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[Activity] Bronze Honor Badge Swap

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  • [Activity] Bronze Honor Badge Swap

    Duration: 9/5 – 9/11 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Level Requirement: 30+

    Description: For the following week, players may head over to the Quartermaster in Starglade to exchange their Bronze Honor Badges for Purified Crystals. All players may exchange Bronze Honor Badge x20 for Purified Crystal x1, with a limit of six exchanges per day. VIP players may receive six additional attempts by exchanging Bronze Honor Badge x15 for Purified Crystal x1.

    Note: The two exchange options are not linked. In other words, VIP players may use both exchange options, making up to 12 exchanges per day.
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    So 210 bronze badges for mere 12 pc?
    meh... time to throw away the bronze badges anyway.
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      what a joke.


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        its better if honor badge = anniversary token
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          Originally posted by xshinn View Post
          its better if honor badge = anniversary token
          or u can make it optional either trade to pc or anniversary token.
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            you guys don't need bronze badge :/ but us lowbies needs it... so for us, it will be unfair to exchange 20 badge for 1pc


            • #7
              Finally!! I've been tossing bronze badges for the last 3 months.
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                Thank you R2 for this little event! I have over 8 stacks of Bronze badges and been waiting for an event to exchange them. I really appreciate that the exchange doesn't include a silver/gold fee. Please more bronze badge events in the future! Thanks ♥

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                  this is one of the better ways to clean out vaults properly... These badges filled to much space, now they can be of good use.


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                    Thank you for an event that only requires bronze badges! I needed to clear these out for vault space but didn't want to toss them. Purified crystals are always needed!


                    • #11
                      itd be nice to see an event that GIVES bronze badges out instead of taking them. i dont have time to get all the bronze i need to make my 2nd purple savage set. i have to run so many dungeons daily + ladder and all that...