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Crystal Saga End of 2023 Feedback

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  • Crystal Saga End of 2023 Feedback

    The R2Team for Crystal Saga would like your help! Please, answer the following questions clearly and concisely. You may use pictures as documentation. Ensure you're using the proper names for the system, or items you'd like adjusted from the current reward system.
    1. What systems would you like updated/extended?
    2. What rewards should be adjusted? (Rewards that are out of date and do not align with the current games standards)
    3. What kind of gameplay are you interested in? (Please, keep suggestions realistic. Cross all servers PvP is not realistic.)
    4. Suggestion(new system/new game play/bug fixing)
    5. If levels are increased, what would you like from these new levels? (Dungeons, World Bosses, etc.)
    Update Guidelines:
    • System: Dragon Coin Spin
      • Remove
        • White Tiger (7 Day) this is only good for new servers.
        • Combat Healing Flask/Combat Mana Flask we can obtain these from bronze badge exchange
        • Add
          • Black Coin: Ancient Feather
          • Gold Coin: Crusade Token
    • Dungeon: [Name and Level]
      • Remove [Quality] Drum of Awakening Air
      • Add [Quality] Lunar Sword
    • Event:
      • Avernal Realm:
        • Add additional Level Ranges
        • Current: 1-60 and 61-360
          Suggested: 1-80, 81-180, 181 - 300, 301 - 360+
        • Current Pack:
          • Gold Honor Badge x1
          • Pixie Upgrade Crystal x2
          • Health Orb (Bound) x2
          • Mana Orb (Bound) x2
          • Purified Crystal x10
          • Soul Shard x5
          • Ethereal Wings x5
          • Mana Orb (Bound) x2
          • AFK Card (Bound) x5
        • Suggested Changes:
          • Gold Honor Badge x1
          • Pixie Upgrade Crystal x2
          • Health Orb (Bound) x2
          • Mana Orb (Bound) x2
          • Purified Crystal x12
          • Soul Shard x6
          • Promethean Feather x3
          • Ancient Mount Upgrade Token (Bound) x2
          • AFK Card (Bound) x5
    • Bug Reporting Guidelines: If there's a bug that needs to be reported and it can be abused, please, report it privately.
    Example of what NOT to do:
    • I want pho removed from Dragon Spin.
    • MK is expensive. Reduce it.
    • Need more cb, wc, dh.
    • Current Max 20. I'll take 60.
    • I don't like this, change it.
    Example of what to do:
    • Pet Health Orb should be removed from Red Dragon Coin Spin because there's an over abundance of the item and it’s in Green Coins and Coupons.
    • Mini Kingdom - Additional method to obtain World Will. It’s only available in Fate Shop and points.
    • More options for Cosmic Bijou, Wish Coins, Divine Heart.
    1. All information needs to be helpful and constructive. Please, do not comment if you can't comply with those terms.
    2. When submitting your requests please, give as many details as possible. Screenshots or videos are accepted when posting.
    3. Do not flood the thread with multiple screenshots written with your suggestions. If it can be explained with words please, write it out or convert them into links with a description.
    4. All feedback for this post needs to be posted in this thread. No exceptions.

    Thank you, R2Games & Moderators

    Disclaimer: R2Games reserves the final right to update or implement suggestions at their discretion.
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    Please, view the bug report list here - CS2
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    CS1 - FAQ here

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  • #2

    • System: Dragon Coin Spin
      • Remove - Temporary mounts this is only good for new servers.
        • Black Dragon Coin: Phoenix (2 Day), Seiryu (1 Day) and Seiryu (7 Day)
        • Red Dragon Coin: White Tiger (1 Day) and White Tiger (7 Day)
        • Green Dragon Coin: Genbu (7 Day) and Genbu (1 Day)
      • Remove
        • Blacksmith's Hammer. Lowers durability of equipment permanently, making some of the equipment not usable with 0/0 durability.
      • Add
        • Black Dragon Coin: Gold Coin
        • Peerless Soul Stone
        • Zodiac Awakening Stone
        • Legendary Zodiac Shards
        • Antique Crystal Ball
        • Antique Bloodgem
        • Divine Lucky Stone
        • Refinery Lock
        • Vault Expander II
        • Equipment Vault Expander
        • Brimming Pot of Gold

