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[Activity] Oranges

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  • [Activity] Oranges

    Duration: 6/20 – 6/26 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Level Requirement: 30+

    Description: For the next week, players that pay a visit to the Quartermaster in Starglade can receive an Orange Seed, once a day. Plant the seeds in the Event Zone in Bloodfang Village to grow your very own Orange Tree. After 16 minutes, your tree will be ready to harvest. Be sure to have at least two free slots in your inventory when harvesting your Oranges.

    Players can also buy an Orange Seed from the Quartermaster for 100 Crystal, limited to once per day.

    Each harvest will yield between 100 – 300 Oranges (bound). Players level 30+ will have the following exchange options:
    • 99 Oranges = 1 Hour AFK Card (Bound) x1, 2x EXP Token (once per day)
    • 299 Oranges = Soul Print x1, Dungeon Key x1, Red Dragon Coin x1 (once per day)
    • 899 Oranges = Soul Print x3, Purified Crystal x3, Soul Shard x3, Morph Crystal x1 (once per day)

    The new improved Orange Seeds:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	orange tree seeds.png
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Size:	56.3 KB
ID:	1736862
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    WOW cool event


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      cool i think ill plant my past orange seeds now that took lots of space b4 xD
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        No raised Limit? Sigh.
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          lol still no private farming.. this is going to be a another week of arguements to the full

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            I think that there should be a 4th and 5th instance in Bloodfang Village to help out with the busy Event Zone, and also it helps with players that suffer from extreme lag and are normally forced to play on L4 and 5. That's like getting 2 birds stoned at once...(or something)


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              Originally posted by Gimblewart View Post
              lol still no private farming.. this is going to be a another week of arguements to the full
              With the tiny plot sizes, it'll be a bit better this time around.
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                More Instances please!


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                  are the reward are bound?
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                    Damn it i throw my oranges T^T on the past event of the oranges , it was 700+ T^T
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                      Originally posted by lDemonMirajanel View Post
                      Damn it i throw my oranges T^T on the past event of the oranges , it was 700+ T^T
                      only collected seeds for two days if that so I feel ya there. coulda had a weeks worth of seeds to plant lol


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                        The rewards are awesome! I'm definitely in!
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                          smaller.. good job r2.
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                            They finally listened after over a year of ♥♥♥♥ about having plants that are that too massive. maybe we might see a third vault space sometime the gen 6 pokemon game comes out.
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                              though i would be able to plant now.... lol