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drop in xp gained since last server update

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  • drop in xp gained since last server update

    I have noticed a considerable reduction in xp gained since last nights update. i usually lvl 3 higher than my toon's and normally use 2x exp scroll and average around 1800 xp. Now i average 1101. What is up with that?

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    And where are you noticing this change in experience gained (I.E. grinding)?


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      yes from an average of 980+ to just around 700 and this is just basic without any xp buffers. duh .. i am currently lvl 68 and lvling off of phantom archers in Sukemo Bluffs
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        As you level, the experience gained from mobs will certainly decrease. To minimize this loss, you will need to relocate and grind in mob areas that are within 3 levels of your own character.


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          Reverie plz reread my initial post and then my reply to your request. My initial reason for this post is that there is a problem since last night's patch....


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            Weekly maintenances never adjusts mob experience. If you are noticing a change, there's a reasonable explanation residing on your end. Again, experience gained decreases as you level -- this is why higher level players use grinding only as a last resort. You certainly will not gain a fixed amount of experience throughout your grind sessions.