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  • Level Cap - Crystal Saga

    I'm not sure what to do about this and I'm hoping you can help me somehow. I've been AFK'ing in the game for a solid 3 days now and haven't been receiving any "General Order"'s the item I need for leveling up from level 145. I'm not sure how to go about something like that. I've also tried to AFK in different spots in the hopes that it (the elite mobs) will drop them, but I have only ever received 4 General Orders, and that was from before I rebirthed in the game. Please help, I don't want to have to quit the game just because I can't level up.

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    Please, ensure your drops are set to pick up the items. If they are not you will not obtain the orders. The last few stages of orders are rare drops and will take some time to farm. The more time you can spend farming them the better your chances are to obtaining the required orders for your quest.

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