    • Dungeon: Exelorn Hallows (Lv85+) Nightmare
      • Remove : Quest items for "Second Rebirth". Should only get them when we got the quest.
        1. Stomach of Gluttony (from [Sin] Glutony)
        2. Hide of Lust (from[Sin] Lust)
        3. Desire of Greed (from [Sin] Greed)
        4. Horn of Wrath (from [Sin] Wrath)
        5. Heart of Sloth (from [Sin] Sloth)
        6. Eye of Envy (from [Sin] Envy)
        7. Feather of Pride ( from [Sin] Pride)
    • Dungeons: Psychodelica (Lv75+) Hard & Nightmare, Exelorn Hallows Hard & Nightmare (Lv85+), Purgatory Hard & Nightmare (Lv110+)
      • Remove : Treasure Key. Its an old event that has been discontinued for years.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	Treasure Key.png Views:	1 Size:	306.6 KB ID:	2027373
    • Dungeon: Darkmoon
      • Add Darkmoon Key runs like in Otherworld.
    • Dungeon: Starglade Relics
      • Add more room/floors that contain items like Peerless Soul Stone and Refinery Lock.

    • Magic Tower
      • Remove Magic Key Limit or Add Magic Key Attempts. it takes Atleast 5 years to complete with just the current attempts as the colored orbs can only be farmed and not bought.
    • Ladder Rewards: Remove or Replace Rueful Essence in Ladder rewards as we get too many of it, but less use of the item.
    • System Mount: Reduce the number of Purified Crystals Needed to level the mounts, 600,000+ Purified Crystal for max mount stat is too much.

    • Fate Shop
      • Add
        1. Mount Food. Lots of new mounts came out but the only way to get these is thru green and red dragon coin spin which is rare 1/50. Would be nice to have Greater Mount Food, Normal Mount Food and Lesser Mount Food in Fate Shop as we need more than 4 stacks of each stat,
        2. Magic Tower Orbs: White Magic Orb, Green Magic Orb, Blue Magic Orb, Yellow Magic Orb, Purple Magic Orb, Orange Magic Orb
        3. Avatars
        4. Rune of God
        5. Nether Essence
        6. Purified Crystal
        7. Permanent Soul Pack. Contains Soul Shard x100 Purified Crystal x100.
        8. Coupon Tab items like Mount Food, 3x EXP Token and Crystal Essence vial (Empty).
        9. Pot of Gold
        10. More items that give more gold more than wedding candy. maybe Pouch that randomly gives 1-10 platinum.
        11. Divine Lucky Stone
        12. Avatar Tab with all the Avatars
      • Remove
        • Point Shop boxes opening loading delay/ animation. it takes 5 second to open 1 box.
        • Blacksmith's Hammer. it lowers durability of equipment permanently
      • Crystal Essence Vial (Empty) - Make them gift able lie all the rest of the FateShop items.

    • Quartermaster:
      • Add Quartermaster Token Exchange to:
        • Ancient Crystal Ball
        • Antique Crystal Ball
        • Golden Ages
        • Gold Coin
        • Zodiac Awakening Stone
        • Divine Lucky Stone
        • Refinery Lock
        • Crystal Essence Vial (Full)
    • Inventory
      • Add pages or slots as new items always comes out with new systems
      • Add more ways to have more inventory space as there's more and more items for new system almost monthly if not every week
      • the inventory isn't as broken as it is. The page 7 is actually functional and can be used, the only thing it is missing is the Page 7 tab.
        Saw this in other Crystal Saga versions. They remove P and just went with numbers.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	CS Spanish.png Views:	1 Size:	28.2 KB ID:	2027374
    • AFK Mode
      • Add
        • Purple and Red Quality Loot option
        • Check Box option to collect Array Maps
        • Check Box option to collect Fruit Formulas
        • Check Box option to collect Cape Shards

