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Never received my crystals

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  • Never received my crystals

    Bought 9.99$ worth of crystals . But i never received 'em . Need help . Point of interest event is almost gone . Here is the receipt for the crystals bought just now .
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    Sent a ticket but i will get a reply after 3days ? How about the point of interest event ? Im gonna lose some items for my 2nd account . What a bummer .


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      i usually stay online for purchases.. and as they said if tickets gets no reply in 24hrs, message some mods for help. they usually manual my vip that way. but dont think points ever b given. works fine last night. i wanted to cash 50 but r2 keeps refusing the card so i had to make it the hard way ended up 35 (5 fr alts) cuz of it o_o.
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        Order number: 20190724073210****
        July 24th, 201907:35 AM
        Status:Order Incomplete
        I cant even check the status of the tickets I sent . FFS .


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          Points of interest will be gone in 13-15hours from now . It will probably gonna take upto 3days till I get a response from r2games. Gonna waste some gpows for my new alt since r2 recently deleted my other alts -.-


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            Still need to wait for 72hrs ? Booooooooooooooo .

            Nvm . Got 'em after more than 8hrs . lol
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