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[Guide] Vidalian Legends

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  • [Guide] Vidalian Legends

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    Test your strength against other toons, rise up in the rankings, and earn ever more valuable rewards!

    Level Requirement: Lvl. 50+

    • Challenge other players to earn Honor and move up in the rankings.
    • When you enter battle, you’ll control your own character, while the player you challenge will be controlled by the computer.
    • If you win, you'll earn 10 Honor and will switch ranks with the player you defeated. If you lose, you'll earn 5 Honor and your rank will remain unchanged.
    • Recovery potions cannot be used while in the Arena.
    • If you run out of attempts, but would like to continue fighting, you can purchase additional attempts for 10 Crystal each.

    Rewards: Arena rewards can be claimed once a day and will be made according to your rank from 16:10-16:15 every day. The higher your rank, the better the rewards!

    Additional Info
    • Each player will have 5 enemies available to challenge, which will change depending on the rankings. The name, level, and rank of available opponents should be displayed, and you can view additional info by clicking "View".
      1. If you're ranked 1st-50th, you'll be able to challenge the 5 players ranked above you.
      2. If you're ranked 51st-100th, you'll be able to challenge players at every other ranking (ie, 99, 97, 95, 93, and 91).
      3. If you're ranked 101st-200th, you'll be able to challenge players at every other ranking (ie, 199, 197, 195, 193, and 191).
      4. If you're ranked 201st-500th, you'll be able to challenge players at every 5th ranking.
      5. If you're ranked 501st and below, you'll be able to challenge players at every 20th ranking.
    • Your own info is in the lower left and includes character name, current ranking, current available rewards, reward countdown, and remaining daily attempts. You can purchase additional attempts for 10 Crystal each.
    • Arena Rankings: The top 10 players will be shown here. Click a player’s name to view their profile, chat, and more.
    • Battle Report: Info on the last 5 battles will be displayed here, wins in green and losses in red. Click on a player’s name to view their profile, chat, and more.
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    Hmm o.o this sounds interesting. You Vs Someone else (but they aren't actually playing?) well I'm willing to give it a shot xD
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      Should be the actually person and not a bot controlling em, would be more fun tbh :P
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        PLayer Vs. Computer nice hehe
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          um so how do you enter this arena
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          Soul: 1138


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            Originally posted by tcatlin View Post
            um so how do you enter this arena
            Simply click on the Vidalia Legends icon and view/battle one of the 5 options you are given.


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              nice! A no shenanigans battle.


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                The Max HP Buff is bugged, we all now have permanent +50% hp.
                And there are apparently no rewards for rank 1-3.
                Last edited by sebastian1988; 05-15-2014, 06:26 AM.


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                  nice i like that excellent


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                    i dont liked it its 9hour till rewards can be claimed it'd be better to get a reward when killed top players or 3 kill 1 reward so ppl will stay till 4pm server time then will battle for top 1 to get that reward and another thing thanks for repeat events r2


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                      Well... I still have the HP Buff, is it glitched or really like this?

                      Does the attempts reset at reset time too? or does it reset at 16:10 ST?
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                        Good attempt at arena, but it's kind of lame. Basically giving out rewards to whoever's the luckiest and gets the battle at the last second, as the AI isn't very smart.
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                          Originally posted by sebastian1988 View Post
                          The Max HP Buff is bugged, we all now have permanent +50% hp.
                          And there are apparently no rewards for rank 1-3.
                          There is definitely prize for rank 1, i didn't notice it at first hand either but it's 1 bdc, 1gmut(bound), 1 divine blood, 3x ew(bound), 3x SS

                          Tho imo, it's barely noticeable, could just stay at 21-50 rank and not pay attention on this at all.
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                          Promethean Wings IV
                          Auguric Frag X +14

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                            not sure how often the prize update, but there prize for rank 1, 2, 3, and then 4-10, 11-20, and so on...


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                              The HP buff does not increase my health. Oh, and the computer isn't very smart, I fought someone who took a bit to kill me (their challenge), but when I played as me and went up against them, as has happened when we fought with each other fighting, I killed him quickly, and that was without my stun. And I was naked in the arena for both matches. So, yeah, the computer could be ab it smarter about it, and the health buff does not work.