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GOOD DAY ill ask about stats!

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  • GOOD DAY ill ask about stats!

    can i reset my stats? because some one said that my knight stats is wrong. so i want to reset it is there away to reset it or an item?

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    Use attribute reset card. you can buy it from the in-game store or from other players in your server.


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      how about the skills?


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        Sands of Time, get one free at level 50 or buy it from another player.

        Or cash it.
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          Use sands of time, you can get it at the guild benefits, dragon hunt, or you can buy it from players.


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            To reset your statistics, you require an Attribute Reset Card which can only be (a) purchased from the Crystal Shop for 650 Crystal under the 'Daily' tab or (b) purchased from another player. However, if you are new and your character still early on, I wouldn't waste the resources. When you hit L80 you will Rebirth as a Scion and get a second chance at your statistics.

            As to your skills, you must use an item called "Sands of Time." The easiest way to obtain this item is through the Quest Line: a L50 Quest gives one for free. In addition, you can get Sands of Time randomly for Leveling Comb Packs. Another way is to purchase one with Guild Contribution Points. You could also buy the item from another player or the Crystal Shop, but I wouldn't recommend this, as Sands of Time are quite easy to get. I have 10 just sitting in my Vault, presently.

            I hope this helps and good luck with your Knight.