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how many tries to morph baby angel

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  • how many tries to morph baby angel

    Hi just want to know how many stars to make baby angel into super angel.thanks

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    my exp i got 8 star


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      Depends on your luck but according to alot of my own tests and friends view I say around 8-12 Stars

      ( If Your Unlucky Like 1 Of My Frinds It May Take You 22 Tries, ( Just To Get 8 Stars xD ))
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        It took me 5 tries (4 stars) to morph my baby angel to super angel. Not sure if this is lucky or average.


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          Alfador , you dont get 4 stars in 5 tries. i got 2 stars in my first try . down to 3rd and only 5stars .

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          Game: Wartune
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            its also hard to get morph crystals every people sells them for 7-5 gold which is alot of gold and its hard for me to get them because i have not even morph my baby angel yet and the best way to get them its spending cash on this game unlucky for me i did not get morph crystals easily [sigh]
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              im super unlucky so i got my angel with 11.2 stars with 0 stars each tries 10% of the time 0.5-0.7 10% and 0.2 0.4 80% of the time
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                Got my Super Angel in 9.8stars with 126 Morph Crystals. Now im gonna try and get a Burning Angel.
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                  hem, what about from bonosaurus to megasaurus? mine is 11,6 star n still not morphed.