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[Guide] The Crypt

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    Land Grab. Survival of the Fittest. Crypt. That's gonna be hard.
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    • #62 I the only sane person reading this?? SoF is a half hour AFTER this event idk *** you all are talking about. Yes, on Saturday's it will be a pain because of Land Grab, but honestly...I think its not that bad of a time the way it is.


      • #63
        I'd also like to add that noone is making you stay till the Boss spawns. Honestly, if this event takes the whole hour to finish, im sure most people will discontinue doing it after a week or 2.


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          they should change it to 11:00AM to 12:00 PM

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            Very nice, thanks!
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              x.x GMs, I forget really easily - I am wondering if you can make the levels if you fail you go 1 lvl down instead of if you fail you go back to checkpoints and I mean it's a really long gap and, hard for me to remember things so I forget easily when I am focused on thinking about one so, I was close to lvl 15 and I was almost at 3rd place but sadly I failed and then I got transported back to 10 then 9 then 6 then 5 then 3 and 2 then I ragequitted then I went back in lol. GMs you should help the people who forgets things
              easily it's hard for me to play some events. X_X


              • #67
                Pit, if you change it to 12 : 00 PM to 1 : 00 AM or 12 : 30, then we'll all miss Avernal Realm and another event...


                • #68
                  i hate this, i got 3rd place but didnt click npc, so ******.... but nice event~
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                    Have to say I like the timing of this event. Server time runs right along with the time here so it's at 8pm here, which I'm usually at work but I have time off so I can be here to reap rewards. Thanks for the awesome event guys!


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                      Originally posted by BrotherVT View Post
                      I'm sorry? Do you not get this Event?
                      You're only Teleporting through the Event until you get 1st 2nd or 3rd.

                      Nothing to do with killing.

                      Nice reading.

                      Players who reach level 15 may either wait for the BOSS to spawn or simply return to Starglade. Visit the Battlemaster in Starglade to enter the Crypt

                      there is a boss brother


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                        Originally posted by BankerToon View Post
                        Players who reach level 15 may either wait for the BOSS to spawn or simply return to Starglade. Visit the Battlemaster in Starglade to enter the Crypt

                        there is a boss brother
                        But what he thought was that you had to kill your way up to Lv. 15
                        The King doesn't fall so easily boys


                        • #72
                          Please dont make 12:00... Please adjust the time when america's morning and indonesia's is not in midnight... Cause i cant play when i'm sleeping in midnight XD


                          • #73
                            Ohhh yeah. First place. Easy.

                            @Srasy - I'm working to fix the time of the Event.
                            The King doesn't fall so easily boys


                            • #74
                              no exhaustion buff when lleaving crypt so we can enter it all over again, too bad its attempt doesnt reset

                              staying inside crypt to almost very end of event to get kick buff then leave thru ambassador and enter avernal while kick buff still ticking made me got kicked from avernal,, lol
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                                O_O ewings