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Regarding Forum Issues and FAQ

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  • [Announcement] Regarding Forum Issues and FAQ

    Greetings Heroes of Vidalia,

    Due to the issues forums are experiencing my inbox is not functioning properly. At this time I request you please post your issues on the forums. For example, if it's an issue regarding a problem with your class post it on the forums. I will require the same information as I do in a private message.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    1. How do I obtain assistance if you can't answer my private message?
      • Post it on the forums. If it's a private issue we'll handle it accordingly. However, I still need forum documentation.
      • Inbox messages can be read. Provide your in-game name and server I will reach out to you for assistance. Please, note forum documentation is still required.
    2. When is a new server going to be released?
      • This information is not released until it is posted on the forums.
    3. When will my server merge?
      • This information is not available until it posted on the forums.
    4. Why has my server not merged?
      • There are various factors that go into determining when a server will merge. For example, server age, population, etc.
    5. When does LOV end?
      • It ends 2 weeks after a server is released.
    6. When will the rewards be sent?
      • Rewards are distributed up to 7 business days after LOV ends.
    7. How can I change my display name?
      • Once you have opened the forums with the account you'll be required to create a new account to comment on the forums with the name you desire.
      • Prior to opening the forums, you can change your character name on the user home page once you've signed in.
    8. When will patch notes be posted?
      • It will depend on when I receive the patch notes and I am able to post them on the forums. They're usually posted within 24 of maintenance. Please, note they are not intended to go up until after maintenance occurs.
    9. When will the forums be fixed?
      • Unfortunately, I don't have any information as to when the issues will be fixed. If you're experiencing them please, submit a ticket with a screenshot showing the issue. Thank you!
    Thank you for your understanding! Happy gaming!

    - *Minori*
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    If you have a problem, need assistance and we can't help? Submit a ticket with R2 here
    Please, view the bug report list here - CS1
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    Please, view the bug report list here - CS2
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    CS1 - FAQ here

    Please, note my inbox is broken. Post your issue or question on the forums.