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[Patch Notes] Crystal Saga 4/3 Update

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  • [Patch Notes] Crystal Saga 4/3 Update

    1. Let Them Eat Cake! - More Info
    2. Tamalan Arena - More Info
    3. Rock the Ladder - More Info
    4. Wreck the Elites - More Info
    5. Test of Strength - More Info


    Other Changes
    • Added 5 new Guild Skills, including Enhanced Regeneration, Enhanced Movement, Enhanced Critical Strike, Enhanced Armor Penetration, and Gift of Life.
    • With last week's maintenance there were some changes to the Island of Blessings rewards that caused problems for a significant number of you. With this week's maintenance, we'll be rolling back that change for 1 WEEK in order to give those of you who have been saving the packs time to adjust to the change and work out what to do with your items. Beginning with the April 10th maintenance, the new Island of Blessings packs will be put back into the game, with the contents below:

    White Rain Pack
    Health Orb (Bound) x1
    Pet Health Orb (Bound) x1
    Golden Fruit of Honor x1

    Blue Rain Pack
    1 Hour AFK Card (Bound) x1
    2x EXP Token (Bound) x1
    Heroic Wings (Bound) x1

    Green Rain Pack
    Earth Soul Orb (Bound) x50
    3x EXP Token (Bound) x1
    Amaranthine Essence (Bound) x2

    Yellow Rain Pack
    Fragarach Refinement Crystal x2
    Soul Shard x2
    Chi Essence (Bound) x1

    Purple Rain Pack
    Ethereal Wings (Bound) x4
    Soul Print (Bound) x2
    Golden Fruit of Honor x1

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    how many skills can we use now?


    • #3
      i was expecting the outfit :summer when will you get it back??


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        How many guild skill to use at once?


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          well with more skills shouldnt we be able to use 4guild skills now?


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            you could use 4 GS atm
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              So now no gmuts in yellow post 10th oh wells !!

              PS : adding frc to green would have been better since Amaranthine Essence can be synthesized really easily. One solution leads to another issue ty for frc though
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                no gmuts?
                this will be even worse than past week...

                and why are EW bound if FRC are not?
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                  and still could not log in... infinity... and still pretending that there's nothing wrong with the game....
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                    So, first purple packs are ruined. Now they ruin yellow packs by removing gmuts Please just leave the original packs alone


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                      i just checked u can get at least 5 woot

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                        2 gmuts are more useful than 2 frc >.<


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                          Originally posted by altkira3 View Post
                          How many guild skill to use at once?
                          5 at least tested on alt

                          In Game Name: PriestKayla
                          Server: (S4) The Wilterlands
                          Class: Priest
                          Level: 173
                          Plane: Eidolon
                          Guild: S3 Legends
                          Rank: Emperor


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                            give the possibility to change the packs costing us not to have more g.mut in yellow pack? seriously?

                            green pack was good with frag refinement crystal and yellow pack was perfect why destroy the other packs?

                            I ask at myself if r2 wants to help players or mocks them

                            ty for return to the old package for 1 week.. in any case .


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                              is the number of skills you can learn bound to guild level? cause I can only learn 2... (my guild is lvl 5)