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  • Crystal Saga Feedback

    Greetings Heroes of Vidalia!

    Description: The new year is coming! It’s time for your voices to be heard! Is there a feature that you want to be added in-game? Are you looking for new events? What system or dungeon would you like to be updated?

    Event Suggestions Guidelines:Update Guidelines:
    • System: Dragon Coin Spin
      • Remove
        • Combat Healing Flask/Combat Mana Flask we can obtain these from bronze badge exchange
        • White Tiger (7 Day) this is only good for new servers.
      • Add
        • Black Coin: Ancient Feather
        • Gold Coin: Crusade Token
    • Dungeon: [Name and Level]
      • Remove [Quality] Drum of Awakening Air
      • Add [Quality] Lunar Sword
    Example of what NOT to do:
    • I want pho removed from Dragon Spin.
    • MK is expensive. Reduce it.
    • Need more cb, wc, dh.
    • Current Max 20. I'll take 60.
    Example of what to do:
    • Pet Health Orb should be removed from Red Dragon Coin Spin because there's an over abundance of the item and it’s in Green Coins and Coupons.
    • Mini Kingdom - We need more ways to obtain World Will. It’s only available in Fate Shop and points.
    • More options for Cosmic Bijou, Wish Coins, Divine Heart.
    1. All information needs to be helpful and constructive. Please, do not comment if you can't comply with those terms.
    2. When submitting your requests please, give as many details as possible. Screenshots or videos are welcome when posting.
    3. Do not flood the thread with multiple screenshots written with your suggestions. If it can be explained with type please, write it out or convert them into links with a description.
    4. This is not a bug reporting post. Please, use the appropriate section of the forums to report a bug! Look for a thread that has the mentioned bug already, or use my bug reporting list.
    5. All feedback for this post needs to be posted in this thread. No exceptions.

    Thank you, R2Games & Moderators

    Disclaimer: R2Games reserves the final right to update or implement suggestions at their discretion.
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  • #2
    Thank you for providing this opportunity.

    So lets Start with Purified Crystals.
    As of right now(before 12/23/2021) Update, only ways to farm and quantity you get of Purified Crystals is as follows;
    -Void 1-20, i have gathered 2812 Purified Crystals from Void on my account over 3 month period which bring average to 31-32 Purified Crystals per day.(this takes 10-15 minutes per day)
    -Dungeons, Only reliable dungeon for Purified crystals is level 85 dungeon, which gives 35 Purified crystals per day, or 70 if you use Dungeon Keys.(this also takes 1 minute per run so 10-12minutes a day)
    -Other dungeons(level 25-295(minus level 85)) add up to be around 560 bosses, Energy Particle and Purified crystal Share same spot in loot table so its 50-50 chance(as far as I know) and that's 280 Purified crystals per day on average.(Doing all these dungeons, takes a good 2-3 hours of time)
    -Corruption gives 5 Purified Crystals(can take anywhere between 20-30minutes a day)
    -Chamber of fate can give you 10 Purified Crystals, (one room out of 35). 20 gold attempts in Chamber of fate. which makes it unreliable.
    -Some other ways are there too but those are rare or give too little for their price to get reliable amount of Purified Crystals out of.(eg, Soul shard pack 40% off)

    This adds up to around 400 Purified crystals a day. Which is not enough for 3-4 hours of playtime everyday. Let me tell you why this is not enough.
    -Sperion Gems, Cost 88*250 Purified Crystals for all level 10.
    -Making a decent mount Requires you to farm everyday.
    1 Doombringer level 35 Costs 37555 purified Crystals (94 days of regular dedicated farming for 3-4 hours)
    1 Ancient whale level 35 Costs 43645 Purified Crystals(110 days)
    1 Rirod level 35 Costs 64960 Purified Crystals (163 days)
    with the prices of Purified Crystals in the market, it takes same amount of time to farm the necessary Gold or Platinum to buy them, so we aren't better off buying them either because of the demand.

    -Add Purified Crystals In level 20+ Void Loot Table,
    -Make Dungeon Bosses drop 2,3 or 5(random) Purified Crystals
    -Add More levels in Void(with more purified crystals)
    -Add 1 purified Crystal to every Corruption level pack
    -Add Purified Crystals in Green/red/Black dragon coin(1,3,5,7,10 amount, keeps the loot balanced and that's what the cost is for Purified crystals)
    Stuff that needs Removal/Update from Void:
    -Combat healing Flask/Combat Mana Flask(Not as much needed and the required amount is fulfilled from Honor badge exchange)
    -Minor Enchant Crystal/Moderate Enchant Crystal(These 2 items are not used, In old or in new server)
    -Pet Mana/Health Orb(Pet mana/Health potion solve the need, plus we have coupons to spent them on)
    -Sperion Socket rod Shard(bound). We get enough of these from Black Dragon coin spins.