          Example from Crystal Saga French: (AFK Mode Setting)
          Click image for larger version  Name:	AFK Mode Loots Setting Purple.png Views:	1 Size:	29.6 KB ID:	2027375
    • Guild
      • Add more ways to get Guild Stone. By adding it on Guild resource quest completion or Guild Boss Food Scramble quest completion or Guild Daily Quests completion.
      • Add more Levels and Skills
    • Item Synthesis
      • Remove synthesizing loading delay/ animation. it takes 5 second to synthesize an item.
    • Event master
      • Add Garnet Gem and Peridot Gem in Gem to Coupon Exchange
      • Update rewards for new mounts in Mount Extravaganza!
      • Update rewards for new wings in Flying High Rewards
      • Cant see all the option in event master (See pictures)
    • System Settings
      • Add Check box for Lock Crystal Spending. a system option to lock up spending crystal so accidental purchases can be avoided
      • Add Check box for Hide Genie
      • Add a confirmation with a check box if the Player want to use his/her crystal.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	Crystal Spending Confirmation.png Views:	1 Size:	23.9 KB ID:	2027376
    • Daily Bonus
      • Remove Earth Soul Orb (Bound)
    • Dimensional Pocket
      • Add More Items to be store in
      • Extend the number of items to put inside preferably atleast 100k.
      • Remove Earth Soul Orb or Replace with Earth Soul Orb Pack as it is more logical to have the pack than pieces of Earth Soul Orbs.
    • System: Shard Assemble.
      • Add more costumes and gift packs to synthesize.
      • Add soul shard gift pack.
    • Event: Treasure Trove - Additional time slot for people who cant play the event at dinner time. Preferably anytime from 6:00 to 8:59 as there isnt any event going on during these time of day. Actually nothing going on from reset til 9am but sleep.
    • Event: Sengolia
      • Make the Crystals Immune to any attack until all the towers are destroyed.
      • Make the Towers and the crystal have maximum damage cap like the towers in Land Grab and Immune to Death Odor because without the cap the all towers and crystal dies in less than 1 minute.
    • System: Imbue
      • Add a Imbue transfer to transfer imbue status from old equip to new one.
    • Add Vault II and Equipment Vault in Tree of Life to reduce the lag in Starglade.
    • Add Vault III
    • Remove or have an option to skip animation for Gem synthesize, Heraldry synthesize, Dragon spin, opening Corruption boxes, opening points boxes.

    • Event: Warrior's Call
      • Update prizes as most the things in there are not needed
        Rewards at the moment are as follows:
        Click image for larger version  Name:	Quiz Rewards.png Views:	1 Size:	80.6 KB ID:	2027372
      • Additional Rewards should be [Brimming Pot of Gold (Bound)] per correct answer and the following items:
        • Score 25= [Exquisite Enchantment Crystal (Bound)]x1 [Exquisite Pet Heavenly Crystal (Bound)]x1
        • Score 24= [Soul Shard]x5 [World Will (100) (Bound)]
        • Score 23= [Ancient Pixie Crystal (Bound)]x5 [Ancient Genie Crystal (Bound)]x5
        • Score 22= [Divine Lucky Stone (Bound)]x1 [Zodiac Awakening Stone (Bound)]x1
        • Score 21= [Greater Mount Food Pack (Bound)]x5 [Greater Heraldic Scroll (Bound)]x2
        • Score 20= [Greater Pearl of Wisdom (Bound)]x1 [Antique Bloodgem (Bound)]x1
        • Score 19= [Legendary Zodiac Charm Shard (Bound)]x1 [Legendary Zodiac Sword Shard (Bound)]x1
        • Score 18= [Legendary Zodiac Armor Shard (Bound)]x1 [Legendary Zodiac Shield Shard (Bound)]x1
        • Score 17= [Ancient Mount Upgrade Token (Bound)]x5 [Nova Core (Bound)]x2
        • Score 16= [Pearl of Wisdom (Bound)]x5 [Soul Star]x5
        • Score 15= [Wish Coin (1) (Bound)]x1 [Cosmic Bijou (Bound)]x1
      • Additional Quiz Questions

    • Bug Report
      • Bounty
        • Bounty Hall resets to Lv0 in every merge and clears bounty server title and achievement. No idea if its fixable but if not, please add more attempts on Royal Bounty Quest available for players to take.

    • Suggestion: New Event
      • Shadow Arena
        - a place where you can fight a shadow (AI) of ones own Character. Can fight multiple shadow of yourself.
        - Fight upto 10 of your own shadow to win a prize, Shadow Pack.
        Shadow Pack contains items like Soul Shard, Crystal essence, Greater Pearl of Wisdom.

    • Suggestion: New Events
      • Minigames that give Prizes like a puzzle game or fishing or Smash the vase.

