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  • Honor

    Just wondering is there any way to cheat to gain honor faster? There are two players on the server who have sky rocketed to top two places in honor in a few weeks when the next highest has been doing everything for honor since before I started playing and is just under them on the rankings.

    Not saying I want to cheat in any way lol, just want to know so I can report them if they are. (Both of them are also extremely rude.)
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    If your implying about the s59 players, they cashed and you can get fruit of honor for it. IF its not them there are other ways to gain honor quickly, especially if they know a emperor and they are willing to suicide for you in seng, easy 50 honor. Plus daily activities that give honors.


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      Well they can do a lot of guild dailies and if they pay in this game then they can buy items that can gain honor faster and easier.


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        Hellstorm gives you 10 Fruit of Honors if Im not mistaken. If everyday they are winning, then getting tons of Honor is possible plus Seng gives you Honor for every kill.
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