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[Activity] Strikin' It Rich

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  • [Activity] Strikin' It Rich

    Duration: 9/12 – 9/18 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Level Requirement: 20+

    Description: Huge gem deposits have been discovered in the areas surrounding Starglade! Mine the finds in Windshear Peaks, Cragstone, Himeng Valley, The Glimmering Plains, and Kaspaya Beach once per day to collect Summer Gem x1 (per mine). Summer Gems can be exchanged at the Quartermaster for the following:
    • Summer Gem x2 = Normal Gem Coupon x1
    • Summer Gem x5 = Anniversary Token x1
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    nice this again...thumbs up for this.
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      I know what they do now. They think of the dumbest things they can do and **** them all in a hat and every Wednesday the pull the **** out of the hat and serve it to us. Does anybody know a game similar to this but without all the redundant lameness?
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        I like this event. c:
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          it a good event it not that bad Anniversary Token x1 = 1 gmunt wotch is good for me i now get 3 a day


          • #6
            every event this week is a big waste of time


            • #7
              im really questioning if i even want to play anymore at this point. this whole year has been nothing but troll moves from r2.


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                oh this event coming back


                • #9
                  extend it pls
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