    • Suggestion: (New Event) Hide & Seek
      • Its an advance version of Fairy Search Event.
      • Story goes as Fairies lost their way. Go speak with Quartermaster to take part in finding them.
      • The Fairies will randomly appear in various maps. Clues where Fairies are lost will be given by a system message when Fairy appears. Find them and lead her back to the Quartermaster to be rewarded! Top 10 players will be rewarded and will recieve large amount of EXP and rare items so don't miss out!
      • Map Where Fairies appears are as follows :
        • Windshear Peaks
        • Glimmering Plains
        • Starglade, Cragstone
        • Himeng Valley
        • Glimmering Plains
        • Kaspaya Beach
        • Kaymo Mountain
        • Twilight Cavern L1
        • Tundara
        • Aurora
        • Lycanmarsh
        • Aquatic Crypts L1
        • Falling Starts Bluff
        • Celestial Palace L1-5
        • Void Encampment
        • Ametyst Forest
        • Mount Nubina
        • Cheurma Gorge
        • Rinulka Penninsula
        • Tree of Life
        • Shrine of Ariel
        • Sukemo Bluff
        • Erie Marsh
        • Tinosia Delta
      • Level Requirement 70.
      • And just like the fairies in Starglade, Carrying a fairy back to Quartermaster will make the players movement speed to 50. But changing L and Maps will not make the fairies disappear.
      • Potential Rewards beside EXP are:
        • Nether Essence x5
        • Soul Shard x5
        • Genie Upgrade Crystal (Bound) x5
        • Ancient Pixie Upgrade Crystal (Bound) x5
        • Ancient Genie Upgrade Crystal (Bound) x5
        • Nova Core (Bound) x5
        • Greater Heraldic Scroll (Bound) x5
        • Greater Pearl of Wisdom (Bound) x1
        • Zodiac Awakening Stone x1
        • Rose (Bound) x1

    • Suggestion: (New Event) PvP Maze
      • Sample Map
        Click image for larger version  Name:	PvP Maze.jpg Views:	1 Size:	36.8 KB ID:	2027377
      • Map should be consist of more than one (If Possible)
      • Using [m] Map isnt allowed. or its all black.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	Maze.png Views:	1 Size:	165.6 KB ID:	2027378
      • PvP is allowed and just like all other PvP Kills gives honor points.
      • How to win: The goal is to reach the exit before the even ends.
      • All players get teleported out once the even ended.
      • Map links should be disabled for the map.
      • Max movement speed cap is 500.
      • Movement speed is 10% of the player's movement speed.
      • There should be obstacles like the ones in Survival of the fittest & Heroic Trials that can make a player slow or thrown back.
      • Only PvP consumable items are allowed to be used.
      • Entrance should be open for 5 mins.
      • Event Duration is 1 Hour.
      • Level Requirement is 40.
      • Top 10 winners will be awarded both Honor and items.
      • Sample Rewards is as follows: (They are all not tradable)
        • [World Will] x1
        • [1M Living Beings] x1
        • [Soul Shard] x5
        • [Greater Pearl of Wisdom] x1
        • [Golden Ages] x1
        • [Refine Lock] x1
        • [Peerless Soul Stone] x3
        • [Wish Coin (10)] x1
        • [Banner Awakening Stone (Bound)] x3
        • [Greater Heraldic Scroll (Bound)] x3
      • Consolation Packs should be awarded to players not on Top 10, once the Top10 has been confirmed.
      • Sample Consolation Pack contains Bronze Badge and Golden Apple.

    • Adjust the event master options like Quartermaster as it doesn't fit laptop screens with 1366 x 768.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	image_165383.png Views:	2 Size:	761.6 KB ID:	2027357
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    Crystal Saga

    Ign: (S22)Caia
    Server:(S22)Tyria Village
    Spouse: (S23)Socrates
    Guild:(Lv.10) DivineAngels - GM (AngelOfDeath)

    Looking for>
    -Genie Crystals in Consumers Points
    -More Inventory (Bag) Space & Pages
    -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


    • #3
      • System: Wardrobe
        • Suggested Change/Feature
      • Add the option for which outfits we can equip for purely visual/cosmetic effect so we can wear different clothing's without sacrificing stats as costumes from Shard Assemble have much higher stats compared to other costumes and because of that there is no point in wearing/buying any other costume, otherwise adjust all costumes to have same stats as Shard Assemble costume outfits. Everyone wears the same Shard Assemble costumes and there is no uniqueness whatsoever.
      • System: Class Skills
        • Suggested Addition
      • Due to level cap being 360(Which will only increase with time) and including the extra skill points from rebirthing we have much more skill points than we can personally use (Personally have 52 skill points unused at level 360) so new global class skills could be added. These global class skills will be for every class and give a boost of stats for us to use the spare skill points.
      • Global Skills -
        • Increase MATK and PATK by %
        • Increase HP and Heal by %
        • Increase PDEF and MDEF by %
        • Increase Dodge and Hit Rate by %
        • Increase Crit Dmg by % and Crit Def
        • Increase Strength, Agility, Intellect and Endurance by %
        • Increase Attack Speed and Cast Speed by %
      • ALL skills should be obtainable with no limitation or block. Skill levels can be between 5-10, probably 10 to future proof for further level caps.
      • Further Suggestions
        • New skills for all classes like we used to get or improved variants of older class skills.