    -Add Purified Crystals in level 21-35 loot
    -Addition of (Tradeable)Ancient Mount Upgrade Token and Nova core in void loot (Don't worry people will still spend their bucks on them, This much wont even be a drop in the ocean of Ancient mount upgrade tokens that people need, i can provide the Required amount of Ancient Mount Upgrade tokens if its needed, but for a good mount the number is high up in 100 of thousands.)
    -Add Zodiac Awaken stones(Make them bound, we are happy with these being bound)

    Stuff that needs Removal/update from dragon coins:
    -Combat Healing Flask
    -Combat Mana Flask
    -Minor Enchant Crystal
    -Moderate Enchant Crystal
    -Pet Health Orb
    -Pet Mana Orb
    -Zodiac Enchantment Stone(Epic)
    -2x Drop Token (While we at it, can we remove this from game? To best of my knowledge this is useless)
    -Blacksmith's Hammer (green one, Blue ones are needed)
    -Heroic Wings(Bound)
    -Minor Pet Heavenly Crystal
    Reason: All of these either have alternate method to get enough of, Eg. Honor exchange for Combat flasks and coupons for pet orbs, Void for Zodiac enchantment stone(epic),etc. or they are not used that is heroic wings(bound) Blacksmith's Hammer

    -Addition of Purified Crystals 1,3,5,10 in in Green/Red/Black/Black dragon coins respectively
    -Update greater mount upgrade tokens to Ancient mount upgrade tokens in Black and Red

    This will be all from me for now, I will make a separate post about suggested events. Thank you
    -Happy Holidays-


    • #3
      Hello Minori,
      Lets start with Exchanges.
      Currently you can only do 2 exchanges (3 if vip) some of us would love to see this increased to 5.
      Bound puc to apuc is another thing. Even if its at a 35-50:1 ratio its still better than getting bound puc easily built up to the point where it takes 4 rows of space and we just wait for it to be implemented.
      Same thing with the Bound Guc.
      Increase in sperion combo levels and gems would be great. Ive had bbk (Blood Breaking Kill) 10 for going on 5 years. For it to be increased to say 20? would be amazing.
      Soul Shards. We need more ways of obtaining these. There arent enough methods of gaining these.
      Fruits: Yeah lets just completely delete this system. Its not worth spending gold on dust.....
      Soul Cultivation: More ways of obtaining Original Soul would be nice.
      Elementals: Higher level elements would be nice.
      Eidolon: Talent level max increase is much needed. Currently the max is lvl 50 at 70.00% conversion rate
      Imbue: Max imbue 10 Max awaken lvl 500 please.
      Zodiac: Increase chance of getting 5 stars. Increase Max zodiac level
      Codex: More rank skills. R11 R12 have skills please.
      Wrath and blood: More levels please. Max is 15 ill take lvl 50 for max.
      Dimensional Pocket: For each level let us stick bound and not bound in the pockets and increase the limit to 100k not 10k For example Divine Blood has a bound and not bound coding. Soul shards only has bound. (raise to 200k not 100k)
      Remove ESD and therion from dim pocket Replace with MFO(Mount Fusion Orb) MCS(Mount conversion stone) Chi.... Useful items not things that are rare as ever to get.
      Corruption: Max is level 16, ill take level 30 as max.
      Void: Max is 35 ill take 60 as max.
      Guild Skills: Max level 20. Guild Level increased as well with new rewards. More ways of contributing to guild for Guild reserves would be great.
      New area away from champions bluff for guild vault and stuff.
      New Blessings. (Blessings of Light Peace Twilight etc...)
      New Skills(Max level is 300. Yet we still have max skills of 155.
      Better RBQ quests. Replace Ladder 35,40.45 with Ladder 110,120,130.
      RBQ packs. Change Rewards. GMUT x2 needs to be increased to GMUT x10 Ethereal Wings x3 needs to be increased to Ethereal Wings x10 Add Divine Feather x5 Shining Gem Coupon x1 Needs to be increased to x3 Lesser Mount Food pack x1 needs to be increased to x6 and Normal Mount Food Pack x2 needs to be added, Torch x2 needs to be ijncreased to Torch x10 Puc x2 needs to be increased to Puc x10 and add Soul Shard x5 as a automatic reward for completing RBQ without affecting the chance of recieving other rewards from the pack. For example. Turn in to Goddess of fate Recieve x5 Soul Shard and RBQ pack.
      Ladder: Ladder lvl 150 entry would be great.
      Generic: Stack Limit removed from 250 and max be 999
      Temp Storage. Increased to 200 spaces. 2 pages.
      Coin Spins. X32 and x64 spins added.
      Event Master Read Below.
      Remove Unbind Socketing Rod
      Rewards added for mounts. Fantastical Beast, Doombringer, Ancient Flamedramon, Ancient Kirin, Ancient Whale... etc therion mounts included as well
      Rewards added for Pets: Guardian Angel/Emperor Demon, Ancient Angel/Ancient Demon etc.....

