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Checking chat logs can be view by normal players?

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    Originally posted by ejpogiako3 View Post
    those screenshot is not fake and lara, dont act like your not buying from mallmmo golds PC your alt is Hianna, and the only reason why people believe you guys bec you give them free items or cheap items, you guys are only buying friends you know that yourself, having150d before but you still not selling items? *** is that mallmmo friend =))
    Now that your false accusations are not working, you're accusing me of buying gold from Mallmmo? The GMs can go through my logs and find out the truth.

    And by the way, you didn't answer my question, do you remember when you offered me 2k Ethreal Wings for 500$ via Westren Union? I'm gonna post the screenshot now to remind you


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      huh? im not blue's minion, im his wife, that would be weird -.-


      • #18
        Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between the two....


        • #19
          how have i ever been minion-like to either zeah or blue?


          • #20
            oops wrong character ahhahaha poor councie


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              Take your squabble back to your server's chat.

              For everything else, just file a ticket.

              Thread closed.
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