      • System: Settings-Game Effects
        • Suggestions
      • Option to hide Genie needs to be added here or to the general "Hide Players" option as Genie's can not be hidden and cause more lag, delay and get in the way of PvP and NPCs causing even more inconvenience.
      • Option to hide our own Genie and Pixie as both cause lag for ourselves and endgame they get quite big and block PvP/NPCs further.
      • Option to hide our own Beast Soul as well for same reasons as above.

      • System: Mounts/Wings/Beast Soul/Pixie/Genie/Chi/Soul/Frageron Weapon
        • Suggestions
      • Much like my Wardrobe suggestion above, the systems Mounts, Wings, Beast Soul, Pixie, Genie, Chi Aura, Soul Aura and Frageron Weaponshould also have the ability to have a Visual option so we can pick which visuals we have and this way each player can be unique with their choices and better theme their customization better otherwise everyone just looks the same and it's quite bland and boring, especially if people don't like their current systems look.
      • Or add a new system purely for visuals and cosmetics of all the above systems/features, sell cards in the Fate Shop similar to Avatar Cards and whichever card you apply will be whatever visual effect you have, for example if I purchase a "Doombringer Mount Card" for the mount visual section then my mount will look like the mount "Doombringer" regardless of what I'm already equipped with thus no effecting stats. These cards can be collected inside this new system and you can freely change whenever you want assuming you already have the card in your collection already so there is no need to repurchase again if you want to go back to an older vision you use to use.

      • System: AFK Mode
        • Suggestions
      • With the increasing amount of systems and drops added to dungeons for said systems, it is becoming increasing impossible to manage to do dungeons and thus requiring constant trashing of items and in the end, more time is wasted spent on trashing items after every dungeon than doing the dungeons themselves. With all the fruit formula drops and array drops, there is simply no space to do multiple dungeons in a row without trashing them over and over.
      • Add options for Purple, Orange and Red coloured loots.
      • Add checkbox options picking up items for systems; Fruit Formula, Array and Cape Shards. So we can pick which items we want to pick up so we can untick boxes for Fruit Formulas and Arrays for example so they are no longer picked no matter what regardless of loot quality level.

      • System: Inventory
        • Suggestions
      • As mentioned above, the amount of items we have to pick up makes it difficult to have space and while mods say it is not possible to add more Inventory Pages, how about expanding the current UI? Make the Inventory UI bigger, similar to Vault size so it can fit more than just 6 rows per page.
      • If above is not possible, add an Inventory 2 like what was done with Vaults and if possible interlink them for example; If I have a free space in Inventory 1 but I have a Dragon Crystal in Inventory 2 already, then the next Dragon Crystal I pick up goes into Inventory 2 into the current stack instead of starting a new one in Inventory 1. Or something, we really need more space for all the items.

      • System: Fate Shop - Points of Interest
        • Suggestions
      • Remove all packs and replace them with the items themselves as opening many boxes can take hours, especially with animations and also for some items it causes conflicts and makes them unbuyable via Wanted Shop as the packs have the same name as the item themselves but the pack in POI isn't tradable thus not able to put into Wanted Shop.
      • Adjust prices for older systems so new players can catch up easier.

      • System: Fate Shop - Consumer Points
        • Suggestions
      • Add items which are in Points of Interest but aren't in Consumer Points like Genie Crystals, Ancient Pixie/Genie II for example.
      • Adjust prices for older systems so new players can catch up easier.

      • System: Guild
        • Suggestions
      • Add new guild skills/increase level of current skills.
      • Reduce Guild Stones, Guild Reserves and Guild Progress requirements for guild levelling and guild skills. The game culture isn't the same as it use to be and with all the new systems, events and dungeons no one has the time nor is it worth the rewards to do such things anymore so lower requirements would be beneficial to the current community especially since player numbers aren't as high as they use to be.

      • System: Goddess
        • Suggestions
      • Never received any updates since its release, can add more levels to blessing, new blessings or extend current blessings to match the stats of end game bosses.

      • System: Imbue
        • Suggestions
      • Imbue transfer as it is too expensive to redo for new equipment's.