      Quartermaster: Read Below
      QMT Exchange. Starcoins card X1 Changed to x10 1/1 or x10 option added.
      Soul Shard x1 WE need a x10 and x100 option added.

      Daily Hunt Currently the max level for this is 100. as it is obvious that you dont get a quest for mobs above this. New quests and such would be great.
      Day in Vidalia new quests would be great.
      EBS currently is 3/3 runs. 5/5 with a dungeon key option would be great or just 5/5 would also be great.


      • #4
        Event Suggestions:
        • Bunny Race:
          • Fixing and re-implementing this event. The prizes were worth while, if it cannot be fixed, then I suggest creating a similar event to replace it.
        • Survival of the Fittest:
          • The prize table of this event is Woefully poor for the amount of effort required for the event. Prizes need to be updated and given a decent value as the number of prizes given out daily is tiny. Suggestion: Exclusive 15% Costume set, or Titles for turning in a set number of each tier prize... like 10 participation medals for title of "couch potato", 50 Gold medals for the title "Dad Bod's are sexy", and 100 Guru medals for "The Fittest"
        • Spender rankings:
          • Why is this allowed to happen on Point of Interest weeks? the conflict is obvious, at least on PVPWest servers, it has been demonstrably ignored when in POI weeks. The prizes from this are desired, but not at the loss of value of our spending power.

        System: Guild Skills
          • Add
            • Increase number of obtainable guild skills to 10, the over all gain to character stats is pretty small, but it will encourage participation in guild events. or alternatively:
            • Increase Max Level of guild skills by 5 or 10, and Add another stat or skill to be gained with the higher levels.
          • Remove
            • The obscene cost of upgrade to the max level of "Enhanced regeneration" guild skill, it is 5x higher than the rest.

        System: Dimensional Pocket
          • Adjust
            • The Gold cost to synthesize 16 Level 17 gems is 39,000 Platinum (3.9 million gold) using lvl 5 gems from fate shop, or 210,000 platinum (21 million gold) using lvl 1 gems farmed from elites. The cost is extremely prohibitive for a system that was claimed to "be the solution to lack of storage space". The Lack of a large player base (that is always shrinking) also means there is a relatively small pool of gold circulating and usable towards this system.
          • Replace
            • The Therion and Enchanted Skill Dust from Dimensional Pocket, these items are Rare and only getting more rare, Very few people who play the game will be able to populate these categories with 10,000 of each. Suggestion Ancient Mount Upgrade Tokens, and Ancient Feathers.

        System: Character Skills
          • Update
            • Increase the max Level of the skills by 2 to 5, All classes at level 300 have excess Skill Points to use.
          • Update
            • Obsolete skills, there are a few threads in forum about them, this could be done using the suggestion above.

        System: Funds
          • Add
            • Reset of the whole system Annually, January 1st yearly, a "Reset" button should be available (or consumable item). Automatic reset is not an option as some players will be in the middle of a funds cycle. This would cut down on the number of throw-away toons that are being created. It would also encourage players to cash on their stronger alts in addition to their main, win for r2.
          • Remove
            • Any credits disappear if one of the monthly card rebates is clicked that does not require credits to reset yet. Example: 10,000 xtal rebate has been done twice and now requires credits to reset... you accumulate 22050 credits... you then click on the 1000 xtal monthly card that has not been done yet and does not require credits for reset, and the 22050 credits get consumed anyways.

        System: Monster Handbook
          • Add
            • When a new page is added to the system, the Orange tier monsters require a certain amount of xtals on hand to unlock, (350,000 currently). It is frustrating to be forced to accumulate that many xtals again after you have already unlocked previous pages with the same requirement. I suggest allowing previously attained milestones to be carried over to new pages.

