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  • QQ topic about the latest merge

    Not that i was able to play much after the merges happened but i would like to share what i think about it.

    1. The game is unplayable, the lag is beyond annoying. Ppl disconnect a lot which negatively affects the game for everyone, especially in ladder. I for one can't run sengolia, avernal and i hesitate to join ladder parties because i lag too much and i get dc very very often. Almost every ladder party i had after the merge failed due to members disconnecting. And btw i'm writing this thread during sengolia, which used to be my favorite event and which i cannot run anymore.

    2. Merging servers that are over 1 yo with some that are 4-5 months old completely threw off the server's market. All the prices skyrocketed probably because the amount of gold floating around on servers like 13 or 17 is way larger than on newer servers. Things like soul prints costing 50g instead of 10g, DC 25 g instead of 10-12....we can't afford to develop our toons anymore. That's 1p so i can have 1 enchant attempt? Cause that's the price for DCs atm. The examples are many prices changed like 5x +

    3. Most of us are 1-2 shots in any event that involves pvp. My main character is a lvl 90 scion ranger at first aura and with ulti demigod wings VIII. Which i thought was ok for S 37. I'm 1-2 shots in sengolia, i can't do trove, i can hardly do delivery. I simply cannot compete with players that have 3 auras, demon lord wings and +13 max gear. Today i just blew more FL eggs, no chance to get any "pro" pet soon either.What is being done to help us get the balance back? Cause i imagine these merges were a well-thought decision and r2 has a plan to balance the situation. We would like to be kept informed on your progress. If r2g hopes we're gonna cash big to be competitive, they are dead wrong.

    It's up to r2games to make the game playable again, the suggestions box is full of good ideas. What game tweaks are going to be implemented to solve these issues?

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    I noticed trove is now on level brackets and a bit more breathable. I'd suggest more channels too but that was a good step. Next step maybe sengolia?


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      Well, Kay, make your toon stronger. There are more pros then noobs, but even still, cashers are always gonna have it over us. The balance can be brought back when they have plane based battlegrounds.

      A mortal only sengolia would be SOOO much fun.
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        My toon is strong enough for a 6 months old:P The main issue is closing/lowering the gap between the two groups of servers that got merged. My only chance to be competitive atm is to wait for the black wings three auras ppl to get bored and quit. They have quite a few events and game time ahead of us. 2-3 months is acceptable but many have a year of game time ahead. I'm not even sure how to solve that.
        So put together an S13 player that played from the start with someone that started playing 5 months ago on S49 (server that is only 4-5 months old). Throw them together in a pvp event. Nothing seems wrong about that picture?
        I'm S 37 and our top cashers look poor by comparison.

        PS kinda hard to improve my toon when i can't do sengolia and don t get silver medals. I'm currently working on my insignias and pet breeding. Both require a load of silvers.
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          Hm. Show me your stats?
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            i'll take a screenie later and post it 4 u. It would be useful if someone from the oldest pve servers that got merged with us would post theirs.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	stats.jpg
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            Yeah i know it's lame for my level but i worked hard for that
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              Originally posted by Kayshah View Post
              I noticed trove is now on level brackets and a bit more breathable. I'd suggest more channels too but that was a good step. Next step maybe sengolia?
              I totally agree. Seng 1 ends in about 20 to 30 seconds. And Seng 2 ends in about one minute and 30 seconds the least. If not, the longest was 9 minutes for both Seng.
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                In our Server we have (S6), (S10), (S11), (S15), (S19), (S24), and (S29). That's 7 different servers. We have a vibrant economy, that yes the prices are skewed. Sengolia lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 minutes, depending on IF people want to play. Avernal is a LAG fest at best (find the mob, go afk) TT is worthless except for the higher toons. But, I will say this, everyone competes. We have a very strong guild structure in our combined servers (2-3 strong guilds) and players who enjoy hanging out with each other. But in the end you folks are lucky to have only 6 combined, not the 7 that we have.


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                  Your merged servers seem closer in time judging by what u post. But s13 with S49? Our economy is beyond vibrant, it's earthquake-y. About the lag fests...can't leave afk in avernal or gg cause i get dc-ed.

                  But yes, the issue stays, the balance between players is gone and the prices are just sci-fi. I for one can't afford anything and there are so many people complaining...
                  I'm not even complaining about catching up with cashers but to see the server basically flooded with lvl 100 eidolons when u had 3-4 of the kind before is kinda weird. I'm aware the merges won't be undone but help us out, some events for lower levels only or whatever. U guys decided these merges, u gotta think of a way to smooth things. It's plain bad as it is now.

                  Add at least an auction house so we can bring down these prices.


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                    IF in 2 years ish the game releases a server that will nvr be merged id cash like 9000 dollars but the merges would prob stop me lol


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                      its their process of elimination:

                      sooner or later all server(s) will be merged into one,
                      the ones that can survive these r the casher.

                      btw im from s45, been 100 edi for a month at least, u need to work harder on ur char, no offense.


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                        Originally posted by shikaibyakuga View Post
                        IF in 2 years ish the game releases a server that will nvr be merged id cash like 9000 dollars but the merges would prob stop me lol
                        would you like to play on a dead server where no one else is in seng,GR,trove,delivery except you? the merges are to keep the number of active players up so everyone can have fun in PvP events otherwise it will be boring dungeons all day long.


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                          Just do what me and around 50% of the players from the last merge have done.... QUIT this ****** lame game and find a different more fun game, theres plenty to choose from.
                          Things will never change in CS, the GMs dont listen to the players, they only care about the money so get used to it or just quit.


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                            I'm happy that ToL made it from the horrible server merge bracket but I feel your pain. We shouldn't have to up our hardware in order to accommodate to severe yet sometimes stupid changes in order to have and enjoyable playing time. It's up to the ones doing the changes to be able to house all of the data in order to keep it running like it did before the change took place.

                            I mean yea one day I hope to have 10-20 servers in one, cause like they say the more the merrier and like one of the post above it makes you want to gear up and get better faster because if you're like me, I love competition. But yea it is unfair to pair somewhat new servers with year old ones. It's like putting Superman with Batman's.
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                              everyone from s53 actually quit from the merge over 60% of the ppl are gone and nvr see anyone in wc
                              i say make merges like this have different regulations

                              1. people can choose to go or not to go maybe
                              2. events for the lesser server so they catch up like maybe 1 torch per difference as the day they started playing and the day e other server did something like that
                              3. world chat you can talk to anyone from any server
                              4.1000 friend on ur friends list
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