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    The rewards should hav been same for evry1 or random. one way could be to make it so that each pack contains rewards of same value in total. BUT really this is so not cool...


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      Originally posted by FairyTailFan View Post
      Meh! I hate being a Scorpio now. Can we get a zodiac reset please?

      Edit: LOL! Cancers are gonna hate this event
      Yeah the ss is the only good thing lol and players that did not pick sign yet can choose the sign that will get them the best rewards,
      IGN: Heiko
      Guild: Athena (S6)
      Server: Windshear Peaks (S6)
      First Guild: Oblivion (S6)
      Level: 92 Scion
      Class: Knight



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        im happy with it im capricorn so i get 7mc 7 red dragon coins and 7 stones


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          haha i am CapiCorn :P

          IGN: (S23)gake671 - (S23)gake691 ( another alt page > )

          Level:75-35 ( lazy to level up )

          Class : Knight - Ranger

          Wings : Angel Lords Wings -Magic Extreme Glowing Wings III

          Server :

          Guild : Shadow Members

          Zodiac : Capricorn

          Honor : Duke - Noble

          Plane : Mortal

          ^@.@^ <@.@>


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            im a pisces but Capricorn Pack is pretty good i could use some mc right now lol


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              So now not only are the weaker ppl punished by fail events, but now even our BIRTHDAYS are being punished? Seriously R2? (I'm a Leo btw, so not the worst rewards, but not the best) What next? All 120 eidolons wielding perfect frag weapons get automatic level 5 zodiac blessing/ free upgrades to frag?

              Seriously, think about your player base EVERY now and then.


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                Creative Cancer Pack, contains:
                Zodiac Enchantment Stone*7, Mount Upgrade Token*5, Soul Shard*3

                Logical Leo Pack, contains:
                Zodiac Enchantment Stone*7, Health Orb (Bound)*5, Dungeon Key*5

                soooooooooooo fccking lame and im sooooooo freaking pisssssed offffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  Agreed!, WTH! i mean give everyone at least SS, or nobody, and give everyone a good item and a bad item, the diffrence is so use, why the #$% am i a lion


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                    Quit complaining everybody.... so you got punched in the shorts this time. big deal. next time, everyone else will get screwed and you'll be like, 'wow, quit whining.' It's the luck of the draw,, and next time, 10,000 to 1, the rewards will change. so just chill, and wait your turn.


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                      Su unfair this time R2, i never complained about anything, i agree most times with the events, i mean its no fun if everyone has a kilin and max wings, but this one!!! so freaking unfair. health orbs and dungeon keys in one pack, thats worthless pack, while others get SS (the best item in game for most ppls) and others get ewings and divine wings or Pixie crystals or Morph crystals. I think this week its the first week (yes u whiners, it cant be always great) that u failed BIG time. not to mention the lvl 100 ladder and the huge awards on the worldbosses that only the ppl that get far in ladder and get there SS can get.


                      • #56
                        Eh, for buyables, leo pack is actually pretty good if you can run psycho NM. 5 runs would get you more then enough gold/items to be equal to all the packs with items like MC's or Gmuts.


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                          I'm aries and I think this event is unfair capricorn get 7mc wth?


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                            AS COPIED FROM ShadowGammaDraco's POST ON THE ZODIAC POST:

                            *Advisory Warning*

                            you can only choose a Date of birth to enter for Zodiac ONCE, there is no Resetting the date once confirmed.
                            the good news if you picked the wrong one is, you wont miss out on any Stat benefits you were intended, it'll just show a different horoscope symbol for you.

                            well i consider upgrading my soul a "STAT BENEFIT" and i am missing out. many of us are, specially taking into consideration the number of people who slammed the year and left the month/day at 01 after reading the post from R2 people that the zodiac chosen doesnt matter.

                            fix the Ladder loot collection too, nice hair, get a new shirt.
                            LISTEN! do you smell something?
                            I just killed you in the time it took you to read that.


                            • #59
                              Strong Sagittarius Pack, contains:
                              Zodiac Enchantment Stone*7, Divine Feather*5, Ethereal Wings*5

                              what i got
                              Crystal Saga
                              IGN: (S14)Thepkmaster
                              Level:Eidolon Lv80+
                              Guild: (S21)Ascendancy

                              Broken Realm
                              IGN: darksidepk
                              Sever: [S1]Frost Highland
                              Level: Lv 40+
                              Guild: None Yet o.o


                              • #60
                                yes Pkmaster. rile them up. good job.