        System: Level 121 to 150 level cap unlocks
          • Add
            • I actually like the fact there is a one time challenge to get from lvl 121 to 150. But it would be VERY nice if we had an order synth-up like CS2 has, even if the synth requirements are high. I think it is a stage in the game that a lot of people give up on playing, as it can take weeks to farm all the orders needed. a small mercy here would be beneficial.

        Supper time, will return to work on this more.
        Last edited by Dode.; 12-24-2021, 08:59 PM.


        • #5
          Is a non casher worth a suggestion ? Can you guys make monster hanbook atleast page 3 to not require crystals to open because we are missing a lot of stats cuz of it


          • #6
            hello it's me. I would honestly like to have the freedom choice of what color chi you want to display. I think it would be a nice thing instead of being force to just hide and shut it off because you got this massive chi just covering everything. Like put display tab on chi and you can just click which one you want to see. I'd also like the same thing implanted into the deification mounts. I do think the dim pocket gems cost is just absurd also.
            Now in term of dungs lets talk 110- 165 can drop eternal wings that fine.
            175-215 can drop divine wings be nice
            235-255 prom feathers
            275-295 ancient feathers seeing how you need an insane amount of wings to upgrade you cant really get without cashing
            in term of gems in the higher level dungeons is kinda weird that physco, exo, and kd can drop normal but all the higher even last dungeon only drop flawed gems

            Costume / outfits its sad that your forced to wear certain outfit you consider ugly just because it gives stats. Add a panel for your main outfit stats and then a display outfit spot Ps dont make it cost thousands of crystals should be free tbh or cost gold

            Pvp is pretty bad in terms of balanced but be real it wont ever be fixed.

            a lot of skill need adjusted
            a lot of skill need fixed
            a lot of skill need to have the right description also like counter 2 saying it uses 75% parameter but its doesn't

            Also the game is becoming to cash heavy for people again people feel like they just no point to play because it being made so they cant compete if they don't spend 60m cp to max diviner and other cash heavy systems perhaps you could tone it down a bit?

            From my experience i enjoy pvp no matter how bad my class is and just out right slowly becoming impossible to pvp (i could go in detail but it really not hard to see how much some classes are favored)( and to all the people that say ranger r op a 218m patck ranger is out damage with a 150m patck knight attack not including counter and those that say the heal is to op its not the heal its doom seal 189m light heal on 5s is easily beat by 3 autos or a combo of skill which do 4x the amount healed and low cooldown to boot. its all blessed stones and doom seal heal that is op..
            need more pvp events with decent rewards
            upgrade landgrab rewards

            * possible make a server vs server event once a month or something winning server get like 5k crystal something anything
            ** for the god of all please fix the insane lag that comes with blood ace priest skill i dont think it's just me that lagged for like 5 second just freezing when it is used

            divine keys and supreme keys should both be in points

            I'd actually like a second ladder implanted to like super hard version of ladder to say that scales with your stats so even low stats can do it if they play there class well and give good rewards but only be able to have like a team of 2 or 3

            someone mention having a way to reset funds / monthly funds that would be a good way to not have a million toons being made and deleted less lag i think dode suggested it

            in crystal saga 2 chi does not fail in cs 1 it does untill 5 clicks why not make it never fail to =P

            make legend gems tradeable

            make a guild vault for storing stuff like enchanting gear muts g m uts heoric wings etc

            Also make a server transfer or some way of being able to move server if one wishes

            possible re do some of the systems that will take your years just to get it halfway done?

            ****** one huge thing for me and i don't think it will ever be implanted but enchantment transfer your literally spend what 40 dollars per piece to get a gear to 28 to just have to do it again when they release new gear ****** so you max your 235 set o wait here is 295 set hhaa go do it again now when be what 350 set? you can transfer polish it should be the same

            ** make a new thing in shop called a sell box It would open a box your put everything you want in there to sell all at once ** make sure there is a r u sure button** instead of doing thousands of clicks

            Also this is from a casher aspect big small or medium a sale event should only ever be in consume point events and a rebate should only ever be in points to not in just greedy and a slap in the face to all that play and wait months for it..

