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[Patch Notes] Crystal Saga 9/12 Update

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  • [Patch Notes] Crystal Saga 9/12 Update


    New System

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    No bug fix news.
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      the patch is late
      IGN: xSpade
      Server: zensho Island
      Class/Job: rogue


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        all lame, where is the 120+ content..... yeah casher wings, how about fixing one of the over 60 bugs i have logged...


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          :O why always same event :/ its repeated event..
          Name: (S46)Rhevie
          Server: Glacial Planes
          Class: Priest
          Plane: Eidolon
          Pet: Burning Angel, Demon King, Golden Teddy Bear
          Level: 140+


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            Lmao no page 3 vault ><
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              they can add all the lame events they want now :P i gave away my ig stuff away today lol, i had enough of this game... there no fixes. or anything. just the token event agin and agin and the cash event once agin... ♥♥♥♥ to r2 and hello wow once agin more bang for the buck :P
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                Hmm, only the new wing tier is really suprising. cant w8 to see people with those.

                IGN: Genesis
                Server: S62 Bloodshed Hollow
                Plane: Mortal Level 45
                Frag: Superior I
                Pet: Emperor Demon
                Mount: Alicorn
                Wings: Extreme Dual Angel Wings
                Guild: Angels


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                  lol ..thank you to the event


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                    i need hard to find token...!!!

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                      it is really showing R2 no longer cares about the crystal saga players we are the red headed freckle stepchild T.T the truly have abandoned us

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                        Originally posted by Hemming View Post
                        it is really showing R2 no longer cares about the crystal saga players we are the red headed freckle stepchild T.T the truly have abandoned us
                        nope they didn't abandone us i think !
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                            Where is "BLOOD FORTE" system??????????????????????????????????
                            Eidolon 120
                            Server=Void Encampment
                            Class=Hybrid Priest


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                              Too early to release promethean wings.

                              Even a lot of cashers don't have divine wings maxed. It just costs way too much money if cashing it through, and the only way (without events) to get divine feathers is through dragon hunt. You need to make it slightly easier on the cashers so they can use a mixture of cash AND in-game feathers for them to catch up and get all excited for these new wings. On my server, the highest wings are still just extreme divine wings + 4 (and yes the person did a mixture of cashing and in-game DWs from hunt/events).
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