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Flash crashed and toon was kept logged into server

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  • Flash crashed and toon was kept logged into server

    and unable to kick toon from server to login. anyone else having this issue?

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    Yes my modem decided to do a update and now i can't log my main char bk on
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      dc'd yesterday, main stayed logged on for like 10 mins

      duno why r2 made it so u cant log a char to dc anymore, plain dumb and causes problems like this! but guess that's all r2 does, makes problems, never fixes
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        I've been experiencing this too and it's starting to get annoying. I'll suddenly dc but my toon somehow stays online and r2 isn't allowing us to force log in so I have to wait around 10 minutes until my toon decides to log off until I can actually get back in the game
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          once per day i got the same problem.... its annoying


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            Happens a few times for me.

            Only temporary fix I have is if it happens, open up task manager and you'll see that the program is still running even though you logged out/disconnected. If you force close it, it forces your toon out faster than waiting for the server to do it for you (as mention, it can take upwards to 10 minutes.) Then you can relog back again as if nothing ever happened =].


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              I'll get this forwarded to the team however because this is something to do with the game mechanics itself, it may not be an immediate fix. I'll keep you posted if i hear anything.
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