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Item Shop Mount Stats

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  • Item Shop Mount Stats

    Hi, where can i see the data about item shop mount?

    I checked on but it only list old mounts, no newer mounts like zodiac mounts

    Do all item shop mounts give same stats? (attack, def, hp)

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    All shop mounts do not give the same stats. Stats are generally only accessible if another player already has the mount and you view their toon or a fellow poster shares such information on the forum from a personal purchase or knowing someone who has.


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      These are some screenshot that i took from some servers. It seems the newer released mounts follow the 70/60/70/65 pattern?

      Anyway if R2 could add the option to see the stat when trying the mount on item shop, that would be great. I think it will be disappointing if, lets say i buy Flametort (which is more expensive) but it has worse stat than a zodiac hound.


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        Viewable stats has always been sought, but it's not something I foresee R2 actually going through with. Perhaps they like the gamble.

        You can assume the shop mounts will follow the same stat pattern, but it is certainly not guaranteed.


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          ER... you can use code linking to find the shop mount stats... doesn't work for the pets though unf...
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            Please add if you have any screenshots on other mounts..Thanks
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