            Now to afk panels
            ** need to make it so u can choose not to pick up forumales
            ** need to make it so u can choose not to pick up artifacts if u wish
            ** i would like to remove the auto buy in the afk panels honestly if i wanted to buy 2x exp with crystal i would have done it but instead you wake up to missing 5k crystal you never meant to use

            * remove cast time on packs
            * maybe add new levels for ancient feather could put mount food pack in there maybe gold coin apuc and aguc a mut idc if its bounds its ifs not bound even better but lets be real =p
            * add mabye instances go in and there 10 people trying to afk 500 mobs in the little space

            * beast soul give the choice to have it show or not i enjoy trying out outfits etc and it bugs me sometimes that your beast soul just moves in front of you all the time blocking your cool looking toon

            * make a guild dungeon you can do once a month or something to help out guildies and people catch up grants all item would prolyl be bound but do a guild dung to give all players like 200 ss 200 qt ( qt so they can choose what they want in term qt items etc)

            Now zodiac
            ** you had a event to get the stones and fusion talisman Then you removed it and made it cost you over 1,000,000 for one stack of talismans and then your what like 1600 of them to max one piece. make a way to farm them or obtain them. That move there was just greedy and insane to be fair. Don't you dare say world bosses drop them because the drop chances have me reduce and removed on the talisman i believe
            maybe give a zodiac quest for the stone or talisman daily

            ** adventurer make a auto input for the adventure =P iam just lazy but it be nice to have a auto input with the best traits taking priority

            ** in term of pvp the landgrab
            it is honestly next to useless to have on most servers to be frank its just for pvp fun mabye give a rewards for landgrab other then doing 3 hours crops?

            Now i know this is a pay to win game but i have heard several people comment and say its pointless for them to even play or try to anymore with the massive amount needed to do the recent upgrades things it becoming impossible for them to even compete anymore. Maybe that would be something to think about possible but i don't think they care.

            idk i might think of more things.

            ** o when someone reports a bug or an issue with a skill perhaps get it fixed or looked within 2 years.. just so you know double shot still hits once been 2 years now..

            * fruit system would be nice if you could choose whice one you get even if u put a limit on it it gives crit defense nd move speed tbh it gives just about all stats
            help this helps i may add more later or may not

            add cast speed to mage gear set liek ring gloves ammy cuz atm there is noone but other classes have them that arent as heavly reallient on cast speed like mages
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            • #7
              Max character level is 300 and max skill level requirement is 155. Here are some suggestion for New skills for each class. Suggested Skills are

              These are just suggestions based on my observations for each class. I only main Beastmaster so pardon any misunderstanding of other classes.
              "//" marks comments, extra information regarding skill

              • Stigma (Level requirement 180, Cooldown 1 minute, Skill point 1, Radius 100) Description: Marks an opponent and reduces their damage output by 10%(+7% every level up to total 35%) and burns them with the damage they do. De-buff Duration 10 seconds, Cost (3,4,5,6,7)% mana //Opponent takes the same damage that they are doing on another target, and the damage output reduction should be applied at the very end of damage calculation, i.e negating Critical Strike Damage as well.
              • Holy Lance (Level requirement 240, Cooldown 30 seconds, Skill point 5, Radius 150) Description: Attacks an enemy and gives them a debuff that bleed's their 8% health every time they land a hit on a target. De-buff Duration 5 seconds, Cost 15% mana //The Bleed should not be negated by damage reductions
              • Titan's Resolve (Level requirement 180, Cooldown 30 seconds, Skill point 1, Radius 600) Description: Dash to a friendly target granting you and them 150%(+5% every level up to total 25%) of your defenses(physical and magical) +200 cdef(+20 every level up to 100) and forces all the surrounding enemies in a 350 radius to attack you. Buff Duration 20 seconds, Cost(5,6,7,8,9)% Mana //true taunt please, not that useless threat level increase, 600 radius is target for dash
              • Titan's Purge (Level requirement 240, Cooldown 30 seconds, Skill point 5, Radius 350) Description: Purges all the Negative buffs from you and deals damage around you in a 350 radius. Damage dealt 100% of your defense(+15% for every Negative buff removed). Cost 15% mana

              • Night's embrace(Level requirement 180, Passive, Skill point 1) Description: While Stealth effect is active +100% hit rate is added and increases your attack by 30%(+5% every level up to total 25%) effect lasts for 2 seconds after stealth effect ends. Cost none. Requires Learning Slayer's Cloak
              • Shadow's Wrath(Level requirement 240, Cooldown 3 minutes, Skill point 5) Description: When skill is activated grants +50% movement speed, attack speed, crit damage for 30 seconds. Upon killing a target while this buff is active, Reset's its duration and Grants Stealth effect. Cost 15% mana Requires Learning Slayer's Cloak
              • Soul chain(Level requirement 180, Cooldown 1 minute, Skill point 1, Radius 100) Description: Target an enemy making both you and them immune from any damage and healing effects from anyone but from each other locking you in a duel for 10 seconds(+3 for every level up to total 15 seconds) Duel ends if one of you dies. Cost none. Requires Learning Light stream
              • Cursed Blade(Level requirement 240, Passive, Skill point 5) Description: Your attacks reduce enemy defenses by 10% per hit(Stacking up to 100%) for 10 seconds, Your attacks reset this duration. Cost none. Requires Learning Light stream

