because it will make more players actually get VIP?
                3. I will have other thoughts later.
                4. See off topic thoughts.
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                Originally posted by Dr.Q
                Hm... best Tenet level, or home mortgage payment... what to do, what to do...


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                  I Agree with Kidsess. We need something fresh and useful. Allot of players dont need extra dungeons runs do to having alts that can farm the same dungeons. No one does delivery on my server much either. How about a VIP buff that gives 10% stats? I can see even the strongest players wanting this.