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Escapist's Shadow Rouge guide

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    Is it even possible to dodge the damage in blessed bath?
    Originally posted by iTz_SoN
    I will murder everyone I see in GR regardless of level.
    I treat all players equally - so they all die.


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      Originally posted by PsYkIk985 View Post
      No, do not go full end. As someone who has a main rogue, trust me that full end rogues suck. Full agi, or full str is the best for mortal rogues, full agi for scions and above. End boosts def that you can get from soul, gear, and wings. Rogue's best stats should be dodge and crit, not def
      dont forget how much def u can get from gems! i have loads of gems from flawless to immaculate... way too many gems for a scion lol. and also if u can enchant ur gear to +13 you get a wicked boost from that. my slayers necklace at +13 gives more boost from enchanting it than the base white stats. love it.


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        Originally posted by Insanity View Post
        Is it even possible to dodge the damage in blessed bath?
        if you dodge that damage, you wouldnt get experience either haha