      • System: Fruits
        • Suggestions
      • Increase the stats given by the Fruits as it is too low to be worth doing right now, 1-5 attributes when people are in the millions of stats are

      • System: Polish
        • Suggestions
      • Reduce gold cost.

      • System: Enlightenment
        • Suggestions
      • When upgrading skill levels and trying to reroll the skill, it keeps skills which are lower level than your current skill pool which adds too much RNG to the reroll which punishes you for levelling up skills and it makes you more unlikely to get the skill for every level you upgrade which makes no sense. It's punishing you for spending and doing the system instead of rewarding you. When upgrading a skill to level 5 you should only have the chance to roll that skill at level 5, not 1-5. Otherwise remove upgradeability and allow RNG for levels 1-5 from the beginning.

      • System: Divine Vault
        • Suggestions
      • Increase the maximum stat possible from the Vault Blessing. You will cap the attributes possible long before even maxing vault level which makes all the rolls pointless. Increase it to 15k attributes at least.

      • System: Shard Assemble
        • Suggestions
      • Add more costumes
      • Add more gift packs for different items

      • System: Maps
        • Suggestions
      • Make all maps level 150+ and 240+ PVE only in PVE servers, Makes no sense why they're PVP in a PVE server and only allows further harassment for players who picked PVE server specifically for lack of PVP.

      • System: Supreme Rebirth
        • Suggestions
      • Increase the Experience Pool significantly more as it is current too small to be useful for rebirthing when the current level cap is 360.

      • System: Void
        • Suggestions
      • Add more floors which add Genie Upgrade Crystals, Ancient Genie/Pixie Upgrade Crystals, Antique Bloodgems as they're heavily demanded items which not much farmablity.

      • System: Corruption
        • Suggestions
      • Add mores floors and more packs with Soul Shards as we require 100,000's to upgrade Pixie, Genie and Soul altogether.
      • Blitz mode similar to Ladder for floors 5, 10, 15 and 20. All previous packs of floors will be given(No boss banner item drops however to balance and most people no longer need anyway and easy to cash via Consumer Points.)

      • System: Item Synthesis
        • Suggestions
      • Remove synthesis time so it just synthesis instantly.

      • System: Legend Gem
        • Suggestions
      • More Gold Upgrade attempts per day.

      • System: Runes
        • Suggestions
      • More Gold Upgrade attempts per day.

      • System: Dragon Coins
        • Suggestions
      • Remove Temp Mounts, Green Hammers, Pet Orbs. Equipment Relics, Equipment Shards. Elixirs, Combat Flasks from all coins.
      • Add more relevant items to all and improve green/red coin for newer players for example adding GPOW, Antique Bloodgems and such.
      • Add Soul Shards, Genie Upgrade Crystals, Gold Dragon Coin to Black Dragon Coins.

      • System: Dungeon - Exelorn Hallows
        • Suggestions
      • Make sin drops for quest only, wastes too much space.
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      'Do transformers get car or life insurance?'


      • #4
        • new void and corr lvls
        • add: Increase stack and increase storage on dim pocket
        • pcs, apuc2/aguc2 maybe eec and stuff for the new systems
        • More bag space or seperate bag for equipment etc
        • i know you guys said no about more bag space but is it possible if they add another section of tabs below the page1-6
        • Add more ways to get Nether Essence besides ebs runs
        • New skills/ update exsisting skills
        • Update the client so we are able to log alts on without opening multiple clients
        • Fix the attk speed bugg for melee class, anything over 600 atk speed seems to bug only on melee class
        • Merge PvP east with PvE east
        • add new lvls and make it were we can upgrade our orange gear instead of farming all the shards over agn
        • More crit damage to even out the crit def
        • update shard assemble for offits like 1k for orange gear with more stats etc
        • orange offhand equipment for each class and im not talking like heart of eden but maybe peerless offhand
        • Add a purge skill for knights
        • Lower the cost on dimensional gems since the cost is exspensive or add lvl 10 gems in fate shop
        • add more attempts to darkmoon or add another lvl that drops legends gems lvl 4-6
        • increase the drops in mtower around 4-6 orbs per lvl
        • fix eidolon pets so we can sacarfice them in sims plus make a summon all pets button
        • add 100% zod Exquisite Enchantment Crystal to pts like you got eec so we can max zods out
        • Lower the requirements for zodiac fusion or add more ways to obtain materials for zodiac
        • Add Nether Essence, Frag shards and Exquisite Enchantment Crystal to higher lvl corr packs and void
        • Making the server more stable and upgrading the server
        • Make a way for earning crystals like we use to by answering question etc
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        Guild: SoulOfRuins Associate
        Spernal Rb lvl 190 Knight
        Pets:Focussing on Rexes
        Sperion:lvl 120 Legendary Att. Bloodbreaking
        Server: S21
        Wings: Legend Ancient wings 1
        Weapon: Immo Ag. Sword X +18
        Pixie: Emerald-Pixie
        Mount: Doom -Gen4


