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Opinions Collection for Crystal Saga Revision 1/20

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  • Opinions Collection for Crystal Saga Revision 1/20

    Duration: 1/20 - 2/1

    Description: Hey guys and girls! There will be some big changes coming to Crystal Saga and we'd like to collect your opinions and suggestions for the current version. You can post your thoughts below (about in-game systems, events, whatever comes to mind) and we will take into consideration everything you post here for future updates.

    1. Every player who participates in this event will receive a gift pack within 3 working days after the event ends.
    2. If your suggestions are used by us, you will get a super awesome gift pack within 3 working days after the event ends and/or once the suggestion is implemented.

    As always, we thank you for your fantastic support in the days past, present and future and look forward to continuing to provide an amazing gaming experience for you all in Crystal Saga!

    Note: R2Games reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event.

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    ALSO MAKE AN ADDON THAT DOES THE AFKING FOR PEOPLE INSIDE DUNGEON THAT WAY WE CAN JUST ENTER AND HAVE AFK MODE DO ALL THE ATTACK like example you enter a dungeon, you press the afk botton then it will do all the work for you.


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      Well here are some (already earlier mentioned) suggestions that will probs never see the daylight, but here it goes;

      - AN ACTUAL client, once you get level 15 Holy Favor, everything gets so laggy that it's not quite fun. Also when there are buncha peeps with HF auras it takes people like 5-10 sec to move, take Fairy Search and Crypt for example. A REAL client would cut down all the "fps lag" caused by effects, auras and what not. Or then just give us options to hide more stuff (Sperion, HF aura, maybe even Soul aura etc).

      - And speaking of the Fairy Search .. why is it on L1? Couldn't it as well be on a different instance that aren't full of shops already?

      - Put some immunity to Sengolia crystal, Saga of Hero used to have a 10min lasting immunity on it, or then optionally make all attacks (and frost) do just percentual dmg on the crystals.

      - In Avernal disable skills/passives that deals percentual dmg to the enemy (just like you did with Mage's Fire Wave, Fire Lord's Infernal Destruction and Blood Breaking Kill sperion combo). It's supposed to be a DPS contest event, instead of a contest of who procs Frag passives/Death Odor the most.

      - In regards of the icons, read this pretty please; or then, if not that, give us an OPTION to hide all the icons behind a single 'master icon'.

      - Give us options on more specifically what to loot (like being able to exclude fruit scrolls from being looted, etc) since currently so much 'useless' stuff alongside usable thingies is being looted by the afk mode, and so on taking a ton of inventory space.

      - If not the above, then we need more inventory - AND vault space.

      - Need more ways to obtain Mount Fusion Orbs, currently you need like 400-700k(?) stats, to be even able to farm those, and even then would take a month to get a single fusion done if farming Void daily.

      - Bring back the actually good 'It Pays To Consume' -events? Meaning the ones that rewards (G)PoWs, DE and such stuff. Nobody that I know of is fond with the Space Rocks/Destiny Essences.

      And lastly I just hope that this whole questionnaire isn't done just for the SEQUEL of Crystal Saga, cause that game....IS TERRIBLE.
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        In-game Systems

        Please costumize icons in screen and make it in one icon that contains all other icons , it will make us as player easy to play more better because not being misclick too icons
        that block our screen , we will appreciate if you change and make the icons in one place . Thanks

        Server = S91
        Name = Sin


        • #5
          add some new awesome skill another rebirth system guide drop rate % up on dungeon and add also new weapon on fate shop for ranger,mage,rouge,knight,priest and beastmaster
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            *This might be much....but can you like change the appearance of each of the monsters?? I mean it's so boring seeing the same appearance of em like after every 2 maps you progress.
            *Um can you also add a hide feature on the icons like the Holy favor, Beast soul, ETC cause not many people always use it and it makes the field of view of the play smaller and for players who only got a small screen resolution it'll be very hard for them to see the field.
            *Please also add a wiki for each item where to get them and how to use them because it's so confusing.
            *Lastly is the Daily Check in... can you add a reset option of it just like the continuous log in bonus.
            That's all Thanks Devs


