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6/6 Server Update

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    All my items in my Vault are gone..


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      If you have missing items or characters you will need to file a ticket. There is nothing we can do for you on the forums regarding your missing characters and items. Once 72 hours have passed and you have not received a response we can nudge them for you. We will require the ticket number and if you do not have 1 we'll need your email address attached to the ticket provided through pm with a brief explanation on what it's regarding. Thank you.
      If you have a problem, need assistance and we can't help? Submit a ticket with R2 here
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      Please, note my inbox is broken. Post your issue or question on the forums.


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        Ok, so finally r2 did something about the lag(for now). thanks.But I don't get why they made the roses basically unusable with the lv 240 requirement(only 2 players in our server r max lv till now).

        And it is a really nice ideathat u started to write the new updates in the patch notes!Thanks!
        Game:Crystal Saga
        Server: (S29)The Molten Higlands
        Class: Mage
        Guild: The Spartans
        Beast Soul: lv1 red soul
        Honor: Emperor
        Tenets: maxed