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getting logged out

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  • getting logged out

    why am i getting logged out when im in training ground or dungeons this is getting annoying when im doing training ground and i get disconected and i am logged in but it tells me i have to log in before loading the game

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    Is it possible someone else has your login information? A pilot perhaps, of which I will state that account-sharing is against our ToS for your own account safety. Try changing your password to see if this corrects your spontaneous disconnections.


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      no one has my infomation i dont share my account but i have been in training ground and ladder and i get disconnected and when i try getting back on the game i get a notice saying i have to log in first when im already logged in i have to log out and log back in just to get back on the game


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        And have you already changed your password? You can also check "Remember Me" on the forum to see if it helps.