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[Patch Notes] Crystal Saga 4/3 Update

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  • Originally posted by Fa59_rpearce71 View Post
    File a suit against the website for using r2's services and trying to make a money out of it (easier said than done lots of loopholes to bypass that and even easier to make a new website to restart it) but the devs should be concentrating more into stopping these bots since they nothing more than a program running (and ruining the game for others - too late to start that talk :P) and the devs being the ones having knowledge of the source code. the smarter person will win the battle and then maybe we can get some more unbound items from the event that was a game changer for the ones that were trying hard. All in all bring changes in the game so that people enjoy playing it expecting something new and not something annoying and forcefully imposed on. And on a serious note you guys need to seriously handle the bot issue (code red even). This is my opinion of whatever i feel needs tweaking in the game if u feel like being condescending for that go ahead !! cheers!!

    They dont care lol R2 is using them as an excuse but their theory makes no sense at all they just trying to make us cash more is all tbh and well for me not cashing anymore as soon as my VIP runs out i'm done with cashing in this game, :P
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    • Originally posted by MisterCuddles View Post
      Not talking about, Encouraging Do not tell players to go buy from mallmmo, players buying from mallmmo is 99% of the reason they are changing IOB rewards.
      Anyways there were many cashers and free players before IOB ever existed, don't see too many people quitting over it honestly.
      I know I won't lol
      Key Word " BEFORE". Peoples to get Bore of Same old.


      • Why are you all still complaining? Regardless of how you might feel about R2's decision, deal with it. You lived without IOB before, you can live without it again. - It is still a event so you can still access IoB. This continuous debate is pointless.
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        • Changing the original iob paks were a big mistake a lot of people who cant afford to cash depended on iob to help them now week after week all i see are casher events casher items being released crystal saga starting to be more like saga of hero Cashers paradise and not a care in the world for the people who dont cash and enjoy the game all i can say to that is BRAVO to you R2


          • Originally posted by Syber3m3 View Post
            Changing the original iob paks were a big mistake a lot of people who cant afford to cash depended on iob to help them now week after week all i see are casher events casher items being released crystal saga starting to be more like saga of hero Cashers paradise and not a care in the world for the people who dont cash and enjoy the game all i can say to that is BRAVO to you R2
            First, It is a MMORPG, it isn't supposed to be easy to upgrade anything. Secondly, cashers will always be more advanced and by far majority - better players (strength wise at least). That is how MMORPG work.

            Now, IoB is just one event. Albeit, pack items are bound. However, be aware of the Token Exchange, IoB could very easily be removed altogether as Token Exchange could take its place.


            • I've read the comments above (Yes all Pages 1-11) You have all made some great points. Some better than the others ~much better~ But most of you.. ALL of you have a similarity between you all, you dislike the island of blessing packs that are going to be introduced, which is really understandable. I was thinking of a better pack which will take into consideration of all players and the game makers. Some might dislike it, but, like the saying goes 'You can't please everyone.'
              *TO R2* You do not have to do it exactly how I've planned it, you could make a few adjustments or maybe take a few things into consideration. You have indeed made some pretty bad mistakes when it comes to Island of Blessing packs and some good decisions. Here is my opinion on your new packs:

              White Rain Pack
              Health Orb (Bound) x1
              Pet Health Orb (Bound) x1 Very good choice ~ can't really make it better, All 3 are thought out and is useful for both low levels and high levels.
              Golden Fruit of Honor x1 Job Well Done. Give yourselves a pat on the back

              Blue Rain Pack
              1 Hour AFK Card (Bound) x1 <--- Wonderful, especially on the second pack (blue) very useful for all and is much needed.
              2x EXP Token (Bound) x1 <--- Here is when it starts to go all pear shaped.. There is no need for 2x exp when you have 3x exp token on the green pack,
              Heroic Wings (Bound) x1 <---sure you may think it's 2x, but honestly.. you're better off making two 3x tokens. Yea, you could say it's awesome for grinding but, there are so many other things that could on Blue Packs, which i'll show you soon
              <--- Heroic Wings.. Not a good idea, especially 1x haha, honestly, there are people in the new servers who get to Lv80 in a few days, they can farm enough for both themselves and others, there is also a great circulation of them throughout all servers + there really isn't any point on putting it on the blue packs, because you need tens of thousands just to max it.

              Green Rain Pack
              Earth Soul Orb (Bound) x50 <--- Wonderful choice can't argue.
              3x EXP Token (Bound) x1 <--- Perfect, Got to love this one, 3x is such a beautiful number *.* But, if you are indeed taking my notes into consideration, still think two would
              Amaranthine Essence (Bound) x2 be wonderful instead of the 2x tokens in Blue. But, you're the bosses lol.
              <--- Can't put it in words, it really is a bad choice. For everyone out there thinking "Why?" Well, you can get thousands and i mean thousands, just by alchemzing purple gears you get from dungeons (Go To Chi --> Find the 4 slots --> Put the purple gears in (or any gear) --> Click Alchemize) There you have it Amaranthine Essence. This spot could really be useful to something else that players need.

              Yellow Rain Pack
              Fragarach Refinement Crystal x2 **
              Soul Shard x2 ** All 3 are great, no question. All needed for all people especially the ones highlighted All stay the
              Chi Essence (Bound) x1 same.

