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I'm realy bored with cso system

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  • I'm realy bored with cso system


    i think CSO not have good system and good stuf.... coz... why if some player want buy CRYSTAL and their new.... they will make looooooonnngggggg time to waiting crystal come and can for using..... why the verification at transaction not after that.... i thing stuf must change this system for verification after crystal come to player... realy bad time wait 7 Hr for waiting 500 Crystal..... lollllllllllllllllllll

    NB: sorry if my english bad
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  • #2
    if u go offline right after u ordered the crystals will u still get it after u get offline for 7hrs???


    • #3
      now i'm waiting 8 hr.... i'm always online for waiting crystal... but... hhhhuuuufffttt...... not come... why other game can do it fast??? i confuse with CSO sytem... maybe i'm new for recarge... but why so longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time to waiting???? realy bored.


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        File a ticket here So they can look after your issue and be resolve . `.`
        I'm beginning to think that if someone cut me open I would bleed your name.


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          If you don't like the system you always can change the game. The forum isn't for spamming like this. The forum is for questions.
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          • #6
            lol.... i know forum for question... but if you wait too long time for just 500 crystal what are you doing??? 8 hr online waiting crystal lollllllllll..... and about ticket.. i already send 3 hr ago


            • #7
              if in 3 hr my crystal not come.... yesssssssss i will find other game for good stuf.... but i lost my $5 loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllll


              • #8
                y u keep loooooooolllllllllllllling == u wan some lolipop


                • #9
                  What server you in?

                  So I can have your stuff when you quit.


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                    I don't understand a single word of what you are saying, except for that annoying 'lol'.
                    And people whined on me for my small spelling errors... I wonder what they would have said about you XD
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                      lol u need to recon