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  • my toon

    Hi minori I have file a ticket about my toon and still no response could you help me?

    Minori notice me please this really important
    my acc could get delete! please help
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    I have responded to this via the private message system. However, in the case that you did not receive my response.

    It is the weekend right now responses to tickets will be slow as a large majority of R2 staff is off for the weekends. To have a character lock removed, and for the character to be kicked offline you'll need to file a ticket explaining the situation. You'll need to prove you are the owner of the account before R2 will act. I would suggest locating purchase receipts, screenshots of your purchase history, and your IP address. This will help speed up the process to proving you're the owner of the account. Please, send me a private message with the email attached to your ticket and I will try to push it along, but again it is the weekend and responses will be slower. Thank you!
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