            • #7
              Priest need rebuff too match up for pvp


              • #8
                new jobs, don't just add new items we need spaces too vault page 3 full perhaps? or bag page 7? and also a way to hide those many buttons.... just group them in one button and make it more accesible since we play by clickin on the screen.
                and also maybe make something like ladder a way to get more SS is needed hehehe more coin? X) green red black, white perhaps? hahaha


                • #9
                  -Would be nice to actualize items dropped by boss in lvl 110+ dungeons: replace ethereal wings by divine feather,
                  flawed gems by normal or scratched, enchantment crystal by major or supreme, etc... Honestly as lvl 160 player i
                  dont even bother to farm them, drops are so bad.

                  -Extra runs with dungeon keys and/or vip for Evil Beast.

                  -Sengolia used to be a fun place to pvp till perfect frag coming and stats increase. Find a way to make the crystal of life
                  more resistant, with damage cap and immunity to frag/wings/all systems skills. 2 mins sengolia isn't really fun. You can
                  make two entrances too (lvl 30-80 and lvl 80+), like for avernal and hellstorm.

                  -The return of Arena event, new level 100 or 120 PvP gear.

                  -11 daily crystals from Wishing Well isn't enough, up the exchange to twice a day (22 crystals).

                  -Specifically to merged/crowded servers: more instance to Starglade to allow peoples to do special events like invaders.
                  Extra world boss spawn time would be cool too.

                  -New ladder title, tokens and/or SoA floors: 80, 90 and 100.

                  -Option to hide icons, more vault space.

                  That's all, thank you and have fun


                  • #10
                    - First of all a company like you should work your support system before going into game matters! Tickets buried, non respond, late responds
                    and in the end just a waste of time! Anti-cheat team non existent! In game mods nowhere to be found!

                    - In game

                    For me as an old player a new rebirth could do the trick to make it more interesting! Also a bit of balance between classes! Priests Mages kinda got it hard!

                    Also for more detailed info on systems on my opinion something that i post on Reverie's Feedback Frenzy topic which seems none took into consideration
                    since yet again you're asking us the same!

                    Public Dungeon

                    Pros: Good rewards! Got both pvp and non zones which is kinda nice! Chance for players to get fate shop items! Even low stat players get a chance on good stuffs! Can make a party!

                    Cons: Takes 2-3min for loots to get available for loot! Those who die spawn again insta in the same floor making it laggy!

                    Suggestions: Since i understand your intentions regarding Free for all i won't suggest to remove it all( Which might been the best option since whoever kills should get the rewards) but i would suggest to make the
                    rewards available instantly so that those who actually fight the mob got the most chances to get rewards! Also it gonna make the event run faster!
                    Also i would like to suggest those who die to be respawned on 1st floor of the event as a penalty and not exploit the spawn zone and sit dead until boss dies and then respawn and go then steal from the efforts of those who actually faught with the mob! Also by respawning on first floor stops the spawnkilling that happens on L10!( For this to work you need to make points that we get for passing a lvl one time only!)
                    Also remove from the dungeon tab! It's an event not a dungeon!
                    Also mobs should do aoe damage since all players challenge a mob alltogether!


                    Pros: Good pvp event with lot of rewards! Can also party which make it even more interesting!

                    Cons: Free for all loots! Spawn insta after dying!

                    Suggestions: Either remove free for all or make rewards lootable instantly, cause the way they are can be exploited just to steal em and lose the purpose of pvp and killing the mob! For example knights use
                    angelic/rogues use their own skill that they can't be hit for 3-4 sec just to steal loots and leave! Also when killed they spawn and come back instantly which lose the purpose of dying since there's no
                    penalty! So set a timer not able to move for 10sec after dying!

                    Charm - Crystal Exchange

                    Pros: It's the only way that makes this game actually free to play as it's mentioned on R2's description of Crystal Saga!

                    Cons: Limited exchange of 11crystal per day is too low!

                    Suggestions: Increase the limit of the exchange! Add VIP extra exchanges!


                    Pros: All the rewards that are described for a month on a low price! A good way to contribute to the game and be rewarded!

