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[CS Activity] Green Beer Party

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  • [CS Activity] Green Beer Party

    Duration: 3/14 – 3/20 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Server: All Servers
    Level Requirement: 30+
    Description: Buy a round for everyone! Visit the Beer Feast Host in Starglade and set off on a slew of St. Patrick's Day adventures! There may yet be gold at the end of the rainbow...

    How to play:

    1. Accept the quest [Reclaim Green Beer] from the Beer Feast Host and defeat the BOSS Vega the Mad at Revenant's Vault (Nightmare mode), return to the Quartermaster to turn in the quest, receive a Barrel of Green Beer. This quest can be done so long as you have dungeon attempts left for Revenant's Vault (Nightmare mode).

    2. Collect 10 Barrels of Green Beer and return them to the Beer Feast Host to help him prepare for the Green Beer Feast. In gratitude, you will be given a Leprechaun Pack x 1 and Thank You Letter x 1.

    Leprechaun Pack contains:
    • Soul Shard x10
    • Ethereal Wings (Bound) x3

    3. The Beer Feast Host will host a beer feast at 16:00, 18:00, 20:00 and 22:00 in Starglade L1. There will be 5 tables in Starglade Square once the Green Beer Feast starts, each table can be used 20 times.

    Click the table and receive ONE of the following items:
    • Elixir of Striking(Bound) x 1
    • Elixir of Thorns(Bound) x 1
    • Elixir of Piety(Bound) x 1
    • A Mug of Green Beer x 1
    • Dragon Sword(6 Hours) x 1
    4. Exchange Thank You Letters with the Quartermaster to receive the following rewards
    • Thank You Letter x 1 = 1 Hour AFK Card (Bound) x1
    • Thank You Letter x 3 = Moderate Enchantment Crystal(Bound) x4
    • Thank You Letter x 5 = Shining Gem Coupon x1
    • Thank You Letter x 7 = Shining Gem Coupon x4
    5. Use A Mug of Green Beer x 20 at the Guild Showdown Referee in Starglade to summon an Evil Leprechaun BOSS.

    Note: The Barrel of Green Beer is purchasable at the item shop under the daily category.
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    Soul Shards! ♥


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      i like this
      "The cuties in s47"

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        party party =D
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          Tables cant be used 20x times just 1time each.


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            just a quick ? i have been recieving mugs of green beer and green beer mugs where do i get the barrels of green beer???


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              How do we get the thank you letters?


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                tell me about....
                everyone needs to party up and rogues can solo nice one again...


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                  Originally posted by R22594713 View Post
                  where do i get the barrels of green beer???
                  kill nm vega

                  Originally posted by gothlaz View Post
                  How do we get the thank you letters?
                  kill nm vega x10
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                    why make s62 EAST??? you already said it will be in WEST i already cash in that SERVER don't do this ignoring this TIME ERROR!!
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                      Why do the ewings have to be bound


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                        So do you need to be VIP and have 2 x dungeon keys to get the Leprechaun Pack everyday?
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                          Nice event soul shards are alway awesome
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                            [QUOTE=elsage;467464]kill nm vega

                            ty for responding but from vega i keep getting mugs of green beer
                            and from the tables i get green beer mugs

                            do the mugs of green beer add up to a barrell??


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                              nvm i guess its a typo the barrells of green beer are actually mugs thank you for helping tho