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[Activity] Bossing Me Around

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  • #16
    Complete and total epic fail. Any WB quest is always an epic fail. They DO NOT work. You figure the R2 re.tards would have gotten it by now.

    Let out your rage on level 30 trading ---^


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      R2 is managing to many games now and they just don't care thats why most of this weeks events are carried over from last week...when are the gonna do a devine wings event like they said when the released them?? this just goes to show you that all they care about is their money, they don't care about the people playing the game. rogues are too OP in this game. every event they are the ones winning like avernal, crypt boss, or anything else where attack speed is the deciding factor their dps is higher then any other toon in the game and there is no way to stop it. you can't kill them 1 vs 1 because their dodge is so high and u can't see them anyway! world bosses will now be over run by the rogues also. I can't even get esd because rogues are the ones to kill the crypt boss every time. so 120 epic set will be very hard for anyone other than rogues to get unless you are lucky enough to get them in dragon hunt or got them the 1 week they had them in item shop. why don't you have an esd event r2 instead of mount fusion i mean really how many people actually have final mount yet? and everyone i know that does have it will not merg till they have 2 kilins this event is just plain dumb!
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      Wings: Ultimate Demon lord +3
      Zodiac: Max
      Beast Soul: tiger
      Soul: 1138


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        Instead of just thinking about how to make more money on the players, why not start CARRING about them before they leaves for a other game?
        Seriously R2- you guys are digging your own graves >_<
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          From what I hear its only the person who gets the kill for the world boss not the whole party


          • #20
            Originally posted by Dysfunction View Post
            From what I hear its only the person who gets the kill for the world boss not the whole party
            Yep... Parties are useless
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            Level: 120


            • #21
              thts a litttle messed up .-. gunna have ppl riping eachothers throats out for some of these bosses not just the rb ones like normally .-.


              • #22
                it is true ive just been in a really good party for my RB quest and i didnt get the last hit so NO REWARDS for me

                ohh yea n only mount food from my RB pack just to add insult to injury lmfao

                Cmon R2 the least you could do is make it for the full party to win the reward otherwise its just gonna be 1 person in the entire server with all the rewards no-one else is even gonna get a small chance


                • #23
                  this event sucks, I'm sorry R2 but don't you guys think before launching an event...not everyone can participate, bosses only spawns a few times meaning few will get rewards >.>
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                  • #24
                    This event would have been somewhat ok if a party could have gotten the kill

                    but nooooooooooooo...only the killer gets it.

                    You should have recycled last week's events fully and not put up this one. I'd rather have the torches back than this.
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                    LVL 55 eidolon ice mage



                    • #25
                      r2 events suck for LOWER levels!!

                      not only that .. all OP players r just sitting there waiting for the world bosses to spawn. how do u expect any lower lvls to do this event yet again?? r2 you make events just for the OP plays then how u want everyone else to enjoy the events. at least make it L1-L5 for bosses to spawn. seriously bull!!

                      (S1) Hatties lvl 64 rouge mortal
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                        Originally posted by Dysfunction View Post
                        Sometimes it feels like you guys dont think things over, You realize this is going to screw alot of people out of world boss rebirth quests.
                        Yea well .. well no one has ever accused the people working at Reality Squared games of ever thinking intellegently.
                        Server: Bearpaw Vally
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                        Class: Knight


                        • #27
                          this event is for the top 2-3 players of each server why not make it atleast where the whole party gets the reward or make the world bosses come every hour and you can only get the reward from each boss 1 time max per day


                          • #28
                            really r2 do you have to be that ignorant to make a world boss event and make it so nobody can ever get it all you care about is your cash and not the players


                            • #29
                              The only way this event would have been a good idea is if the world bosses had spawned in SG and at 3 or 4 different hours of the day to go along with original spawn times of the World Bosses .

                              But ive been playing long enough to realize r2 will never care about us thus the crappy events week after week ...everyone needs to stop expecting r2 to do things for us its never gonna happen ..
                              (S47) SyKnTwstd


                              • #30
                                Give me back my main char! Unstuck it from chamber so that i can play again!
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