                    Cons: Outdated! Need more stuff added to make it more alluring for buying!

                    Suggestions: Extra corruption run!
                    Extra charm-crystal exchange!
                    Extra Evil beast dungeon run ( Supposed to have 3more dung runs as per description already)
                    Make VIP card that can be sold or traded on shops!

                    Treasure Trove

                    Pros: Pvp , A lot of rewards

                    Cons: Only 2players can benefit from rewards on L6, 3attempts on gold treasures is low , quest almost impossible to be completed(300mob kills/100player kills)

                    Suggestions: Add more treasures on L6 maintain 1per characrer lootable!
                    Add 100+gold treasures on L6 make 5-10 available per character!( too many gold keys no use for them)
                    Drop the amount of kill required to complete the quest- Give a good reward upon completion!(Divine/Promethean Feather, Pearls)

                    Magic Mine

                    Pros: All can do it! Good rewards!

                    Cons: Free for all , respawn area, stone harvest time, restricted movement speed

                    Suggestions: Either remove free for all function or make rewards instantly lootable!
                    After dying respawn on Starglade (Can still get inside, helps not to spawnkilled by the mob, Avoids taking advantage of other players work to just steal rewards without helping)
                    More mobs (Preferably some that can be killed easier for low players too)


                    Pros: One of the most interesting addons that made at the time! Can work on it and still do something else with your char! Good benefits! Fun!

                    Cons: Abandoned! Since Drumstick costs too much even cashers don't touch it!

                    Suggestions: Drumsticks farmable there's no other way for it to get moving again! Drumsticks actually able to bought with coupons! Another think that just staying idle!

                    Land Grab battle

                    Pros: It's the only worthwhile fight that you do with your guildies!!

                    Cons: It's underrated, rewards are lame hence a lot of guilds don't even bother! Winners got only responsibilities and not benefits

                    Suggestions: Add more rewards for the winners! Especially for the people participating on it! Make a kill/death count for every char participating! Make the results public after lg ends!

                    Crystal cards:Make crystal obtainable through difficult and pvp events(limited and bound)! Tradeable and available to be sold on shops crystal cards!(Cashers can buy and sell/trade)


                    S33: Kraken Beach
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                    • #11
                      Have posted this before but, STORAGE - we really need more storage space.
                      Appreciate the pet hut and wardrobe have helped a little but, with all the new systems and extra items to collect/store, many of us are still struggling badly for pack & vault space.


                      Increase the max stack size from 250 to 500 or 1000
                      Add an 'orchard' store for ALL the fruit system items (fruits, formula, bottles & materials) all in one place.

                      Change the Wunderkind system so that it is useable. The way it is currently, one drumstick is not sufficient to complete one journey therefore there is no way to use the system without using crystal to buy drumsticks. Also, the bloodlines section is flawed with the points obtained not matching the description. It currently takes 400 bloodstone to complete 1 level of the first part - which will double for the second section and quadruple after that. Make the drumsticks obtainable elsewhere, maybe put them in coupon shop.

                      For the love of all thats holy, hide the icons - make a menu system for them.

                      Wheel of Destiny - it takes some pretty special lvl80 toon to be able to kill the mobs in there!!! Maybe add some buffs to make it do-able for lower level toons as its supposed to be available at lvl80.

                      How about adding another pixie.....we already have space for it

                      Thanks for reading
                      WE ARE LEGENDS

                      IGN: Riversong
                      Server: (S1)Aurora Point
                      Class: Mage
                      Lvl: Eido 180
                      Pets: Guardian Angel, Emperor Demon + a lot of others
                      Guild: 'LEGENDS'


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                        -add option to exchange divine feather to promethean feather

                        -add puc and promethean feather into quartermaster exchange

                        -make charm to crystal exchange unlimited but add lvl cap for it, like eidolon+

                        -add space quartz to public dungeon lvl 10 rewards

                        -make seng last longer, like 5 mins before can hit crystal or something?

