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  • Escapist's Shadow Rouge guide

    First and foremost this guide is made from my own experiences from being a "casher" and also playing numerous servers as a non-casher. In this guide I will explain a complete overview of the class formidably named "stealth" rogue and all the pros and cons and the entire leveling and developing process. Rogues are medium/weak class at start if not geared correctly and maximizing your dailies and dungeons. However they are considered the "gem" of the game towards scion and
    post rebirths. This guide will be mostly for pre-rebirth after rebirth it is expected to use your own discoveries and experience to find out what best works for you.

    Table of Contents:

    1-Attribute allocation (stat points)
    2-what skill sets to use and why
    3-Pet guide
    4-Dungeon solo guides
    5-Pvp tactics (class Vs class)
    6-Character development

    1-Attribute allocation (stat points)

    Alot of players will tell you different variations of what points to put your attributes in;
    -2 Str 1 Agi
    -3 Str
    -2 Agi 1 Str

    The best method to use would be the full strength development. This build will enable you to increase your physical damage output and improve your HP and defense slightly also. The advantages of this build mean that you can rely on your gear to improve your other beneficial stats (Dodge, Hit and Critical %). This will allow you to hit more damage as if you have not noticed your normal attack hits half of your current damage in your character menu (not applicable to skills).


    In combination with your attack speed the greater your attack the faster you kill monsters whilst grinding (afk leveling). On average we attack almost twice as fast as any other character class. So it is important to compensate for our low attack constraint by pumping your stats into pure Strength build.

    2-Skill sets to use and why

    As a shadow rogue we have an adept pvp advantage;
    -we control the flow of 1v1 battle. We stealth and engage our targets
    -we can stun and aim to kill our targets in one successful combo
    -we have escape mechanics for an exit stratergy
    -low defense both magic and physical wise however have decent survivability with the use of skills and decision making

    1-10- slayer's speed 5/5
    This will play a crucial part to any rogue's fundamental structure. Attack speed determines how fast we attack meaning we kill faster and do more damage over time and Damage per second. This will help in both PVE and PVP situations i.e inbetween combos you'll hit enemies with your normal attacks faster.

    -Assasins Thrust- 1/5
    -Slayers cloak- 1/5
    -Shadow rush- 1/5
    -2 points remaining

    These are more or less your basic pvp skills. Assasins thrust 5/5 damage output is not much different from level 1 so keep to 1 point until you have access to improved Assasins thrusts.
    Slayers cloak it is debatable what you should opt to use your points for but I opted to use only 1 skill point as in pvp situations I tend to hide in tactical places where I encounter one target at a time so 20 secs was sufficient for me so I could bolster up my attack skills to even one combo knights.
    Shadow rush will need to be maxed before you become accessible to Sengolia and pvp scenarios hence why 1 point during 10-20 as between those levels you don't need to pvp unless it is a pvp server. but ideally you want to max this as it stuns your target for 4 seconds usually resulting in your enemies being vanquished or causing them to run and then you need to re-***** your next options.

    -Slayers call- 5/5
    -Choke hold- 1/5
    -shadow strike- 1/5
    (used 2 remaining points from last levels)

    Slayers call is essential! this increases your critical strike % which can mean you skills and attacks are influenced by your critical damage% (more damage). This can be stackable with buffs (Blessing of Light) and even priest rebirth skill to improve your agility stats for more critical %.

    choke hold is another great skill lowers targets movement by 40% lasts 4 seconds and does bonus damage of 324 at level 1. if used after shadow rush correctly. I kept the skill at level 1 as the improved levels don't add much difference and your passives are more important for your character development.

    shadow strike- This is a must have skill. this skill is your best tool it is for instant decision making. If your target did not die in one full cycle of your combo you decide to re-stealth and repeat or choose to run if more enemies have encountered you. It's a great escape tool used to finish up a combo so you can run and control your environment or used to escape combat if you are outnumbered.

    -Slayers Sprint- 1/5
    -Shadow rush-revisited 5/5

    Slayers sprint is great and essential to escape situations after a kill when someone else has spotted you when your stealth is on cool down and your still in combat mode. Or for chasing targets and fooling them with your current position i.e cast it then cloak then move your rate of movement means you can anticipate where they think you are and maneuver around traps and players.

    Shadow Rush now you are eligible to enter pvp events "sengolia" etc. you will want the full effect of stun (4 secs). To stun opponents so you can unleash your combo. (If you are not strong enough target opponents already engaged in combat and strike when they are under half HP for the kill steal!)


    At 40+ you gradually become more and more powerful with your skill range starting to hit the late hundreds for damage output.

    Brutality- 1/5
    Improved Assassins thrust- 4/5

    Brutality kept level 1 as it has a high cool-down (3mins) and only lasts 4 seconds. which is worthless in my eyes or can sometimes make a difference in those situations you come across harder to kill players, which you usually avoid or Kill steal.

    Improved Assassin's Thrust I personally keep this at level 3,4,5 I chose 5 as it ignores 100% of player defense and hits very hard 25% + 400+ damage. which is great for killing wiping out players with moderate defense.

    Blade Sweep- 1/5
    Slayer's shadow- 1/5
    Improved Choke Hold- 3/5

    Blade sweep kept level 1 as maxed it has very little difference. It is good for hitting multiple targets and a great powerful addition to your combo. damage output around the 700+

    Slayer's Shadow i kept level 1 as stealth speed to me was not so important as my wings and potions made up for it. you take on enemies 1 v 1 and around this level you should be able to 1 hit combo them by now in most cases.

    Improved Choke Hold Bonus damage 1429 at level 1 + 16% damage and 40% movement reduction. This skill is like bread and butter for rogues this skill usually determines the outcome as a win in your eyes. I maxed this for ultimate damage output. Total annihilation!