        • #5
          hello few change i'd like
          * a option to hide your weapon would be cool
          * frag skill has 3 minutes cooldown is crazy but new classes are 30 second cooldown why? change all to 30
          * new skill this is big and overdue by now since none have been add for like almost 210 levels
          * the mage frag skill is pretty useless and pointless to even have i'd like to changed to something possible worth having or using even a passive would be better then what they got now
          * all frags should be equal bm and shifter having 100% sunder on there frag no one else is kinda weird
          * increase item cap limite from 250-1000 or add more space to bag and vault
          *loot choice for array cape artifacts and red array
          * maybe make rebait a permeant event
          *make darkmoon more run's a day or make a higher level darkmoon like omege dark moon that darks higher level gems
          * make nether essence easier to get
          *remove all mounts from the dragon coin's
          *remove all dung shards from dragon coins
          *remove all of the equipment chest from dragon coin (dragon slayers chest you get from coins)
          * need to add apuc 2 or aguc to the fate shop in points or consumer points
          * maybe make the game a little more user friendly and people might be more willing to stay when they see they dont have to spend thousands for dollars for a tiny upgrade that does next to nothing for them. or that you need 300 stacks pc just to lvl 1 mount whice is pretty insane if you think about how to get that either give up your life and farm 24/7 use 3rd party programs or trade heavily for pc no idea why its so high
          *dimensonal pocket cost way to much why is the cost so high the only way to do that is to use 3rd party programs to gold farm non stop for ever poor guy i know is doing like 11 toons and still doesn't got it
          * also why is damage capped all the sudden not sure on that it just defeats the purpose of even upgrading anymore if you cant go higher
          * stop putting rebaits on cp events that is just crazy to do.
          * new pets
          * new star map is over due
          * a pvp map with no mobs on it maybye a npc to full heal your self to
          * limit move speed anymore it just bugs out the game for people hitting air even does it for ranged classes
          * maybe look at the list this time instead of just putting in new system for money like last time
          * all the items you need for system should be put in cp and point at this stage in the game since there not really many people playing anymore
          enjoy chef out


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            -Bound on rewards. (Keep the rewards just remove bound. on say like iob rewards and dungeon drops).

            -More ways to get NE or increase a litle bit of the drop rate
            -Essence Vials Giftable or to coupons shop page


            -More specific choice options for wich drop to pick up. Like Yes to all gems, Purple items, Red items etc.
            -More inventory + Vault space. (Preferably add more vault tabs).

            - Not able to store in vault option from items

            For more Activity:

            -Multiple times an event like each event twice a day with 12 hours interval. (Like foodboss).
            -More suprising events for Quarter Master tokens so it doesnt get old and people get suprised. (this can be mini games or different collectable/trade ways Maybe even events to craft Quartermaster tokens with like the items that have no use for anything in game but the achievements. Like vulture blood, Roses for the king (very old valentine items) dragons galblatter etc.)

            it has happend quite some times that we been going void with a party, Somehow sometimes the mob gets killed but only for few of the party members, while others in same party are stil stuck with an unkilled mob. and cant move on to the next.
            -Ladder: It happend a few times in party and solo ladder, that Ladder just doesnt spawn me in ladder when clicking to go in on floor 150. But still takes my ladder run. (idk how im supposed to make a screenshot of that sinse litterally nothing happens apart from me losing a ladder run without joining ladder).

            No comment about systems. I rather have the old none used stuff and bugs fixed before adding new things.