                        -theres 100 lvls in ladder now, add more rewards on ladder event (lvl 80, 90 and 100 giving spirit of ares too)

                        -wunderkinds looks intresting but cant even touch it cause it cost too much. add drumstick in to coupon option

                        -new rebirth sounds fun, most would really enjoy it

                        -really need more inventory space and option to put bound health orbs into vault

                        -do something for mana usage plz? its pretty much impossible to use lvl 140 skills cause they use too much mana. add lvl 150 pots or fix it

                        -highest pet armor is still lvl 120 if none noticed...kinda need to catch up with those

                        -plz speed up gem synthesis (i really hate spend whole day just to synthesis) and add option to exchange immaculate gem to coupon

                        -add vip run on evil beast dung

                        -mount clothing or something to chance colour of mount. some of uss are not that big fan of pink... personally id even pay a bit to get nice colour mount

                        -raise all guild skill to lvl 10

                        -1 central teleporter to all over vidalia, specially underdark dungeon is just too far away to run

                        -new skill on last lvl frag and plz make it something we can actually use this time

                        -of course hide all icons under 1

                        -kinda missing more options how to set afk loots. need way not to pick formulas but still get goodies

                        -make underdark dungeon drop nether essence too, those are too slow to farm just by doing evil beast dung

                        -and yes, merge all pvp east or even better all pvp servers together

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                          For one thing, there have been plenty of complaints about the icons. In my opinion, you could make certain "menu" buttons. Such the same as viewing a player, ignoring them, friending, whispering, etc., this menu would be able get you to your "upgrades" area. Upgrades, such as Holy Favor, Chi, Wings, Refining, and other upgradeable options. This would lower the amount of icons that you would put in. There could also be the "guild" menu, still accessible with the (G) shortcut. This would give you access to your guild list of members, guild boss, and anything else that you may want to put up for the guilds. Doing so would decrease the large amount of icons by 9, making it easier for players, and easier for game speed.


                          • #14
                            1. I like to see an pick up loot sytem so u can select items u want to pick up
                            like u have (white) ancient coins. that i need but i dont need the (white) health/mana potion.
                            so some list u can select what u pick up.

                            2. acces to use Health orbs and exilirs in ladder.

                            3. bigger vault / inventory (its always full by me) so many sperion gems , fruit items , and others i have to collect.

                            4. i like to have AFK function in THE VOID.

                            5. also why cant we use 3x exp token in afk function

                            6. add option to exchange divine feather to promethean feather (or make them drop somewhere)

                            7. make familairs also hide not only player/pets

                            S86 Feldspar
                            ingame : Leeuwen
                            Last edited by leeuwen90; 01-20-2016, 02:25 PM.
                            (S86): Leeuwen
                            Class: Beastmaster
                            Plane: Eidolon
                            Level: 80+
                            Tenet: Demon lv.6
                            Wings: Extreme divine
                            Mount: Snow Phoenix
                            Pet(s): Guardian Angel , Emperor Demon , Fire Lord ,and more
                            Beast soul: Seiryu
                            Pixie: Celestial Sage Pixie
                            Divine: Lv.14
                            Honor: Grand Duke


                            • #15
                              1. Probably lots of people said this already, but it would be cool if the icons could be listed in some sort of menu instead of being everywhere on the screen. Especially when you're not lvl 50 or what so ever it's pretty annoying that you click on the icons by accident.
                              2. Perhaps it would be nice to bundle the item synthesis. For instance, if you want to make 100 of an item, you can do that in just a second instead of leaving the screen open for like a minute or something. That way you improve the gamespeed when it comes to combining gems, socketing rods etc.
                              3. Invent a 'quicker' way to get Chi Essence, I know it's pay to win, but still. In my years of playing Crystal Saga and entering in-game event, I've never even leveled up my first chi.
                              4. It would be awesome if there could be more rare bosses in the normal maps, who can spawn in all L's or area's. No notifications, you just have to be lucky. And then maybe they can give drops like dungeon bosses do (Muts, HW, Frag products, etc.)
                              5. If your Wunderkind is out of Satiation, please stop the icon from blinking. It's really annoying and you have to feed it in order to stop blinking, which costs crystal, etc.

                              That's pretty much what I can think of now, if something else comes up I'll add another reply.