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  • I will report GMaster.


    • You should just IP ban Gmaster and then find his main account and ban that too. Since this is the second account they have created.


      • ok soo can I ask whatever happened to the supposed promised compensation packs s94 was promised we would receive when our server was fixed?


        APR 17, 2016 | 11:23AM CEST
        R2 Karl replied:


        Thank you for drawing this to our attention. Believe us when we say we feel distress when we have known that your server still has login problem or connectivity issues. Knowing this, we have coordinated with our project team regarding about your server issue. And the developers have respond to conduct an emergency maintenance that should have sort this matter.

        However this doesn’t seem to be the case. As this turned out to be a larger logistical issue than it appeared, the developers require more time to address this matter. We are totally aware how absurd this is, but as a Support Elves this is something we have no control or prior knowledge about. But we are pushing and helping as much as we can.

        Again we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue might have caused you. We are aware that with this server down, we have hindered your daily activities and some promotion and events that you should have acquired. We will then add an input to the devs if they can adjust those events and promotion duration and to recompense the players adversities.

        We ask at this time for your continued patience and understanding. We know it may be a bit difficult to do so, but we want to assure you we will get this matter resolved for our valued players.

        We will then contact you soon as when your server is fully functional. Thank you for standing by during this difficult times.

        -The R2Games Team

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        APR 16, 2016 | 04:39AM CEST
        Original message

        charecters ingame name: J3DI
        game: crystal saga
        server: s94 wild autumn

        hi there messaging about server s94.. do you guys no if it will ever be fixed as we have all gotten sick of the downtime / lag / crashes ever since the server opened we wer wondering how to cancel vip and if we would get banned for doing so.. I no recall of payments you can be banned but not sure about cancelation.. no point paying for things we cant get use from.. very disappointed this issue hasn't been resolved yet and its the reason I haven't cashd much this server.. lucky if we can do 4 events within a whole weak because soon as events start they either crash just be4 or in the middle and you get nothing.. even delivery's almost every single delivery bugs out and u cant collect at the end guy.. dungeon runs.. soon as u kill 1st boss u get disconnected.. normally I can easily solo all dungeons for my lvl but have hardly gotten to do any because server crashes.. during quiz time u usually get to answer 1 question and it crashes so throws u out yet again.. plz fix the instability of our server . is there a timeframe for this TO BE FIXED? because id love to be able to play my game at least half the time uninterrupted 90% downtime simply isn't playable and many many people have decided to recall payments and cancel vip.. all I want is to play my game which I have payd for.. the issue isn't on the players side its the unstable server.. don't care what needs to be done to fix JUST FIX ITwe have lost 1000s of items 100s of vip hrs and time trying to play this server its a complete joke that simply isn't funny anymore.. I can understand a certain amount of downtime but 90% isn't acceptable and is borderline fraud.. we want this fixed or atleast compensated with dungeon keys gold and vip time.. not to much to ask as these are things we should have gotten but simply aren't getting what we pay for..
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