              • Saint's Sorrow(Level requirement 180, Cooldown 20 seconds, Skill point 1, Radius 80, Cast time 10 seconds) Description: While Channeling grants nearby friendlies +25% hit rate, dodge(+5% every level up to 25%), +50% attack speed(+10% every level up to 50%) and +100% crit damage(+20% every level upto 100%) and heals you for 100% of your Heal stat every second. Duration 10 seconds(can cancel mid channel) Skill cost 5% mana per second. //similar to how sacred space works
              • Saint's Halo(Level requirement 240, Cooldown 1minute, Skill point 5, Radius 80) Description: Grants a buff to friendlies in area that revives them upon death. Requires Learning Ressurection //A buff that grants Ressurection 1-5 upon death with option to accept that buff or respawn in town
              • Void beam(Level requirement 180, cooldown 5 seconds, Skill point 1, Radius 350) Description: Deals ranged magical damage to a single enemy target if it hits, if attack fails to hit you are healed for a percent of your max health. Damage ratio: 15% of your max health(+1% every level up to 5%) Heal ratio +7.5%(+.5% every level up to 2.5%) Cost 2% health.
              • Cursed space(Level requirement 240, cooldown 40 seconds, Skill point 5, Cast time 10 seconds) Description: While Channeling summons a ritual circle around you that reduces enemy movement speed by 90% and deals 8% enemy max health damage per second and heals you for 100% of the damage dealt to enemies inside the circle. Duration 10 second (can cancel mid channel) Cost 30% max health.

              • Vector blink(Level Requirement 180, Cooldown 20 seconds, Skill point 1, Radius 650) Description: Summons a hidden trap in your current location and dashes you to a random location in a circular area of radius 650. Trap will immobilize the first enemy that walks into it for 2 seconds(+.5 for every level up to 2.5 seconds). Trap disappears after 10 seconds. Cost (7,8,9,10,11)% mana
              • Magic Bane(Level Requirement 240, cooldown 1minute, Skill point 5) Description: Makes you immune to all magic damage for 15 seconds. During this time every hit heals you for 4% of your max health. Cost 20% mana
              • Poisoned Quiver(Level Requirement 180, Passive, Skill point 1) Description: Every arrow has a 50% chance to poison your target that reduces movement speed by 25%(+5% every level up to 25%) and inflict 3% enemy max health as damage per second. Poison effect last 3 seconds. Cost none.
              • Daimon fiery(Level Requirement 240, Toggle skill, Skill point 5) Description: When activated attaches a fiery to you that attacks closest visible target to you in your range prioritizing your current target, dealing 100% your magic damage. Fiery heals you for 45% of damage done. Fiery shares your hit rate and attack speed. Cost 2% your Mana per fiery attack. Use skill again to deactivate.

              • Ash cloud(Level Requirement 180, Cooldown 30 seconds, skill point 1, Radius 350) Description: Summons an ash cloud in an Aoe area, cloaking you for 5seconds, you become visible upon entering battle. while cloaked you gain +40% hit rate(+4%every level upto +20%) ash cloud lasts for 5seconds(+1 secon every level up to 5seconds). Cost (12,13,14,15,16)% mana
              • Soul fire(Level Requirement 240, Cooldown 1 minute, Skill point 5, Radius 450) Description: Summon an AOE fire that burns anything that walks into it for 10% their max health every second they stay in the fire Reducing healing done by 50%. Fire lasts for 20 second. Cost 20% mana
              • Frost Bite(Level Requirement 180, Passive, Skill point 1) Description: Your Ice based attacks and skills have a chance 5%(+1% every level up to 5%) to cause frostbite to your enemies, Frostbite reduces their attack speed -50%(-10% every level up to 50%) , hit rate and dodge rate -20%(-5% every level up to -25%) Frost bite lasts for 5 seconds Cost none.
              • Ice age(Level Requirement 240, Cooldown 30 seconds, Skill point 5, Radius 450, Cast time 0.2 seconds) Description: Summons an Aoe zone for 10 freezing enemies that walk inside it for 5 seconds causing Frostbite and dealing 300% of your magic damage and Reducing all healing they receive by 25%. Cost 15% mana.

