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[Patch Notes] Crystal Saga 1/23 Update

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  • [Patch Notes] Crystal Saga 1/23 Update

    It's going to be a bit before our next maintenance hits, so we've got a whole slew of events going on to keep you all busy over the next couple of weeks. We've also got all new costumes and a new pet from some of the initial winners in our design contest; congrats to Bibi cris and Lutharia for their awesome work! In addition to being sent copies of the finished items, they also each get 5,000 Crystal and all the intrinsic rewards that go along with seeing something you made make it into the game. Lastly, we've got some changes to the Corruption, and an all new system this week: Chi. Full details of everything going on are below!



    • Adjusted the times for the Corruption according to the results of the recent poll. The event now runs from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM and 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM. Both time slots can be entered each day. In addition, key drop rates were again increased.
    • In case you missed it above, the January Token Exchange has been extended for another week. If you haven't traded in all your tokens yet, you've got a bit of extra time to do so.
    • Because of an issue we had with Tenets and Pearls of Wisdom a couple of weeks ago, all players can get compensation by visiting the Quartermaster and selecting "Pearls of Wisdom Compensation".
    • All clothing can now be traded until it has been worn.

    What's New
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    new sysytem..yeayy..
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      i wanna know if chi essence can be gained from some event in game (dungeon,ladder,etc) like in other version.
      edit:its a lame system, before you can upgrade 1 time you have to pass 9 lvls (like tenets but there you get something),so after 9 lvl you gain 100 patk matk and def ) way better tenets then this...maybe those who likes aura will rage for that.
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        the system main's point is only Immortal Chi for its 105 % crit dmg, and 522 crit defense from Divine, the armor penetration is lame, because you don't really use it, maybe if you're a newbie...

        The Divine aura made you look like Firefox..... seems like it's all about foxes..


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          finally the costume are now bound after equip, i hope the pet in the shop is the same too, " bound after equip use "
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	5MdRJtFsaEuK5t3xmTsLA.jpg
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            omg looks so awesome on my rogue
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              Really lame how they changed the corruption time after a poll and added a time but left island of blessing with one lame time. r2 get the middle finger on that one.


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                Originally posted by Druber View Post
                Really lame how they changed the corruption time after a poll and added a time but left island of blessing with one lame time. r2 get the middle finger on that one.
                I agree. Can we get two IoB times???


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                  Originally posted by R21748779 View Post
                  I agree. Can we get two IoB times???
                  lol firstly iob had a different time and thay changed it once , they cany always change the event times as we want
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                    IoB gives items the cashers already have, so its pointless for them to put effort into it. Corruption has items for newer systems so they want to promote the newer systems. It's why I don't mind that people are exploiting IoB. They refuse to go back and upgrade some of the older event, like Sengolia. There are people so OP that their passive skills kill the crystal in seconds. They should have 2 Sengolias like they have two Avernals. One Seng for mortals and low level scions and another Seng for high level scions and up, or mortal/scion Seng and Eido only Seng. They don't make any money off of Seng so they wont touch it.
                    They have several cash only systems out now which tells me they don't want non-cashers playing the game because the cashers are going to be so much stronger there not even playing the same game. If enough non-cashers quit the game will fail the same way it would if people stopped cashing. I feel bad for all the people that just starting playing on an already merged server. They cash up and get killed by my alts, lol. I guess that's why they keep releasing new games, they **** all over the old ones.
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                      Good that the key drop rates were increased for Corruption, but why then did the drop rate for dragon crystals in Psycho Nightmare drop? and when oh when are the Treasure Keys going to be removed as a drop from Psycho NM? Wait - maybe if the keys were removed as a drop from Psy NM, the dragon crystal drop could be increased???


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                        or they can bring back the lottery feature that uses treasure keys


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                          A Named Cale in Server S67 killed me i laugh at him saying words shame on you


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                            and complained that you died many times over. in a pvp area.


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                              holy ***

                              is this entire update all about girls or what????

                              even the male costume looks like a dude wearing a dress are you guys trying to turn into cross dressing killers??????


                              somethin a lil manly or evil next time please
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