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              • Ancient Pixie Upgrade Crystal II: There is no method of farming/buying this item other than point of interest shop, where it costs 1120 points each, which based on its cost per click you have to spend 4550usd to get a 600% boost, which in Crystal saga terms isn't a huge boost.
                • Suggestion: Add this item in Monthly sale or in new corruption level packs.
              • Ancient Genie Upgrade Crystal II: There is no method of farming/buying this item except crystals in which it is very expensive. 19.6mil crystals which on 115% Crystal rebates will cost 52270$ for a 600% boost, which again is not worth the money.
                • Suggestion: Add this item in Consumer point shop, Monthly sale shop or/and in new corruption level packs.
              • Tranquility Orb: Mind forging system was added about 8 months ago, and Tranquility orb has only been farmable in Inner world, where if u stay online for 12 hours, u can get 9-10 Tranquility Orbs.
                • Suggestion: Add this item in Void/corruption higher levels and in consumer points shop and make it tradeable.
              • Array Stone: Same issue with Tranquility orb, only difference is you cannot even farm this, only farmable source is Quartermaster Token, which are already a scarce item.
                • Suggestion: Add this item in Void/corruption higher levels and in consumer points shop and make it tradeable.
              • Golden Ages: 25 of these are needed for a reset on 1 achievement out of possible 173 achievements and you don't always get the stat/attribute you want. It becomes very costly very quickly for no reason. Kindly consider reworking this system or add more sources to farm this item.
                • Suggestion: Add this item in Void/corruption higher levels and make it tradeable and add in consumer points shop.
              • Mount Food: Only reliable source of mount food is Black dragon coin and even still it averages like 1 Normal mount food pack every 250 Black Dragon coins spun. Kindly implement the Soul crystals craft for mount Food craft like in the other version of crystal saga.
              • Pixie/Genie Food: The option to feed items to pixie/genie exists but there is no way to get the items to actually feed the Pixie/Genie.
                • Suggestion: Implement the Pixie/Genie Food craft Feature as well. The items already exist and the feature already exists in a different version of Crystal saga
              • Bound items in rewards: Rewards from Corruption and ladder have items like Pixie upgrade Crystal(Bound), Promethean Feather(Bound), Ethereal Wings(Bound), Divine Feather(Bound), Greater Mount Upgrade Token(Bound), Most players don't need these items anymore and they take up lots of space in the bag so we have to throw them out.
                • Suggestionn: Make these items Tradeable so they can be traded/sold to other players who need them or introduce a Exchange system where we can trade these items for Quartermaster Tokens. For Example: 1 Pixie upgrade crystal for 1 Quartermaster token, 2 Promethean Feather for 1 Quartermaster token, 3 Divine Feather for 1 Quartermaster token, 5 Ethereal wings for 1 Quartermaster token.
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                • System: Inventory
                  • Add
                • Extend/Rework storage: Move common drops and upgrade materials entirely out of the players current inventory and extend the inventory by a separate storage for these specific items with no or either a very high limit on the storage size. No limit might entail something such as 2 147 483 647 items. Collected items should automatically be moved here. Examples of items qualifying for this might be PUCs, gems, PCs and the like, anything of which a player might need to/want to store an amount that can currently never be stored on a single character. Items from this part of the inventory should still be tradeable.
                  This suggestion stems from the need of using several characters to store drops even with the addition of Dimensional Pocket which doesn't include all the items one might want to store. In some instances a player might want to collect upwards of several hundred stacks of an item in preparation for something and due to the items being bound it simply ends up not being possible even with the use of other characters.

                • System: Combat
                  • Add
                • Attacks whose animation have started will always hit regardless of distance. The current system of attacking leads to hits being entirely avoided if the target moves away, this can lead to very frustrating gameplay where you are unable to properly hit targets


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                  Game System :
                  -an option to hide others players genie just like others settings (soul developpement, chi, holy favor, pixie)
                  -a free way to get these items: drumstick, hero power, space quartz
                  -an option at event master to exchange pixie upgrade crystal (bound and unbound) to ancient pixie upgrade crystal (bound)
                  -an option at event master to exchange ancient pixie upgrade crystal (bound and unbound) to ancient pixie upgrade crystal II (bound)
                  -an option for x10 or x20 quartermaster token exchange for xxx items (any idea how much time it takes to get 500 strange energy one by one)

                  In Crystal-Pass System
                  -a way we could trade crystal token 1 to be able to get crystal token 2
                  -a way we could trade crystal token 2 to be able to get crystal token 3
                  -maybe a free way to be able to make higher crystal pass (premium+) with exchange of x amount of crystal token -> could get a crystal-pass pass for premium
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                    Game System :
                    -an option to hide others players genie just like others settings (soul development, chi, holy favour, pixie)
                    -a free way to get these items: drumstick, hero power
                    -an option at event master to exchange pixie upgrade crystal (bound and unbound) to ancient pixie upgrade crystal
                    -an option for x10 or x20 quartermaster exchange for xxx items (any idea how much time it takes to get 500 strange energy one by one)