              • Summon Minotaur (Level Requirement 180, Cooldown 0, Skill point 1) Description: Summon Level 1 Minotaur(2,3,4,5) (Offensive and defensive)
                • Strength 744
                • Intellect 128
                • Agility 744
                • Endurance 788
                • Tenacity(Passive): Familiar Gains 120% of Master's Crit def
                • Obsidian Axe(Passive): Familiar Gains 120% of Master's Crit Damage
                • Bleeding Swipe(Cooldown 5 seconds): Minotaur swipes his axe around damaging enemies around him dealing +150%(+10% every level up to +50%) attack causing them to bleed. Effect: Every Second, there is a 5% HP loss, lasts 5 seconds
                • Tenacious Charge(Cooldown 10 seconds): Minotaur Charges at enemy taunting them and causing damage in an AOE area dealing +175% defenses(+5% every level up to +25%) damage.
                • Bloodthirst(Cooldown 30 seconds): Increases Master's and Minotaur's attack and attack speed by +200% for 10 second and granting both 10% damage done as health.
              • Feral bond(Level Requirement 240, Passive, Skill point 5) Description: When a familiar is actively fighting grants Master +50% hit rate and damage taken is shared among you and your familiar.
              • Summon Spirit Dragon(Level Requirement 180, Cooldown 0, Skill point 1) Description: Summon Level 1 Spirit Dragon(2,3,4,5)(Offensive and Support)
                • Strength 364
                • Intellect 520
                • Agility 364
                • Endurance 364
                • Spiritual Body(Passive): Familiar Gains 100% of Master's Crit def
                • Spiritual Claws(Passive):Familiar Gains 80% of master's Crit Damage
                • Dragon's aura(Cooldown 15 seconds): Spirit dragon Heals his Master and removes any negative effects and grants immunity to all damage for 3 seconds. Healing done: +200% defenses
                • Spirit Rot(Cooldown 30 seconds): Spirit Dragon does damage to all nearby enemies and silences them lowering their defenses by 50% for 10 seconds. Damage= +150% attack damage
                • Dragon's light(Passive) Spirit Dragon shines light around him making invisible targets visible and burns them for their max health every second. Effect: 3% health every second.
              • Spiritual Effigy(Level Requirement 240, Cooldown 30 seconds, Skill points 5) Summons an effigy of your summoned familiar that attacks as your familiar would but cant move from summoned location. Cost 15% mana

