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Critical for Ranger

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  • Critical for Ranger

    So, i want to raise my critical rate but don't know how.
    Gems are one way ,but it is a no no .
    Adding agility points is one option too but slow , and i was planning to go full str.
    Here are my stats, so how can i raise my critical rate ?Click image for larger version

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    1) Increase your crit souls. - Simplicity, Cruelty
    2) Increase your agility soul -usually void souls
    3) Socket garnet
    4) Synthesise legendary equips (some of its green stats give crits)
    5) Upgrade your frag bow and enchant.
    6) Join a guild and get enhanced control - it gives +30% crit
    7) I'm not a ranger in game so I don't quiet know if there's a skill that gives crit % but I think there was. You better ask that to a player with ranger as a main.
    8) Find some equips, loots from a dungeon, that gives crit % as a green stat.
    9) Get a blessing from a goddess of glory. Preferrably blessing of light or its seal broken.
    10) err... can't think of more for now but I'm sure there's few other ways.

    As a lv 48 mortal there's really not much option for you atm.... Just level up and work on your toon gradually. You're not a rogue so you really shouldn't be worrying about crit so much at this early in the game. As you level up and work on your toon you'll have high crit % easy as a ranger. Good luck
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      Originally posted by TpstT View Post
      10) err... can't think of more for now but I'm sure there's few other ways.
      You're right, atleast 2 things which came into my mind besides the ones you listed is the +8% crit chance from the Silent Destroyer title and the other guild skill that increases crit chance as well; Battle Reinforcement. And to add on I would prioritize them as the following: Guild skills > Blessing of Light (Seal Broken) > Silent Destroyer title > Simplicity & Cruelty souls > then Garnets / equips that gives crit % / Fragarach. Also going for (full) Agility build is an option, however I wouldn't recommend that till very lategame when you have around 80k attack.
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