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[Patch Notes] Crystal Saga 7/31 Update

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    Originally posted by xPrototypeT View Post
    Lololol, wouldn't surprise me if you got banned for that cuz we all know R2 hate the truth :P
    Nah, I'm pretty sure they know how to take a joke. Also, they can always do some new events to avoid getting this kind of meme lol :P
    Need to think of a new one for next week.


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      Originally posted by sebastian1988 View Post
      LOL this is hilarious
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        Hey, I wanna make a comic too. R2 should have an event, "Who can create the best comic"


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          dont mind about lame events, need MERGE! ...and fast


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            Originally posted by Caia_R21125326 View Post
            thumbs up to this one!


            NICE NICE NICE Love it
            Last edited by wapong123; 08-03-2014, 05:17 AM.


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              We Want Change r2 !!!! MERGED and New Events

              Originally posted by sebastian1988 View Post
              NICE 100x.. hahahaha


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                Originally posted by NVProphet View Post
                Are quartermaster tokens even an event now? I feel like they just been integrated into the main crystal saga dailies. Why not bring back old events that were actually good. Considering you copy and paste the same events over and over, I'm sure you can copy and paste old events back.
                QM Tokens are now a perma event last I checked...only cuz of all the people that complained cuz they forgot to turn em in before the event ended >, .>
                so now its QM tokens all the time with new ways to get them...but by new I mean they cycle through previous events...
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