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  • #91
    ty r2 my stuff already back

    IGN : Q
    server : 81 vidalian skyway


    • #92
      very thank you to the R2. i got all items back.


      • #93
        thank you for your rapid recovery of my items.

        ticket #633456

        IGN: (S93)seraphy
        Server: (S93) Snow Plains


        • #94
          (S84)AssassinCross my items are still missing.


          • #95
            thank you for R2, already back

            IGN : (S95)Matthew
            server : (95)Peach Gardens


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	1.PNG
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Size:	135.4 KB
ID:	1730382Click image for larger version

Name:	3.PNG
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Size:	119.5 KB
ID:	1730383 still no armor mount diviner costumes etc.. (S94)amhham and (S84)AssassinCross


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                Thanks for rolling back
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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	1.PNG
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Size:	65.2 KB
ID:	1730394Click image for larger version

Name:	2.PNG
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Size:	44.1 KB
ID:	1730395Click image for larger version

Name:	3.PNG
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Size:	122.9 KB
ID:	1730396Click image for larger version

Name:	4.PNG
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Size:	176.3 KB
ID:	1730397
                  6/10/2017 why my items still missing? please rollback my toon.


                  • #99
                    Both server groups were rolled back however some players are still missing items. We would like for those players to submit tickets.
                    If your question wasn't answered, and you are still needing assistance, send a ticket


                    • ich vermisse immernoch all meine pets, mounts items aus dem rucksackund dem lager. da ich nicht alles beim namen weiss und ich mit dem character schon wieder gespielt habe, würde ich mich freuen, wenn ihr das alles wieder herstellen oder ersetzen könntet.

                      Vielen lieben Dank (S77)xxUNHOLYxx

                      I WANT A ROLLBACK ON MY TOON PLS :-( :-(

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	lost items.1.PNG
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Size:	94.1 KB
ID:	1730420
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	lost items.2.PNG
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Size:	76.4 KB
ID:	1730421
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	lost items.3.PNG
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Size:	25.7 KB
ID:	1730422
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	lost items.4.PNG
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Size:	65.1 KB
ID:	1730423
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                      • how have ppl got the items back. when a friend of mine still hasn't had his back and has emailed r2 and still hasn't got anything at al back.. what does he need to do to get his items back? he lost all his lvl 175 gear, diviner back to 0 genie back to nothing lost his mount also pets.. cost soo many $$$$$$ and still nothing back..


                        • what about the lost items? ,,, ppl still missing items and their pixies and genies totally disapear, even in the panel they don't exist loool


                          • Been 71 days since the rollback and I'm still missing my items.
                            'Do transformers get car or life insurance?'


                            • its been 3 weeks and my items are still missing.


                              • 1.genie was level 5 now gone
                                2.had max diviner now reset to level 0. Grand-master was now nothing 0.
                                3.Wheel of destiny was all most maxed but now gone cant use it.
                                4. Legendary Malefic Nightshade Robe+16 Immaculate citrine gems, Legendary Malefic Nightshade Boots+18 all divine jade gems in them, Legendary Malefic Nightshade Hat+16 divine jade gems,Legendary Malefic Nightshade Handguard's +16 divine topaz in this, Legendary Malefic Nightshade Necklace+16 immaculate citrine gems in this, Legendary Malefic Nightshade Ring+16 immaculate fire opals in this, And all my gear was polished to so maybe help with that to.
                                5 cape was King's Faith def and offence maxed and fused cant remember stats and gone now.

                                6.Artists Coat (M) Artists Hair (M) is what i was wearing.

                                WING ETHEREALIZATION messed up to.
                                was unsealed and three matched up. so try to fix this.

                                OK PET AND MOUNT LIST
                                1. Doombringer, fused and maxed, level 20 max food and all.

                                Zodiac Battle Bull, Zodiac Calf, Glittering Peacock, Zodiac Jerboa, Zodiac Rat, Baphomet, Zodiac Piggy, Zodiac Armored Hog, Zodiac Puppy, Zodiac Hound, Zodiac Chick, Zodiac Rooster ,Baby Azure Dragon, Lycan Boxer, Gnasher, Baby Fiery Dragon, Baby Icy Dragon, Cursed Warlord, Red Dragon Baby, Chestnut, Bumblesting, Red, Deathknight, Canvas Teddy, Samurai Spirit, Beryl Beast, Fire lord, empriale demon and gaurdain Angel.

                                That what i can remember i know it's not all i payed for.

                                Please keep in mind that i worked hard on my pets and put a lot of money and pride in them so please don't just put new pet with nothing i morph mine to max and opened all skill spots and worked hard on there maturity and +18 them
                                Are really going to fix this?

                                ITEMS MISSING
                                1. Soul Shards x 8 stacks
                                2.Dragon Crystals x 10 stacks
                                3 Ancient Feather x 3 stack
                                4 Ancient Mount Upgrade Token x 3 stacks
                                5.Dragon Essence x 5 and 1/2 stacks
                                6.Clearing Stone x 5

                                Stack = 250

                                So if you can fix this i would be so happy i don't want to lose my money and if you don't fix that would be putting R'2 in dishonor ,
                                and i don't think that's what your goal is to do so please help me with this issue.
                                and can you all help me with some extra stuff for this problem because i haven't been able to play because of this and not my fault that it happen .
                                so please make up for this.

                                Thank You,
                                S32 KIDD
                                i did tickets and email and no help yet so now what?
                                reference to Case #: 633423.
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