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Can't send a ticket

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  • Can't send a ticket

    I didn't get my crystals and when I try to send a ticket it says Capcha Error. And yes, I chose the lemon.
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    If this was your first transaction, it may take up to 24 hours for your goods to be delivered. In that case, filing a ticket will not be necessary until after the 24-hour wait period. If you are filing a ticket because it's been over that time period, try clearing your browser history, cache, and temporary files and restarting your browser session before attempting to submit the ticket.


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      Missing Crystals & can't send a ticket.

      I posted in the forums a couple of days ago about not receiving any crystals or anything yet, and I paid for them over 48 hours ago. I haven't bought any before, but 48 hours seems ridiculous. When I try to send a ticket it just reloads the page, even in another browser. I also tried to check the ticket history to see if it even sent, and it is telling me I need my email address and the ticket number. How exactly am I supposed to have the ticket number if I'm trying to find the ticket? Also, when I put in the email address and click search, nothing happens, even in another browser.


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        If you successfully submitted your ticket, you would have had received an automated e-mail from us in the e-mail you used to create your ticket. Your ticket number will be provided in that e-mail.


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          So what am I supposed to do when I've tried sending a ticket over 20 times and never gotten an email?


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            And have you checked all folders of your e-mail? And are you absolute that you are entering and accessing the e-mail you included in your ticket upon creation?


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              Yes. I'm just not sure my tickets are sending. The page just looks like it's reloading; I've used 3 different browsers.


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                Would you mind providing your transaction number?


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                  I just got everything, finally. Thank you so much though.