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    Originally posted by darkwater887 View Post
    would you like to play on a dead server where no one else is in seng,GR,trove,delivery except you? the merges are to keep the number of active players up so everyone can have fun in PvP events otherwise it will be boring dungeons all day long.
    I agree to this.. But that was IF our server was dead before the merge happened, and it wasn't. Seng was very alive, GR was alive, Trove was running, LG was regular, Delivery was very alive, complete with the dramas and such. I know almost everyone from our server knows this is true.

    Don't get me wrong though, I myself love merges. But I would have to say that this recent one was far too early for us.
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      Originally posted by true_amaterasu View Post
      its their process of elimination:

      sooner or later all server(s) will be merged into one,
      the ones that can survive these r the casher.

      btw im from s45, been 100 edi for a month at least, u need to work harder on ur char, no offense.

      Good on you, many of the S 49 players were better than me for sure but no offense, not everyone can play 24/7 and run all the events daily. I for one, can't especially cause everything is set during the daytime for me. I can't skip rl to do sengolias but when i'm free to play i wanna be able to actually play instead of lagging and disconnecting. We're not discussing me and my stats here anyway. I'm not the only casual player in CS either.

      What Mono said is true, our server (S 37, S 41, S 49 combined) was great and not depopulated at all. And btw, he was one of the top players, i doubt that's the case now. I have to repeat myself, i'm not complaining about the previous merges, we managed to balance ourselves but the latest one with such old servers completely threw us off. I'm just asking for the gms to think of ways to stabilize the newly merged server. Maybe conduct a survey and see if this method of launching new servers and merging the older ones is worth it. Cause if you don t get enough new players on the new servers it's a better idea to tend to the older ones.

      edit- got disconnected from guessing game again, pretty ****** off atm. Do something about the lag ffs it's horrible
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        In the end, there will be a "district" server for each pvp and pve timezone, making it a total of 4.

        Merges are inevitable.