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Which is better,Knight or Priest

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  • Which is better,Knight or Priest

    For doing PVP

  • #2
    I prefer Knight, since R2 messed up on Priest Skills.
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      Agreed, Knight late game is much better than Priest especially with damage reduction, high health (depending on your knight build) and high defense.
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      • #4
        I love the priest class. I just love healing and having the superb buffs. What matters is which one will make you happier when you play them.


        • #5
          I haven't played priest so maybe ill try it out


          • #6
            But prisets can use curse circles, that's one way of crowd control and hitting more than one person.


            • #7
              If i had to chose between priest and knight in pvp i would definitely chose a knight for alot of reasons , but the main one is that knights are awesome tankers , good def high hp and if u have ur soul well built , high dmg also.


              • #8
                i love priest(couse my char is priest to) but his question is whos better for PvP........!!!
                so the answer is Knight.!!
                whent you get stunned just start to dig your grave or pray that knight is DC or killed by another player.......!!