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Only Thing To Do Is Sell?

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  • Only Thing To Do Is Sell?

    I was wondering if there was anything else to do with unused equipment other than selling it. Something that is as or more helpful to our characters rather than gaining copper, silver, gold, etc... For example, is there any way to break equipment down to be re-used else where?

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    Disenchant it...


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      You can disenchant purple equipment for soul root crystals used to fuse into soul shards.

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        Thank you for that helpful information Hoss.

        So.. other than what you can see when you open up your inventory, the only other thing to do with equipment (especially either useless, cannot use, no longer need) is to sell it? There is no breaking it down, combining, or making it useful in some way, etc?

        Sorry, but there are still a lot of gaps I'm seeing that the help guides here not on the main site talk about and lucky if they even mention certain topics.


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          The only breaking down that can be done is disenchanting, where you get materials needed for a system that hasn't been implemented yet, and a chance for a soul root crystal if the item was purple. Other than that, most people just feed old gear to an npc.
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            Okay. Thanks ML.


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              Well some of them are useful. You can get Soul Crystal IV from disenchanting and those are needed for one of the rebirth quests...
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