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[Guide] The Crypt

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    what is r2 just giving stuff away now ... make it harder than guessing were to go lol i like selling EW for 5-6g on my server ... don't let them have it lol ... nice event though thanks r2


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      pachi , i know the way by heart to level 1 to 15

      Originally posted by elsage View Post
      no exhaustion buff when lleaving crypt so we can enter it all over again, too bad its attempt doesnt reset

      staying inside crypt to almost very end of event to get kick buff then leave thru ambassador and enter avernal while kick buff still ticking made me got kicked from avernal,, lol
      you may enter as many time asyou want , but you will only get the reward level ONCE .
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        was it just me? or did the npc order seem the same today? o.o
        IGN: Missy
        Class: Priest
        Level: 100
        Server: (S15)/Aquatic Crypts

        thank u R2 for letting me have my character back..


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          Originally posted by miss_missy View Post
          was it just me? or did the npc order seem the same today? o.o
          Then you got lucky. Both of my servers were different from yesterday.
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            T_T why not FS ??


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              please make two times per day and 1 try per day
              got work atm ...


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                CHANGE TIME!
                if possible

                reset time is good
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                  I hope they can make it 7-8 am server time

                  Just before first Guild Resource >u< (Just a wishful thought lol)

                  ty BrotherVT for discussing the time with R2
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                    Whom do we talk to, to enter?


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                      Originally posted by PapaLilCucina View Post
                      Whom do we talk to, to enter?
                      At 8 PM Server Time, the NPC whom you talk to, to enter Sengolia, will have an option once Crypts has started.
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                        `I would love this event....
                        when I'll be back after these busy weeks....`
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                          Nice Black Dragon Coins ...


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                            this event looks quite fruitful and lucrative :P awesome
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                              Keep the time

                              Surivive Of The Fittest only has 6 winners so by having The Crypt as the time will give people the option to choose one or the other. If Surivive Of The Fittest gives everyone a Rookie Metal then the time should be change so people can attend both event. If the Crypt time changes then it will effect free time of players to finish their Daily routine and by having these two event at the same time it allows more winner.


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                                i like this event
                                IGN : Chiby
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