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[Announcement] EMERGENCY SERVER MAINTENACE @ 4:30 AM EDT 07/20/2012

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  • #46
    I don't think there will be any rollback, it will upset all the players and put the casher in super disadvantage, especially those who cash alot during this event ( including me )
    IGN : terrabyss
    Server : Killer's Den
    Class : (Nature) Ranger
    Level : 64
    Plane : Scion
    Pet : Burning Angel Gen1 lv.87
    Pixie : (4th form) Celestial Pixie lv.35


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      and why 45 level? we use our own muts to do the battlebears, from scorpion to battlebear you need 250-250+ muts also 10 gold per horse.... no point of making 45 level for bear
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        GeeCee no thats bad,cuz a lot of people get battle bear before level 45,like honorfarmers like me...i got it at 40


        • #49
          Greedy people are greedy, you guys practically got them for free and you're complaining..
          And wah, server rollback? seriously? LOL, you guys talk like it is nothing... It's like I don't like this guy so go shoot him ~.~
          Character: (S5)Meiya
          Server: Twilight Caverns
          No no I'm not gonna list my pets, mounts, souls or any other stuffs on here ;x


          • #50
            Originally posted by R2CS_Stormaggedon View Post
            Hey everyone, we've caught a bug with putting pets into the vault that needs to get fixed pronto. So we'll be taking the servers down at 4:30 AM EDT, July 20th of 2012. So you all are aware, if a player puts an item in the vault onto a spot already holding a pet, the pet will "disappear" and only the item will be shown. Moving the item around in the vault causes the pet to travel with it, so the pet stays "missing". Once you move the item back into your inventory, the pet reappears.

            However, if while you have an item stacked on a pet, you put a pet on the item, the item will get moved to the pet bar of the pet window. So we're fixing that too.

            Since we're taking the servers down, we'll also be upping the level requirement for the Battle Bear in the Mount activity to level 45. We've noticed a glut of alts being created to exploit the bear, and we're hoping this will stop it. If it doesn't. we'll be looking at other possible actions next week.
            good fix GM,

            but the exploit has already been done. rolling back the server is fair for people who hasn't done the exploit on alts, but not for people who leveled up and earned items within this event. devs and gms must make up some better compensation for that. but it's always up to you guys so you gotta keep us posted
            Server: Sullen Dunes (S47)
            IGN: SkitzO
            Class: Knight (hybrid, dps)
            Plane: Scion
            Level: ??
            Honor Rank: Arch Duke
            Guild: Hellbourne (Guild Master)


            • #51
              Originally posted by AcroAce View Post
              Wow... Mount are going to place in vaults. this is nice coz my stable is still not yet expanded ty GM
              Pet. not mount. lol


              • #52
                It's unfortunate that so many people feel the need to try to exploit everything in games. It's even more unfortunate that people get upset when such exploits are prevented from further use.

                The players asked for a permanent gmut event- they ask for a gmut event every week in the maintenance threads. The players got what they asked for. But then, the players went and ruined a nice thing by using alts to exploit the system (by the way, it is in the ToS: "You may hold several accounts; however you may not exploit this privilege.").
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                  Baixiu.. if it rolled back your name will be removed.. on ..hmmm ladder list.. XD
                  Crystal Saga

                  Ign: (S22)Caia
                  Server:(S22)Tyria Village
                  Spouse: (S23)Socrates
                  Guild:(Lv.10) DivineAngels - GM (AngelOfDeath)

                  Looking for>
                  -Genie Crystals in Consumers Points
                  -More Inventory (Bag) Space & Pages
                  -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


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                    Respect plz. CS is a cool game, why r we playing it all???? tnx R2 for your effort.


                    • #55
                      I think think its good for 1 event per 2 or 3 days!!!


                      • #56
                        Originally posted by GeeCee View Post
                        Easiest fix? remove the Horse from the NPC in Bloodfang
                        Yep lol. Thats how people abuse it.


                        • #57
                          why not level 40


                          • #58
                            Exactly level 30 takes 1 day,whos gonna farm one whole day to get 28 stinking gmuts,when he can farm his char? Maximum maybe,once or twice,but then he'll get bored right...and people who are fairly earning the bear will get the award,like i said i got my bear at level 40 i would be upset if i got no reward...
                            LEARN TO SPELL PEOPLE,ITS ROGUE NOT ROUGE D:<


                            • #59
                              =)) that what i think about people making profit and try to get HELLWING with 30 alts =)) OMG
                              CRYSTAL SAGA

                              Server: Cheurna Gorge
                              Lvl: Eidolon 150
                              Class: Ranger (Agi type LOL)
                              Pet : Burning Angel 3rd Gen, Demon King 3rd Gen
                              Guild: (S26)FTW

                              League of Angels
                              Server: [S141] Lake Nadir
                              Lvl: 75
                              Class: Berseker
                              Guild: Fairy Tale


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                                Originally posted by R2519042 View Post
                                It must have been a very sudden emergency not to spell check the title of this thread jk =p
                                That is quite hilarious.