              Purple Rain Pack
              Ethereal Wings (Bound) x4 <-- Not a good idea, it’s very very hard to get EWs and by doing this
              Soul Print (Bound) x2 you’re (R2) making it really hard, especially when you probably need
              Golden Fruit of Honor x1 more EW than from the starter wings to Ultimate Demigod VIII.
              Although you could argue about the lag, because of alt farming.
              But, you’re not doing yourself any favours by making them bound
              (To The Players Complaining About The Lag Due To EW). If You (R2)
              are going to keep it bound, then at least raise the amount
              <-- (You can’t really get these anywhere else, so.. good call)
              <-- Golden Fruit of Honor must have been a system error or something,
              like someone people posted you can't have Honor Fruits
              TWICE in White pack as well as Purple pack. One is enough.

              That is my opinion on the new packs. Now, i will like to introduce what i think and many of you might possibly like in it as well, not forgetting R2s interests.

              White Rain Pack
              Health Orb (Bound) x1
              Pet Health Orb (Bound) x1 <--- Have to keep this the same
              Golden Fruit of Honor x1

              Blue Rain Pack
              1 Hour AFK Card (Bound) x1 <--- Kept the same
              Mount Fusion Orb x1 <--- This is needed and much a better substitute than the 2x tokens. Especially when you have the 3x token on the yellow pack and it's kind of
              Rare. Also, i made it 1x cause we can't make the game too easy can we
              Red Adimantite x1/2 <--- Everyone has seen how many you need and you can only really get 6 a day maybe more, maybe less depending how lucky you are This
              should be in the pack from the start, and is a much better substitute than 1 heroic wing o.o

              Green Rain Pack
              Earth Soul Orb (Bound) x50
              3x EXP Token (Bound) x1
              Pearl of Wisdom (Bound) x1 <-- I'll Explain ~ It's bound because it protects the games interest, so no one can try cheat the system and so it's not so easy for
              everyone, taking time and patience. Furthermore, there are still many cashers who spend money on tenets. This is probably the number
              one money bringer in the game. But it's a nice and useful for the non cashers (even if it takes like 100+ pearls for a click lol)
              IF It's not possible, then Soul Stars should be introduced, It's very useful and every little counts.

              Yellow Rain Pack
              Fragarach Refinement Crystal x2
              Soul Shard x2 All 3 are perfect and should stay the same
              Chi Essence (Bound) x1/2 <--- Some may think this is useless or should increase at least, giving players a chance to upgrade the Chi a little. But, it's up to r2
              decide. Can't be too in favour of the players lol

              Purple Rain Pack
              Ethereal Wings (unbound) <--- (Reasons of above lol)
              Soul Print (Bound) x2 <--- (..You can’t really get these anywhere else, soo.. good call)
              Greater Mount Upgrade Token (Bound) x2 <--- (This should have always been on purple because of it's importance. It isn't bound and you've always had it in your packs.
              It's just too damn good to leave island of blessing; Many players need it from low levels to high. This is bound so cannot be
              traded, so not really going to be a 'lag cause.'

              Well this is my opinion and what i think could improve this game, doing things like this will get the game back on track to greatness and will prove that r2 actually considers. It's both for the game producers interest as well as the people playing it. I hope you liked the idea and wish everyone could back the idea up or comment on how to make it better, and that it could be noticed by r2. For the games sake and the peoples. This game has been loads of fun, and should be enjoyed by all.
              Thank You. Wish You All The Best.
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              • R2 not make enough $$ off EW last 2 year. Time to change it $$$$$$$


                • The game is dying, and R2 still want to take players motivation of play away O_o


                  • To those who are looking for max guild skill info-

                    Old Guild Skills (at Lv.10)
                    Enhanced Survival
                    max hp +20%
                    HP +1538
                    healing +10%
                    healing +154

                    Battle Reinforcement
                    patk +10%
                    patk +192
                    explosive atk+7%

                    Enhanced Defense
                    pdef +10%
                    pdef +192
                    mdef +10%
                    mdef +192
                    crit def +68

                    Enhanced Development
                    EXP bonus +30%
                    Luck +10
                    Dodge rate +7%

                    Enhanced Control
                    aspd + 10%
                    casting speed +10%
                    hit rate +20%
                    crit +30%

                    New Guild Skills (at Lv. 5)
                    Enhanced Regeneration
                    HP regen +25
                    MP regen +15

                    Enhanced Movement
                    Movement Speed +15
                    Dodge +5%

                    Enhanced Critical Strike
                    Critical Strike +5%
                    Crit Damage +15%

                    Enhanced Armor Penetration
                    Armor Penetration +25
                    AP defense +15

                    Gift of Life
                    5% chance to restore 3% of HP when attacking

                    For new guild skill only stat info to level 5...

                    Remember that guild skill below guild level 7 can only learn 2 guild skills... 8 = 3, 9 = 4, 10 = 5...
                    Therefore for 5 (max number at once) of Guild Skills, must have level 10 guild...
                    However the limit is still 5


                    • we upgraded the gift of life to lv 3 not realizing it is going to stay so low at only 3% heal D: this just sucks! now to change this Id have to start all over again after I put so much into skills so stay with this lame skill or start over


                      • i lost 236 therions,i will quit if i dont get tht compensation,suggest me what to do!