              I will post for BM and shifters later
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                1. Option to turn off/not show your own genie and pixie to reduce lag
                2. Option to turn off/not show genies of other players, again to reduce lag
                3. Bound PUC and Bound GUC to be exchanged to APUC and AGUC respectively
                4. Void to also give Purified Crystals on 20+ floors. Purified Crystals are needed in game
                5. Evil Beast Sanctuary Dungeon to have 5 runs instead of 3(there is only one boss with a low chance of getting a Nether Essence)
                6. More Dungeons to yield Nether Essence to adapt to a very high Nether Essence requirement for the new fragarach weapon
                7. Option to turn off loot for fruit recipes. The limited bag space coupled with items that can’t be removed from bag makes it tricky to run as much dungeons which makes recipes really undesirable to players that don’t do fruits.
                8. Higher level pet equipments for Evil Beast Sanctuary dungeon and above (Pets are able to level to 300 so they also need better equipment aside from the legend pet equipment)
                9. Adjust the stats for Supreme Divine Vault. The stats in Divine Key was adjusted but not in Supreme Key.
                10. Update Quiz questions and prizes to be more usable to current gameplay (probably give materials for pet hut, destiny wheel, wardrobe, amuts, guc, etc)
                11. Guessing Game is not being utilized. This event used to be filled with a lot of players. The exp given from Guessing Game torch is relevant to the exp needed now making the time spent in the event not worth it.
                12. Adjust Training Ground exp for toons 200+ (TG exp yield is too low when you reach level 200)
                13. Adjust Rebirth Ladder Quest to reach even to level 130. This is to be able to complete a ladder rebirth quest even if you run starting from level 100.
                14. Quartermaster Token Exchange: Option to exchange for Soul Shards in multiples of 10 and 100. There is a very high soul shard requirement and apart from ladder, soul root crystal exchange, corruption packs, etc, quartermaster token exchange is the next best way to obtain soul shards but it is very tedious to exchange 500x qmt token one by one
                15. A higher ladder checkpoint (at least to lvl 130) to lessen time spent in ladder (average is about 40 minutes for non-OP players)
                16. Higher level eidolon skill for all classes
                17. Sengolia Crystal and Towers to be stronger so Sengolia can be played as fun as it was before
                18. More ways to upgrade CritDef. Can it be possible that other classes can also upgrade their crit def and crit damage in such a way that they arent so disadvantaged
                19. More ways to earn in-game gold: higher gold prize from delivery/escort/plunder, maybe an npc shop near a dungeon so we can sell gear loots. Pixie/Genie clicks, gear enchantment, dimensional pocket, runes, exchanges — all require gold and the server doesn’t have enough gold circulating.
                20. A confirm notification for items that will use crystal: example - auto-buy exp token in AFK tab is sometimes misclicked same with auto-buy heroic wings
                21. Permanent Divinity Statue — Option to choose another permanent divinity statue should they change their mind eventually or chose a wrong one. This suggestion is just like how it is for blessing (blessing of peace, light, twilight) where people who changed their mind on their chosen blessing is given the option to change.
                22. I second Funds refresh. To encourage more people to recharge on their main toon, an annual fund refresh will be beneficial for those who cant afford a monthly spend of hundred dollars. Players definitely need a lot of exquisite enchantment crystals and other items from poi but not a lot can afford a hundred dollars monthly to play the game decently. A yearly refresh on the normal and premium funds can surely give players more value from their money.
                23. Can we have a keyboard shortcut key for the Events Tab just like Y is for Fate Shop, , is for World Map and M is for Map? I really find it easier to navigate to dungeons and npcs using it but keep needing to click the events tab icon for it unlike the other already available shortcut keys.
                24. Following the thought of shortcut keys, can the shifter skill bar be customizable? Also, it will be nicer to have additional customizable hotbar slots on the additional shifter skills rather than have the passive skills there
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                  1. Change Supreme EXP Capsule to be able to use more then once per week. Change requested do to the fact that the item as it currently is isn't very useful, it's closer to useless then to useful on the Usefulness Scale.

                  Is there a reason to have items (excluding quest items) that are unable to be traded?


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                    Can you guys add speech bubbles? It'll work for pvp of a battle of wits through speech and other actions.


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                      - Increase the looting radius, currently it is 400(?), meanwhile Ranger's default attack has 450 range, and that's not to mention their naturally fast movement speed adding onto that, making it extremely difficult to do even Angelarium and Elementals without dedicating full attention to them (applies to other ranged classes as well). Also applies to afk grinding mobs, on which every class would have issues once reaching a certain movement speed.

                      And in addition to the above, the looting speed should also be increased, currently it is quite painfully slow at its around 1sec per pick, just looting the bosses in afk mode takes around 10sec per boss which is too slow especially considering that the drops from mobs vanish after a certain time phase.

                      - Add an equip lock - like Warding function in Elementals - so the preferred equipment cannot be thrown, sold, nor being used as Gear Evolve material.

                      - Add an Inventory II and/or separate inventory for equipments.

                      - Scale down Pixies & Genies into smaller size, This could reduce lag drastically.

                      - Make it so that when you leave Heroic Dungeon (lvl 235), it sends you back to Ominous Palace instead of the dungeon replica it sent you to upon entering.

                      - Not the boss of me quest's difficulty should be based on which difficulty you last cleared the dungeon on, and added for dungeons 125 up as well.

                      - For Adventurous system could we get an option to re-send the lineup last used in the corresponding area?

                      - Change it so that tooltips are shown only on the first encounter - atleast for ladder barrier stone levels 111, 113, 116, 122, 126 - having the instruction repeated every time is unneeded.
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                        To split team in differents campX vs campY why not based them on two dice roll each player get as they entered the event and if results of the two dice greater or equal to 6 goto campX if less than 6 then goto campY??? cause that way people won't make stupid laws and use game pattern to set u on the team they want u to be... so could be more fair doing team division like that then blue-red-blue-red,etc
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                          Originally posted by MortuusMedicus View Post
                          1. Change Supreme EXP Capsule to be able to use more then once per week. Change requested do to the fact that the item as it currently is isn't very useful, it's closer to useless then to useful on the Usefulness Scale.

                          Is there a reason to have items (excluding quest items) that are unable to be traded?
                          that whole system is useless seeing as they never changed/upgraded it when they added the new lvl caps 240+
                          (S47) SyKnTwstd