    Improved Choke Hold- 0 points added
    Improved slayer's call- 5/5

    Choke Hold is great however the 25% extra critical damage is far to hard to resist. This means when your critical hit goes off youll hit your critical damage multiplier. so 25% extra damage is essential especially when by now it should be in a very high region meaning your skills and attacks are hitting ridiculously high. so my advice is to max slayer's call.

    3-Pet guide

    you want to obtain 2 pets with charm skill as soon as possible.
    You can rotate them both in your hot bar. usually charm takes 45 secs? to cool down however when you change pets it resets the timer instantly so here is my method.
    Pet A use charm then call out Pet B=== 4 second stun then call next pet then charm again wait 10 secs for pet cool down then change between A and B and effectively you have 4 sec stun with 6 sec of bosses damage versus your dodge rate this is how you can solo dungeons earlier.

    PVP grinding you want an AOE pet either Firelord, Phonix, Demon King BA, but Super Demon is good enough.

    4-Dungeon Guide

    Use your pet switch method to keep boss under the influence of charm and use your stealth stun methods to improve stun rate. Encounter bosses 1 v 1 dont let monsters get you as you take too much damage. Best methods is get priest earlier game to heal you (alt account) and switch pets so you can clear all vaults early 40-45 is possible.

    5-PVP Tactics

    Cloak->Shadow Strike->ChokeHold->Assasins thrust-> (bladesweep)->Shadow strike---> repeat if necessary or run.

    6-Character development

    Participate in all honor worth events create own guild and farm honor daily! Use green savage weapon as it has 10% critical damage which is bugged and use best colour available armor sets for savage. Get frag level v then switch as it adds much needed damage and agility. I prefer savage weapon if you have good gear as it has better pvp stats.

    Method A-
    use all drops yourself to increase wings and mount for damage out put

    Method B-
    Sell or drops and loots for gold to join torch parties as levels are more valuable then gear. or a mix of both methods.

    what you look for in gear:
    Critical>Armour Pen> Critical Damage> Attack Speed>Damage and the rest.

    Importantance in order:

    Headgear; HP Regen as you can perform perfect baths if party make mistakes and you can dodge damage so dont take alot of damage towards middle end game.
    armour; Physical defence gems
    gloves; attack gems
    boots; defence gems
    weapon; attack gems
    offhand; critical damage% gems#

    Guide needs to be updated with pictures and more details and levels etc but took me a while to write and welcome feedbak
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    Guys what are your thoughts on this guide?


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      It's an okay guide for mortals but a rogue needs to be scion / eidolon to be useful.
      I don't agree with your order: Honor>Wings>Mount>gear

      Wings are only a static boost and honor equipment is insignificant later on. Sure, you need honor for your insignia, but most stats come from gear and mount.
      Also the savage weapon is not anywhere close to earthen fragarach.


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        Well, for your first guide, I think, the simplicity is nice, as well as the basics. Regardless, still nice to see some making guides with effort and dedication.
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          very nice guide, i should make one for people who play rangers
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            Completely ignored soul, I see....


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              Yea I completely forgot about soul. I'll update that tonight


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                Originally posted by khemz View Post
                Yea I completely forgot about soul. I'll update that tonight
                I think your soul will mostly on brilliance and Void soul
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                  How do i remove the picture lol was seeing if i could upload images


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                    "I'll update that tonight" *4 Weeks later*
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                    Class :Rogue

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                        I looked at a couple Rogue guides and I think alot of them are good, so I decided to base most of the things off your guide but at the same time put some of other people's suggestions, so if you can put your opinion on that that'd be great.

                        I am mainly looking at these 2 pages:

                        So, I'm going to try:

                        Attribute Points: 3 END (from the 2nd forum post linked)

                        Skill tree: Yours, and I'll sauce it up a little with my own experience, (maybe cloak 5/5, or putting 1 or 2 passives in)

                        Soul: Not sure yet, will be focusing what's mostly important (Brilliance, Void, and Ice.)

                        Dungeons: What you suggested may have been a bit too much, so I will make an alt priest.

                        Character Development: Method A

                        By the way, if you're wondering why I had quit S63 it was because of: some problems that are a bit private, so I won't really say it. I wanted to also play rogue, but I'm already behind. I've been trying to cut down on being addicted to the computer, so I stopped (as this made me addicted all the time :P)
                        Crystal Saga:
                        Server: S66
                        Class: Knight - Protection
                        Name: SlainAgain
                        Soul: N/A
                        Mount: N/A
                        Wings: N/A
                        Level: N/A

                        Time to get ready for the altsssss.


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                          Originally posted by SlainAgain View Post
                          Attribute Points: 3 END (from the 2nd forum post linked)
                          3 End. for a Rogue? o.O
                          life is unfair


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                            Originally posted by RandomGamer View Post
                            3 End. for a Rogue? o.O
                            I'd like to try that as it seems crazy but still makes a bit of sense. Reading the 2nd Forum link I posted above, shows that a full END (7 levels behind of the full STR) has better stats. Not to mention, it can really make Rogue a bit more tanky.

                            Crazy, but I think it's possible. I can always use ARC.
                            Crystal Saga:
                            Server: S66
                            Class: Knight - Protection
                            Name: SlainAgain
                            Soul: N/A
                            Mount: N/A
                            Wings: N/A
                            Level: N/A

                            Time to get ready for the altsssss.


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                              No, do not go full end. As someone who has a main rogue, trust me that full end rogues suck. Full agi, or full str is the best for mortal rogues, full agi for scions and above. End boosts def that you can get from soul, gear, and wings. Rogue's best stats should be dodge and crit, not def
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